Mysteriously Green


It's been rough these past few days. Apart from the weather being a total douche, I haven't been able to catch up with whatever schoolwork I should have done by now. I'm blaming.... (sigh) myself. It's hard to get motivated when the snow just keeps on beckoning you to sleep or make a cup of tea and consume cozy mystery novels.

Mysterious is how I'd describe my outfit as in "it's so mysterious that I would wear these articles together." I definitely wanted to wear my striped sweater, but since it was snowing, I didn't want to wear jeans/trousers. I decided on wearing a green "sack" dress instead, which, apart from the odd neckline sticking out of the sweater, I thought looked fine. Initially, I wanted to just wear my knee highs with the dress, but it looked too risqué , so I threw on these really pretty tights (they're really footless tights) under the socks.

I want to talk about my boots a little bit; I'll go more into them some other time. I've been eying these babies for a while now and finally succumbed to getting them. Too bad they're not made for walking on the snow. I must have tripped a dozen times that day.

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