Hullo, Kitty! Hullo Recovery!

his past week was supposed to be a really BIG and important week for me. The last days of my freedom, I was planning on spending them in bliss-- reading cozy mysteries and watching movies, maybe taking some time to get some school work done. Unfortunately, I got uber sick and gross and remained that way for many days. It's only now that I'm feeling and looking slightly better, though I'm sure I need a couple more days to fully recover.


In my panic to get something academic-related done, I busted out my huge-ass-Shakespeare and my new HK headphones and reread/ re-listened to Titus Andronicus. Aah, good times. An hour and eight whole onion-skin pages later, I felt much much better! Seriously, the most effective remedy is the combination of literature and Hello Kitty.

Speaking of good things, thanks to some amazing friends, I actually got out of my jammas and made an effort to look nice. We went out to grab some good eating (I had an Italian sausage stromboli) mixed with nummy conversation. Here's what I wore. Please ignore that I look half-dead and my nose is pink. I couldn't be bothered to do makeup.

sweater: GAP
tank: f21
skirt: ?
tights: HUE
boots: Old Navy
scarf: the second thing I have ever knitted (knat?)

My mustard scarf and I have been inseparable all week. It's about 15 ft long and is comprised of the only pattern I know to knit. I'd been wearing around the house, and I couldn't be parted with it. So I tied it in a large bow to make it look more festive. A droopy bow, but it made me feel all kinds of happy-silly.

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