Spiderman Loves Mary Jane



I've been lazy, I apologize. If it's any consolation, I've just been in my jammies reading (and watching Ally McBeal.) I wore my Spidey shirt yesterday to run errands and get an ice cream machine. Yes, you read correctly... I purchased an ice cream machine.  and by golly, was it HARD to find one during this time of the year! My husband and I had to go to 4 stores before even finding one that had them in stock. Who doesn't want ice cream during the winter??? 

So far, I've made banana and peanut butter ice cream (separate) but I have some cookies and cream and a nutella one in the works. 

Oh yeah,  so I've dyed my hair... and it's weird. I'm back to a reddish brown color, but it seems as if some of my hair just won't take the dye... So, as a result, I have some darker brown locks at the bottom. Like a reverse ombre effect. I dyed my hair twice this week, so I'll have to give it a rest before I try fixing it, but I kinda like the different colors. It's not tacky at all, I think. And the red tone of this brown makes me feel like Mary Jane


  1. i think it looks nice two tone! :DD
    what a good accident! :)
    AWESOME shirt - love the pun ;)
    and banana and peanut butter ice cream TOGETHER would be amazing ;)
    Rosie xo

  2. That happens with my hair pretty frequently...I think that the color looks really good on you! And I'm jealous of your ice cream machine.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. I like it! It looks like it was meant to be like that!

    Will you make and send me some ice cream? That would be nice.

  4. Your hair color looks Great ! I also love your Spidey top !

  5. oh my gosh! where is that shirt from? love it. want it.

  6. i'm so jealous of your ice cream machine! and you have the best graphic t's =)


  7. Oh man I have jet black hair and I went through a kind of caramel streak phrase. My hairdresser called it the skunk which was unkind of her. HA. Your auburny tones are very nice. I used to obsess over Ally McBeal. Loved that show.

  8. I've always wanted to get my mitts on an ice cream machine.

    Your hair looks good. I dye my hair every few months or so and sometimes the dye doesn't always take in some spots, either. Kinda annoying.

  9. OOOO, have you tried chocolate raspberry with your ice cream machine? BEST COMBO EVER! and cute new 'do.

  10. Cutest shirt ever! And your ice cream sounds fab! Can I come over to have some too?



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