Hi, I'm Laura and I'm a Cardiholic.

If only CARDIHOLIC meant I actually loved to run. 

I wore these sparkle flats despite the weather warnings of a -20 windchill. Yeah, smart cookie, that's me. I noticed that my black cardigans were getting lots of mileage, so I had to bust out one of a different hue. I dunno about you, but I just ♥ cardigans. They're warm, soft, and super versatile. I used to think that only librarians donned them (or had the right to), but now I constantly wish that I have more in my closet, even if they are a basic black.


Very very simple makeup today. I've just started a new face washing regimen and am very much pleased with the results. I find that I don't need to wear much makeup anymore because my skin's really improved. 

And since I've already confessed a dark secret of mine, here's another one: I absolutely adore jeggings. SHHHH.


    although i dont know if you have this problem : mine always seem to fall down!!
    i also love cardigans, i have about 7 :)

  2. I love cardi's! They are a staple of my wardrobe as well! My friends call me sweater girl!What is your face wash regimen? Your skin is amazing!

  3. i think everyone loves cardis... you might not be human if you don't, haha. also jeggings are pretty fantastic too :)

  4. I'm addicted to cardigans! So great and so cozy and yet always elevating an outfit into something really stylish!

  5. @ Rosie: I do! So, I buy them a size smaller than usual :)

    @ Maven: I'll do a post on my regimen soon >.< I just started and want to see how long this lasts to be able to give an accurate assessment.

    @Jill: Hee hee. aliens don't like cardis!

  6. Hi, my name is Jo and I'm a cardiholic and jeggingholic.(?) is that how you would say it? I don't know but I love both.

  7. We have so much in common! I'm also a cardigan addict and have a secret love of jeggings, despite the many times I have mocked them.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  8. This is so funny because I was just making fun of my friend for being a cardiholic! She just started a fancy new consulting job and her fall-back uniform is work pants with a cardi and blouse - and she always looks gorgeous!

  9. I really love your cardigans, no not because I'm addicted to them but the color is amazing. I'm on the side that I'm more addicted to blazers, I guess we all have our favorite type of clothes lol

  10. I'm still getting used to responding to blogs and what not so I thought I would just post it here so I would know you got it.

    Good for you for stopping in at Maurices. Did you find anything? I hope you did. I'm wearing more Maurices jewelry tomorrow. Can you tell I have an obsession with their accessories. :) Have a great night!

  11. 1. I am seriously addicted to cardigans too.
    2. Ditto about jeggings.
    3. I am in love with your blue cardigan! I need to get one in that color.
    4. I used to think only old people wore cardigans, so I avoided them like the plague. Glad that phase is over!

  12. I love cardigans, but I love them more on other people than I like them on myself. :)

  13. I might as well chime in and say that I, too, am a cardiholic ;) I really like the color of the one you're wearing in this photo.


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