Midweek Shakeup


tunic: thrifted (F21) :: shorts: F21 :: thigh-hi socks: Target
clogs: Target :: belt: Urban Outfitters
satchel: Laura Ashley




pink: Sinful Colors :: blue: Hot Topic :: yellow: Urban Outfitters
I've been a bad blogger, I know. Haven't blogged in three days. To be honest, I've been stewing in my jammies for the past few days now (I know, what a nasty image), immersed in books, revising papers, getting a couple of websites up... It's been busy. And I feel as if I haven't had a chance to properly chillax. AND, why does my spring break fall on "Spring Forward" week??? I may have gained more sunshine, but I did lose an hour of sleep. Seems kinda unfair.

Enough with my complaining.

I really like what I'm wearing today. It's still chilly, so I'm wearing my oversized cardigan over the tunic, and I pulled my socks a little bit higher. I absolutely adore these clogs I got from Target. I've been on the lookout for a comfy, heeled, casual shoe that I can do a lot of walking in, and I think these babies are just what I've been looking for!

Have you entered my giveaway yet???

One last word-- cycling shorts (that's two words...) cyclingshorts (better). I'm wearing them. I feel weird, but they were just necessary. Why I have a pair of them in my closet is beyond me... I don't even know how to properly ride a bike..

P.S. Do people really read post titles? because mine is totally crappy today.


  1. I really love that belted dress with those clogs!! Although, I think you should bypass the shorts, show a little leg girl!! If you got it, flaunt it! :D

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  2. Wow, your nails look amazing! Along with the rest of your outfit. The belt is fantastic!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  3. I'm still in love with that belt, and now I can't find it in UO. I'm loving the clogs too, I wish I can wear heels without being in pain after 5 min.

  4. Cute clogs! I love target for shoes, they actually seem to last plus they are cute! Again I love the belt and your nails are AMAZING. I've recently been getting into nails. But they ALWAYS chip and that makes me mad! I even do a topcoat and basecoat, do you have any tips?

  5. i love your belt!! and i love that you're wearing such a pretty bright turqouise color :)

  6. This is such a cute outfit. I just adore the colors. And, those socks are fantastic!

  7. Great tunic and outfit! Oh and those clogs are pretty darn amazing!

  8. how amazing is that outfit!
    i love it ALL - from the socks to the nails, the belt, the dress, the shoes .......

    Rosie xo

  9. I Love this look ! I especially Love your nails.

  10. I want that belt! AND YOUR NAILS made me squeal in delight/jealousy.
    lucky you with the shoes... they're classy!

    matters of merrymaking

  11. I really love your nails!!! I want something like that for summer and no your cycling shorts is not weird and you look great!! believe me I will wear more cycling short whenever summer comes

  12. You look great. Loving the color of that top! & Target always has some really cute shoes!! I'm glad that your happy with the ones you got, because they are gorgeous!

  13. I also own a pair of bike shorts that I'm not sure how I acquired but prove super useful with shorter things.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  14. cute knee highs!!! and your nails are always so lovely!

  15. the belt, the shoes, the nails...i love them all!

  16. Bad blogger for not blogging in 3 days?? I've gone longer. Must make me a terrrrrible one. :)

    Love your new clogs. I never find decent footwear in my size at Target!!!! Waiting for that day to come...

  17. I'm loving this look, Laura! I'm always too apprehensive to wear knee socks. I just layer them under pants & jeans in the wintertime which is a shame because they're such a cute alternative to tights.

    Sometimes I think coming up with a title is the worst part about preparing a blog post.

  18. love how you belted the dress, the belt is fab!

  19. I like the dress on you but I wish it was longer so you could wear it as a proper dress! I like the many coloured nails, they look like lollipops and no i am not going to lick them!


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