Artsy Fartsy? or Homeless?

grey tank: F21 :: jeggings:? :: boots: Old Navy ::
circle cardi: Ruff Hewn :: purple tank: JCPenney ::
necklace: Kohls :: hat:DIY
I was left to my own devices today. (aka My husband wasn't here to take photos.)
the best pose i could muster was "smell the back of my fingers." Classy.
Does it not look like Vera Wang's Princess  perfume bottle???
Happy Friday, duckies!
I hope you all have marvelous things planned for the weekend. A lot of people I know are taking 4 whole days off.  Like, WOWZA. I am taking tomorrow off, but will resume reading and writing promptly on Sunday morning. -_- 

I libraried today (newsflash, people: LIBRARY is now a verb!) and wasn't feeling particularly sunshine-y. Plus, it was cold. Seriously, what happened to all the warm weather we were having just two days back? Spring is such a tease. 

I thought I kinda looked hipster-ish and artsy with my circle cardigan (oversized because that's how I roll) and my floppy hat (which really was supposed to be a circle scarf then I effed up) but I also kinda felt like I looked hobo-ish. But I don't care. I was supper squashy comfortable. 

I'm so excited because I have two product reviews planned and a hair post or two. So.... stay tuned! 
Happy Friday!!!


  1. I vote artsy fartsy! I happen to love ruff hewn but don't actually own anything from them!Color me jealous over you making your own hat. I tried knitting/crocheting and gave it up-way complicated (and I was making washcloths)so kudos to you! I'm excited to see your new posts!

  2. I totally think this is a perfect library look - very casual but still stylish!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. yayy exciting stuff!
    i love the outfit, its very stylish and the hat and necklaces are nice touches!

  4. I have to admit that I am expecting you to break out in hip hop dance moves soon and blow me away! LOL! But nothing wrong with that, it's a total comfort outfit and i'm thinking purple is quite your colour.


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