Let's Start at the Very Beginning...

tee: hot topic jeans: target jacket: old navy shoes: converse, with hot pink laces hat: handmade by mom

I thought it would be appropriate to start this blog with a post about what I consider my "basic" outfit. As you can see, I am obviously so comfy and snug in this simple ensemble. Being me means having to sit down and read for long periods of time, thus, comfort is a necessity. Layering is a must, since I find myself at many different places during the course of any day: the library, my office, another library, a cafe, home. So if nothing BIG is going on where I have to dress especially nice, I resort to my t-shirt, jeans, chucks combo.

Up until just last year, I abhorred jeans. I avoided wearing them at all costs, thinking that it was a lazy, less feminine option. Finding a pair that fit me also added to my dislike of denim. Being 5 feet tall, the only option for jeans that don't drag is to look in the kids' section. But being the curvy skirt that I am, that's pretty much out of the question. I've heard of those amazing places that tailor jeans for the the individual who is willing to shell out a pretty penny [or a thousand pennies!], but alas, being a grad student has dashed all those dreams.

I will admit that I still have not found the perfect pair of jeans. I have 4 pairs that I rotate, and all 4 of them have their strengths and weaknesses. No biggie, though. It's all part of the challenge of mixing and matching until I get the look I desire. The jeans I wore today is a skinny pair from Target. The skinny look is one I aspire to, but know it's not for everyone. This pair sits more like a bootcut on me, which I think is most flattering on me. The shirt is an oldie that I got on sale [I'm big on sales] and has the cutest picture on it-- a pink bear with the words "If you ever get mauled by bears, I hope they stay away from your face, because I think you're cute."

The highlight of this "outfit" [so simple, I don't even know if I can call it that] are my shoes. I got them as a Christmas present this year and promptly took the white laces out and replaced them with offensively bright pink ones.


This is my first pair of patterned Chucks. I've had the [requisite] black, light pink and grey ones, but never one with a cute owl print!

Yay, comfort!

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