[another] basic with some pop...

tank: forever 21 . cardigan: thrifted . jeans: target . shoes: gap .
infinity scarf: express

I'm not sour, I assure you. This is just the best of all the pictures taken today. How can I be blah when I have my moo stick making me giggle every two seconds?

Today was another day at the library. I got there pretty late in the morning, after waffling about what to prepare for breaky. [ I ended up making myself an omelette even though I was trying not to get anything dirty.] When I looked at the clock, I panicked and just threw on some jeans and a tank top. I was going to put on a thicker sweater, but the forecast was for warmer weather, so I opted for a cardigan instead. I'm not a fan of wearing tanks by themselves, no matter what the strap size. Somehow I feel too exposed, hence, the scarf.

I love winter, so I don't mind being a little colder than usual, but I don't know what possessed me to don these ballet flats today. I love the tartan print on these. I love tartan, period.


I was well aware that there was still snow and ice on the ground when I put these babies on. Nonetheless, it felt right to wear them. Especially since I wasn't really wearing anything else exciting, save the scarf. I really love this infinity scarf. When I first got it, the fringes weren't stretched out all the way, so it kinda looked sparse. But now, with all the wear it's gotten, the fringes are all over the place. I love it.

I suppose this is another example of what I tend to wear-- some basics (usually black) with some pop in the form of texture or color. I decided I could use some color on my face as well.


I decided to try on a green eyeshadow from the Body Shop today. It was a little too frosty and a tad too pale for my taste, so I added some aquamarine shadow from Too Faced. I left the house wearing a light pink lipstick, but changed midway through the day to a darker stain [seen in the first picture up top]. The picture I took really doesn't capture any of the blending and layering I did. Oh well.

It's Wednesday, time to read comics!

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