It's That Time of the Year....

tee: GAP :: cardi: F21:: leggings: HUE:: glitter flats: GAP
ring: ?:: hair clip: Sanrio
Though this is a men's tee, I had to get it because they don't make super hero tees with cool art for gals.
Also, I think that this particular picture does wonders for my boobage. creepy? oh well. :)



I'm supposed to be "dressed comfortably" for class today since we're staging some performances, I think. When I think comfort, I think leggings, flats, and a tee. That combo is my rock. It keeps me going. LET'S GET ONE THING STRAIGHT, THOUGH: 

i do NOT wear leggings as pants. 
even IF I had the figure, I WOULD NOT  wear leggings as pants.
jeggings are something else altogether.

Anywhoozles, thanks for the lovely comments. I am feeling much better today, although the "druggage" I took this morning made me so sleepy, I was terrified (but sleepy) while driving to campus. 

Are you excited for leggings? 


  1. This is such a cute outfit! I really like your striped cardigan. I know what you mean about men's shirts. They always seem to get the best prints.

  2. leggings are not pants! Hurrah! Love the tshirt with the stripes! Very cartoony and cool looking!

  3. I love your outfit! The pic is good for the boobage-perhaps creepy to comment on! I sometimes were leggings as pants-only to sleep though. Oh, and I have a pair of pants that call themselves leggings but are thick-like jeans, so I wear those too, but otherwise completely agree.

  4. You are absolutely right...leggings are not pants...ever! And jeggings are a whole other horse.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. I'm always checking out the graphic Ts in the mens section. They always get better designs.

  6. Love the leggings as pants manifesto! I agree 100 percent! You look cute, and I like the Superman t-shirt!

  7. awwowaoawoaawoawo!!! I looooooovvvvvvvveeeeeee your stylllleee!!! especially the superman tee!!! I agree that leggings can never be worn as a pants and agree with leggings, tee and minis are just the most awesomeness laid back outfit ever!!!
    thanks for the award sweetie!! I seriously need to start doing it

  8. i LOVE tshirts! old habits die hard. i have a bunch saved up that are especially quirky or have sentimental value and i always love modern outfits that incorporate cool tshirts so i totally love how you rocked this. striped cardi and flats chic it up a notch or two. lovely.

  9. Aw hello kitty! It does look like a comfy outfit. I do slip into my ultimate jeans and denim skirt combo but really only once or twice a week and when i am sick. I have to wear all the shopping I bought!

  10. I was walking behind this girl today with the cutest, tiniest butt but I'M SORRY I did not need to see it. They were practically tights, her leggings. Unreal.

    LOVE your Superman tee, woman! ;)

  11. Such a fab casual look, love love the T!

  12. I will only ever wear leggings as pants if my top is a tunic. Other than that, they're strictly layered under a skirt or dress. I haven't tried jeggings yet...

  13. I love jeggings. They make my butt look amazing.
    Leggings are NOT pants. Nobody should EVER wear leggings as pants. I throw up in my mouth every time I see it, and then I feel the need to lecture them.
    I love leggings with a dress/skirt or layered underneath a verrrrry long top.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. i love leggings, and your superman shirt is so awesome!

  15. forgot to ask, what video game did you get? =)

  16. Love this pop art outfit !

  17. i am loving all ure graphic t OOTDs. so inspiring and makes me want to bust out my bayside high tee! you look adorable laura!


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