Geekified Sexiness... and work appropriate too.


dress: F21 :: lace tights: the depths of my closet :: blue tank: F21::
belt: Urban Outfitters:: shoes: Madden Girl:: necklace: Icing


My outfit of the day is inspired by my favorite Mad Men star, Christina Hendricks. People ask me how I am able to watch and enjoy that show because of the portrayal of women. I'm not bothered by it. I realize that it's a painful truth that's part of our societal past, but for me, (I can only speak for myself) the show offers a refreshing escape from the present. Plus, most of the time, the fashion is what I'm really focused on anyway. (That's not true. Well, maybe it is. Kinda)

Back to Christina:

One cannot deny it-- this woman oozes sexiness, a concept that is extremely foreign to me. I am geeky, kinda clumsy, really awkward, most of the time clueless, and at best, SCRAPPY (seriously, one of my colleagues told me that "scrappy" was my adjective). But I can always aspire to emulate. I threw in my curves, some lace, a little color, and my messily curled hair in the mix. I'm pretty pleased.

Makeup-wise, I thought to keep it at the minimum (since my hair was already poofy): bronzed lids with a dark brown winged liner, light mascara, and a dark berry lip. Stylishly ready for a work-filled day. (Plus, I feel pretty ♥)


  1. This looks great, totally emphasizes your hourglass shape! You should wear these shapes more often!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  2. you should be pleased you look hot girlfriend! and i heart christina hendricks :)! so happy america is warming up to that fact that real woman have curves!

  3. You look Fabulous ! I Love every piece of this outfit, especially the belt and lace tights. You are Great at accessorizing.

  4. Look at you hot stuff! I love the Madmen inspiration and it totally comes through in the look - geekified sexiness indeed.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. love the tights, and the red jacket is phenomenal!

    <3 steffy

  6. I think you nailed sexy with your outfit. I really love your coat, and lace leggings. I have tried winged liner so many times, and I always end up with an eyeliner mess. It looks really good on you.
    My Heart Blogged

  7. you look so lovely <333
    i LOVE the colour of the coat! :DD

    Rosie xoxo

  8. mmmhhhhhh, *snap *snap* WORK IT, WORK IT.

    the hubs must be happy! ;-)

  9. What a great source of inspiration. She's a gorgeous lady!
    I love your haircut so much! It's wonderful!
    And the dress belted is just a great touch.

  10. Love the red coat!

  11. You look amazing in this outfit! I am in love with those tights and that wonderful coat!! That coat is the most perfect color for you, I love it .:)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  12. I love the jacket and the tights!

  13. like everyone already said-- christina hendricks is one hot lil lady!
    i really love your look! That coat is to die for.

  14. You look great Laura!!! I really love the way you accentuate your waist lately with the belt!! Sexy and hotness is in the AIR!!!!

  15. you look wonderful here! one of my favorite outfits of yours.

  16. You are looking good!! When I scrolled down and saw the red coat, I was like "dangg"! :) I really love this outfit! & I want to watch Mad Men sooo badly, the era and style is so fascinating to me!

  17. You look fantastic! I love the shape that dress and belt give you, it reeks of sexiness, in a good way! I also like how you paired it with lace tights, it adds a bit of modernity to the outfit!

  18. Aahh, that is a fantastic coat. And really, so is the whole look!

  19. Christina os fab, apparently she's the new face of Vivienne Westwood :) x

  20. cute outfit! And the red color of that coat looks amazing on you! :)


  21. i love the whale toy banner you have on your page.

    And also, that red coat~!!


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