Fending off "The Greys"


As you can see, it's yet another grey day here in the Midwest. I've been feeling a little bit blah lately: not really finishing stuff I should have already gotten done, not feeling motivated to do things I should be motivated to do, and! Johnny Storm a.k.a. Human Torch is "dead." sad face and heavy sigh. I partially blame this awful weather, but I'm well aware that I gots to do something if I wanna ever dig myself out of this rut. That explains the overload of pattern/color I have going on here. I mean, what better way to start fending off "the greys?"


I was running late [again], so I just pulled my hair up and secured it with a Hello Kitty pin. My stylist got a little happy with the razor so it looks like I have baby hair all over the place. I should have told her to stay away from the bangs... oops.


Tee hee! Oops indeed!



Though I'm not a hardcore Star Wars fan, I just had to get this shirt at a Threadless booth at a comic convention I went to last year. I remember the first time I saw it, I was giggling so hard because of Chewbacca's expression! I'd also like to think that instead of ammo, Chewy's packing assorted soaps and pomade. I mean, how else is he gonna keep all that hair cared for?

My Chucks are smart. They've got owls.


And of course, one can never have enough Hello Kitty to brighten up the mood. See how her face is turning black? It was freeezing cold! What do you do to drive off the greys?


  1. I love the idea of dressing in a color explosion to fend of the winter grays. And the Hello Kitty hair clip is super cute!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. I totally dress in bright colors when it's super dreary outside! It's like all this pent up happiness just explodes all over my clothes, and it's fantastic, haha :)

  3. Those shoelaces are blindingly brilliant. Perfect for fighting dreary weather!

  4. I'm not a star wars fan either (well, not a big one anyway heh...) but that shirt is all kinds of fantastic and cute!


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