Cat Ears Make Everything Better, Right?

Superman tee: GAP (men's) :: jeggings: Walmart :: jacket: Old Navy::
kicks: Rocket Dog:: cat hat: comic book convention

Hello, gorgeous. 

How are things going? Hope all is well. I'm highly caffeinated, as is the norm for me these days. I apologize if I haven't gotten to check up on the new goings on in your life. It's been hectic in my neck of the woods, what with all the thesis defense deadline and all. It'll be over in a little over two weeks. At least that's the plan. Don't worry, I'll be here, I just won't be fully here. And for that I am really sorry. 

To make up (in advance) for my sporadic posts and my scrappy comments, will you accept a highly tweaked picture of me in cat ears? Thanks, you are truly amazing

I'll be on twitter most nights (and early mornings), I suspect. So, catch me there. 


♥ Laura


  1. how cute are those ears! I love your shoes too :)

  2. Cute! Good luck with your thesis defense!

  3. cute cat-ears :)
    wanna follow each other?

    sweet and sugars,

  4. Ha the cat ears are beyond awesome!
    And good luck with your thesis! :)

  5. Catty ears are cute! Good luck with all your work! You can do it and then relax!

  6. I LOVE your cat ears! My Sister and I used to have matching Emily the Strange hoodies that had cat ears : )

  7. love love love your cat ears! meow sister meow!

  8. Hey Babe,

    Those ears are the cutest!

    Hehe did you know I also ordered some custom Cat Ears from Etsy too for my outfit posts, I thought I had better get with the name of my blog. ;P

    You look fantastic, I love your blog, it makes me so happy too seeing the cute whale (what is he exactly?) and your cloud background. ♥

    The Cat Hag

  9. Cat ears always make everything better, without exception! Good luck over the next two weeks.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. cuuute!
    i love things with ears - i have a fall out boy hoody that has bear ears ^_^
    Rosie xo

  11. Cat ears make the world go round! I'm a big enthusiast so seeing anything revolving around kittens or cats makes me happy :)

    Good luck on your thesis. I remember writing that awhile back in college! It was the most suffocating experience :p

  12. Baaaaaaaaaaaahahahhhahahaha.
    I love it.
    LOVE IT.
    You should turn this into a default picture somewhere.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. Way to appease the masses with neko ears. :P The worst part is that it's WORKING.

    I also have to sincerely thank you for commenting on my blog when it's been naught but a ghost town nowadays-- it's only two more weeks where I am, too! And then absolutely nothing. good/bad yayyy. D:

    Toast with Charmalade

  14. Cats ears always make everything better. Always.
    My Heart Blogged

  15. Cute ears! Reminds me of Easter! Cat ears are, well, close enough to bunny ears...

  16. :) two weeks! stay strong :)

  17. too cute, i agree.. cat ears make everything better ;)

  18. Hey Laura! I love the cloud background and little whale at the top :) I totally hear you - the past month has been a caffeinated frenzy for me too and the next month looks like it will be about the same. So why not pull out the cat ears?? Good luck with the end of term and thesisizing and such!

    By the way, are those sneakers plaid? So awesome. So awesome.

  19. just found your blog, its lovely! so cute :D xx

  20. I love these cat ears!

    I also just came across your blog & I LOVE it!

    xoxo Katy Love

  21. Yes, cat ears make everything better :)

  22. Laura!!! you are just too cute!! I seriously in love with that cat ears!! it make the whole outfit LOL cat ears and superman tee!! you are one of a kind

  23. the cat hat is cute! haha meowww :D

  24. the cat ears are cute
    thank you for the lovely comment on my blog :)

  25. Oh my gosh, are these cute! Roxy would go crazy if she saw me wearing these! :)

  26. what a cute cat !

  27. Who doesn't like cat ears! :) Hope your thesis defense deadline is going well!

  28. cat ears? uhm, yes please! they DO make things better! :P i had bear ears at one point... with matching bear paw gloves. yup.


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