I'm a magpie


Today was a stay at home day since I woke up late and then found out that an ice storm of epic proportions was headed towards the Midwest. Thank goodness I got to go out and celebrate a little over the weekend! I'm gonna be stuck inside the house for a couple of days because of all this anticipated snow. Boo.

I wore this yesterday when it was still a little warmer than usual and so my husband and I decided to spend some time together reading at a cafe. Mostly, I read stuff for school. But I put in some comic book time as well. Nothing really AHMAYZING about this outfit. I wanted to be comfy but also look like I'd taken at least some time to put things together. You can't see it, but I made the mistake of wearing blue eyeshadow with pink lips. It made me feel kinda... trashy :D In a good way.





I'm a magpie. Yes. I love all things glitter. They make my super baggy jeans look more girly. :D I also love gigantic, gaudy rings!




Glitter, turquoise, lace, and tea. Ahh. The weekend can't get here soon enough. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Now to endure this horrible weather.


  1. I love your scarf! That's so pretty! And you can't ever go wrong with scarves:) You look gorgeous!

  2. love the scarf, i actually miss the snow! Im in cali...u look amazing and love the shoes..
    oh yeah
    new follower


  3. It's a nice casual, "I'm going to spend the day reading look." And I love the sparkly shoes!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    P.S. Stay warm!

  4. pretty ring! i wished i liked hot tea - it would be so better for me than coffee all the time :(

  5. I totally have that old navy sweater in gray!!!!!! :) I love the color on your nails and that blue ring is so adorable!

  6. cute! I have that same scarf (I got it from wetseal). I love turquoise jewelry (and lace, and tea) as well.

    in her stilettos-an austin fashion blog

  7. I love your outfit. Green looks great on you. Those shoes and that scarf are my favorite! We got hit with lots of ice. Right now it's actually raining down ice!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  8. OOOH I love those shoes! Glittery flats are the best, comfortable and cute, like dressing up without the heel. LOVE.

  9. Lovey, that scarf, green cardy, and the shoes are adorable! I just bought a pair of sparkly ballet flats and I can't wait to wear them, they look lovely with the green. Best of luck with the crazy weather! xx veronika

  10. I am so loving stripes right now, so your cardigan is right up my alley! Beautiful jewelry as well! :)

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