"Single Female Lawyer..."


blazer: thrifted:: blouse: Old Navy (thrifted) :: flats: Walmart :: 

If you know the source of that lyric in the title, then we should be bff.

On my feet are #2 of the two animal-print articles of clothing I own. And yes, I got them at Walmart. Funny story: The day I bought these babies, I was wearing a cute pair of black kitten-heeled shoes with heart cutouts. Thing is, I bought those kitten heels ONLY because of the heart cutouts, and not because they fit me. By midday, I couldn't stand being in those shoes, and I HAD to get another pair. I happened to be in the only "civilized" town in Illinois where Walmart is their biggest store. I had no other choice. Good thing is, they're comfy, and they work. Plus, they were on sale for $5. 

My kitten heels are now in a bag in the trunk of my car waiting to be given away.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you buy stuff that doesn't fit just because you want them?

p.s. You've probably noticed all the dancing bears in the background. You'll have to forgive me; I'm really only 5 years old.


  1. Futurama!!! Love it.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. I love the lawyer look! The blue is a perfect shade for you!

    On the non-fitting front. Yes. I OFTEN purchase things that aren't quite right because they are on sale/clearance/selling out and I love them. Shoes in particular. I've had to sell many a pair due to that reason. I used to do that with clothes as well but it was more I will fit into this size 10 jeans by so a so a date. It never worked for me. I've stopped that little bit of crazy.

    p.s.-I love the dancing bears!

  3. Nice blazer looks great on you :-)I usually where oversized shirts so yeah, if it is on the tighter side it would be because they didn't have the bigger size so I would be stuck with getting the size that "doesn't fit" grrr....


  4. futuraaammaaa :DD

    how cute do you look!
    i love that shade of blue, looks amazing :D

    Rosie xo

  5. Haha! When I read that title I thought Futurama! Very cool, and those shoes are awesome. I need to invest in some sort of animal print.

    Girls Who Wear Pearls

  6. love the color of your blazer gorgeous on you!

  7. I love the colour of your blazer, its very pretty. I'm following you :)


  8. I Love the color of that Blazer and your leopard shoes ! I too buy things sometimes that don't fit quite right because I really want them. I recognized the title as Futurama. My Son is into that show Big Time. He has most of the DVDs.

  9. what a stylish outfit ! wonderful ! It happens to me to buy things not my size : a little bit smaller, a little bit bigger, and the worst is that I wear them too !

  10. You look so sophisticated today, I really like it!

    I've been guilty of buying things hoping they "stretch out" or shrink! But overall, I think I've been pretty good lately.

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  11. I absolutely LOVE this outfit! Love the color of the blazer. It looks great on you!

  12. i don't buy stuff that doesnt fit just because i want them. i do buy too much stuff that i do not need though, lol. and LOVE this blue blazer. sooooo fresh and clean!

  13. Oh l love the blue blazer!! perfect color!! I want me one too, I have navy and light blue but dont have the blue color like this!!!
    I do buy stuff that doesnt fit me especially shoes, I force them to my feet even if it hurt my feet so bad but I dont care because I love them. Loving the dancing bear by the way lol

  14. love your background, your blazer, and your shoes, hehe. i will buy stuff just to have it too!


  15. that blue blazer is so punchy and awesome!

    oh, and i like the dancing bears...they are perfectly whimsical!

  16. Wow everyone is having fun thrifting and finding great stuff! I wish we have a thrift culture here but we don't :( Now now i like the blue blazer heaps!

  17. That title totally came from the episode of Futurama where they had to make a tv show or the earth was gonna be destroyed!!! I love Futurama!!! & I'm loving this outfit!!! the blazer is gorgeous and paired with black was such a good idea!

  18. love your blue blazer with leopard shoes. i ALWAYS buy things that dont fit, hoping that i can make it work somehow!!


  19. I used to be in the habit of buying shoes that didn't fit me. I had to stop because my heels were taking a serious beating.

    The color of your blazer is most excellent :)


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