Casual Comfort

dress: Target :: cardi: Ruff Hewn :: belt: Urban Outfitters
tights: HUE :: HK socks: H&M :: boots: Urban Outfitters
purse: Harajuku Lovers

I got lazy over the weekend and just played Dante's Inferno and Cake Mania for hours (in between naps, of course). I had such a busy week that I just collapsed into a mental coma-- that lasted the whole weekend. :)  It's great to have weekends when I can do that. 

I wore this outfit on Saturday when my husband took me out to a mega lunch of korean tacos. We were expected at a party that night, so I dressed the look up by putting my hair in a messy updo and slapping on some witchy makeup: smoky eyes and a reddish lip. I had champagne, pasta, and homemade cookies and cream ice cream. Blast of a weekend, if I say so myself.

How was your weekend?


  1. I've been playing Dante's Inferno as well! And I love your witchy makeup look.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. Your weekend sounds perfect ! I Really Love that Belt and skirt ! I almost bought that same belt a while back. Very Cute and Chic outfit ! The HK socks are a Fun touch to this look !

  3. im loving that belt! i keep seeing it but I never grab it.
    i watched a lot of movies and just played around with my laptop...i love weekends!

  4. I love that belt, something we have already been over. I almost purchased it, but then I decided it was more you than me. It would be one of those pieces I loved in my wardrobe but rarely reached for, you know?

    This weekend I worked on Saturday and on Sunday battled with the Tundra. I also went out to breakfast on Sunday, which was fun.

    I really like the makeup look you rocked out this weekend, it looks great!

  5. loving the makeup!
    red lips go so well with smoky eyes :)
    your belt is awesome too!! :D

    Rosie xo

  6. Cookies and cream ice cream is the best flavor! And that is a very cool belt.

    Girls Who Wear Pearls

  7. Korean tacos. How interesting. What do they consist of?

    Eep, I love those little HK poking out of your boots :)

  8. Sounds like the perfect weekend! Love your make-up and I love how your socks pick up on the color of your bag strap. So perfect!
    ps- dang it! now I want korean tacos!!!

  9. love the dress!! ruffley pretty! And your smoky eye!!! oohh lala!

  10. Your make up is so pretty!!! I really love the ruffle dress and the belt!!!

  11. your makeup in the last shot is fantastic- you look great! my weekend was ok, i guess... i fell and hurt myself :( glad you had a relaxing weekend.
    <3 mode.

  12. cute love the little ruffles at the bottem of your grey dress!!

  13. Mental coma... sounds so good right now. :)

  14. that belt is amazing. and that close up of your face/makeup is so beautiful!

  15. Hi sweets, I love that you highlight your waist! Lovely outfit, and lovely blog :) Hugs. xx

    xx Anika

  16. REALLY cute style!
    Love your blog!

  17. I love how in all your outfits you have wonderful bursts of color.

  18. Those shoes are perfection! Another great outfit! I'm loving your style more and more!! & I love weekends where I can just relax and do what I want too!


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