Casual but Put-Together

Excuse the awkward angle and seeming lack of enthusiasm in my expression :
my husband can't be bothered to warn me that he's snapping the photo.

So after a long weekend of relentless writing, I decided that I needed to stop motioning for the loose jeans-big sweater combo I've been reduced to wearing in the name of lazy, uninspired comfort. This semester has been a little weird for me. I'm only taking one class and writing my thesis, so I don't actually have to be on campus as much as I used to. Therefore, I find myself just lounging around and wearing whatever is convenient. Bad, bad, bad idea. Not only am I developing such horrid habits, but I am also neglecting my already-neglected closet.

I came up with this combo yesterday. Since I was going to be "working" (that is, occupy an office and look like I belong there) I thought I had to look kind of put together, which translates to me wearing black. I've been itching to wear this green waffle top that I got a few weeks back. You can't see it, but the neckline is pretty wide, so I thought I'd cover up a little bit with a vest.



As you can probably tell, the vest doesn't really fit me well. It bunches up too much on the sides, and I feel it's too short for my torso. There's a good reason for that. I originally purchased it for my husband. I thought it looked good on him, but apparently, he doesn't like vests. So, I stole it back for myself and will continue to wear it until I find a nice, casual, women's cotton vest to replace it. For now, I can make it look less manly with an obscene splash of bright color.



  1. I think the vest actually looks pretty great! I'm in the same dissertation writing/not having to go to campus all that often mode and my wardrobe has definitely taken a hit as I spend many days in sweats just writing at home!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. i like the look a lot! and your nail color is adorbs!

  3. love the pop of color on your nails! i love bright and neon nails.....this reminds me i need to paint mine!

  4. This is a fantastic "work" outfit and all the pieces can transition to outside of work. :)

  5. I don't think this looks manly at all! I love how you paired that vest with the long necklace. chic!


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