Review: L'Oreal Infallible Lipstick in Andie's Rose

Firstly, I am not a makeup expert. So, if I mess up with terminology, please be nice and forgive me. K, thanx.

I've been lusting over these lipsticks for ages, consuming review after review of it, especially the shade Beyonce's Red. But since I'm too chicken to wear red, I decided on a softer color that I could wear everyday. This shade #299 (Andie's Rose) has a crimson/raspberry combo color to it with a yellow, almost orange undertone. The color is in the red tube and the white tube contains the conditioning balm that goes over the color. I purchased mine for about $9.00 at my local grocer's.

bare lips

one coat of lip color
one coat of color and balm

final look. 
The lighting in my bathroom is horrible. So you will have to believe me when I say that the color is really crimsonish.

*I've discovered that there's a specific method to applying this color successfully. When applying the color to the lips, resist the urge to rub them (as most people do when applying lipstick). Instead, use the wand to lay the color out evenly. 

1. I kissed vigorously and rubbed my lips on the back of my hand multiple times after application, and it did not come off.
2. The color is pretty true to the packaging.
3. I love the balm. It really helps make the color look glossy but not sticky. Plus, it prevents your lips from drying out.
4. It lasts for hours. Kinda... (see #1 and #2 below)
5. Buildable coverage. More coats= more intense color.
6. The applicator wand is genius! no lip brush needed.
1. I rub my lips a lot. After an hour flecks started peeling off my lips. So, lesson here is, don't rub your lips.
2. While the color does last for a while, (I only had to reapply 5 hours after the first application, AFTER I had dinner and drinks) it does fade, particularly on the inside of the lips. At the end of 5 hours, I looked like I was wearing lip liner. Not pretty.

Would I buy it again? Sure. Maybe not in this shade. I find it a little too metallic for me. I'd probably end up picking the Primrose, Rose or Beyonce's Red next. It's nice not to have to think about reapplying or smudging or getting lipstick streaks all over my face because of my hair.

I give this particular shade a 4/5


  1. i love lip gloss, and this one looks nice on you! i drive a volkswagon jetta, you? i love express tights too, and can't wait to see your new bag! how is the new game? =)

  2. I havent seen this gloss in my revlon counter, I wonder when its going to be here, anyway, I've been using Revlon lipstick a lot and I might try this one

  3. i bought something similiar to this a few year's ago.. it might have been the same thing actually, but with a red color. i wore it to a holiday party, and it looked great until AFTER i ate. like you, the color inside of the lips rubbed all off and all i had left was the outside rim which looked like i was just wearing red lip liner. i didn't know this until i went to the bathroom. i felt like such a tool!

  4. what a brilliant review!
    i prefer lip tints usually because they are longer lasting than most lipsticks, but this looks great! xx

  5. thanks for the tips, i love that lipsticks :)im following you, follow me back please :)


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