I love you, Mornings. I'm just not IN LOVE with you.




purple tee: Pac Sun :: striped green cardi: Old Navy
black skirt: ? :: grey tights: Banana Republic
grey scarf: Express :: black flats: Target
I've been very productive lately. Perhaps it's because I've been forcing myself to go to the library as soon as it's open to get stuff done. My morning routine has changed drastically since my epiphany of "chill and things will get done." I make time to enjoy my breakfast, grab a cup of coffee, and take my time in the morning. I'm NOT a morning person. Oh, I love the sunshine and all, but I just can't be expected to get anything great done when I get roused from my comfy bed.

Today: Library and then home a little earlier than usual to cook some lentil soup and green bean casserole (not to be eaten together, of course) 

Have a great Monday, everyone!


  1. I LOVE these quilted shoes! And I feel the same way about Mondays- I basically have to trick myself to get out of bed.. normally a big fat doughnut does it.

    matters of merrymaking

  2. That a great cardigan - and I love it paired with the purple!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. ha, love the title of this post! I can totally relate to you on that. love the first pic! :)


  4. i am sososoo not a morning person. I like to sleep in until AT LEAST 11/12.
    love your cardigan - im looking for a new one for summer and thats lovely cos its a bright colour ^.^
    Rosie xo

  5. Your flat shoes are so pretty- they remind me of Chanel bags :)

  6. I hate mornings case in point, today. I COMPLETELY forgot I had plans with a friend at 10(not even early!) and I slept through until not, 12. jeez. Anyway you look great! I love the green, purple and grey combo, it looks great on you!

  7. getting out of bed is the worst!!!!

  8. I love your complimentary color scheme. Mostly probably because I'm far too timid to do such bold things with color. and there are stripes! I should probably challenge myself... but probably will not. heh.

    For myself, I prefer the other characters. My favorites are Pochacco, Twin Stars & Marron Cream :)

    - Lea

  9. I love the purple cardi:) super cute! You look happy enough thouhgh for someone who isnt a FAN of mornings:)

  10. I love your shoes! Super cute:) I am not a morning person either - I need my sleep!

  11. Oh man, I haven't been productive at all! Spring break is getting to me. Ok, must work! Anyway, nice green cardi!


  12. You flats are adorable hun! Totally looks like some Chanel quilting :D Gotta love Tarjay for all the cheap and chic finds!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  13. I love the color combo!

    I don't think I am a morning person either, I'm better at night. I hate getting out of bed especially when it's cold and the bed just hugs you.

  14. oooh, i heart me some gray tights! they look great with green stripes!

  15. You are looking cuter and cuter everyday! I'm not a morning person either. Honestly the first hour of work is managing to make a cup of tea and reading the news...

  16. That striped cardi is perfect for spring! You look so casual chic!

    Btw, the Mystery Blog Project is now revealed! Come and join us!



    It's OUT! Come and join The Pajama Project!

    Twenty York Street

    Twenty York Street's The Pajama Project

  17. Ah, purple and green! I was so annoyed when Barney co-opted the combination back in the 90s and annoying boys in my 4th grade class would make fun of me for wearing it. But it's back - huzzah!

    And you study Old English Lit?!? Awesome! I took an insanely intensive Old English class back in undergrad and can STILL conjugate pronouns in my head.

  18. I'm not a morning person either but at the same time, it's one of the most beautiful times during the day because it feels so fresh and calm. But it's just so hard to wake up in the morning. -_-" but keep it up, you can get up early every morning. It will give you more time to do things. :) but oh my gosh!!! I love your scarf!! I really really really wanted a fringe scarf but I found one for 14 bucks and I thought, nah i can make one but I never did. My lost. :/

  19. Purple and green is pretty much my favorite color combination... ever. And that cardi is super cute!

  20. just LOVE those quilted shoes! also love purple and green together, and the stripes are an addee bonus!



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