Color Blocking for the Meek

pink tank: Old Navy  :: navy cardi: Forever 21 (here) ::
turquoise scarf: Urban Outfitters:: black jeggings: Walmart::
white sandals: Forever 21 (here):: bead necklace: Icing

I apologize for the photos. I am still kinda wobbly with the tripod and still a bit bashful with taking pictures by myself in public... How do you ladies do it? I take pictures in the most secluded spot I can find, but I still find myself looking around to make sure no one sees me. 

I've been MIA for a while,  I know. I blame it on my school work. I spent a lot of time writing and reading the past week, so I really haven't had a good reason to get dressed. Don't worry, I was dressed. In warm, comfy jammies. All. Week. Long.  (almost) Jealous? 

Well, you shouldn't be. I swear, I could feel every pimple and white head sprout on my face with every page I  wrote. (gross, I'm sorry.) Which brings me to this topic: During warm, humid months, my face becomes a grease pot. I use blotting papers and toner to help with the oiliness. What products do you use? 


  1. I Love this colorful ensemble! I take my pictures in secluded places at my house. I would feel extremely silly posing like a model out in public with someone taking my picture. Don't feel bad. I also would think that you would look like a tourist. I would have done some shots at the waterfront in Seattle but I didn't want to look like a silly tourist. I give kudos to the people that are brave enough to get their pics taken in public.

  2. I think the picture thing is getting better for me. But still embarrassing. I don't own a tripod, so I've never ventured out of my apartment to take pictures of myself. If I'm out and about it's a friend taking them. It's a lot more comfortable when I'm by myself though... I don't feel as awkward. Going to go do a "shoot" today. hehe.

    The second to last pictures is so cute :) I like colorblocking to look at it, but I don't think it's really for me.. It is very very scary indeed. Maybe one day...

  3. I'm a blotting papers fan - I go through a ton of them when the humidity kicks in but I have such oily skin and they're like the only thing that works! Also, I think this is a pretty brilliant foray into color blocking - it's definitely subtle but it looks great.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. I don't take my own pictures, although I wish I had a tripod to do so, I end up being at my manfriends mercy. I find it hard to take pics in public, but you look fantastic so I wouldn't worry about what they are thinking, probably enjoying the view! You look great! I love the scarf and how your nails match the scarf. I can't totally see your shoes, but what I can I love!

  5. I usually end up taking my photos in secluded spots, too. It's a rare feat when I muster up the courage to take pictures in public amid curious stares.

    Pink, turquoise and navy -- I like it!

    Ugh, I hate the warmth and humidity not for turning my face into a grease pot, but for making it worse. Woe is me, hehe ;) I use blotting papers and toners as well as witch hazel (a natural astringent).

  6. Cute! I'm on the same stage as you. New to a tripod and awkward about taking pictures. Yours are totes better than mine, though. I always wind up with this scowl that makes me look like a huge meanie.

  7. This outfit? It totally rocks. The scarf/necklace especially look AWESOME!

    I totally swear by blotting papers myself. They just rock. =]

    Fierce Nerditude

  8. love the title. the colour looks great with your skin tone. I have yet to venture outside for pictures yet.... I know the summer isn't so good for my skin either, but dryness is my problem that oily moistureizers make me break out.

  9. You should wear bright colours more often! I'm loving this trend...I'm not sure if there is a colour combo that can go wrong this look fabulous!


  10. I take my pictures by myself in the middle of the day when most people are at work, but I'm still a little nervous about getting caught!

    I love how your scarf and nail polish match. What a fun detail!

  11. Colour blocking for the adorable, maybe!

  12. I love the way bright colors look on you! This shade of pink is definitely your color! Someday I too will have the courage to venture forth and try color blocking...the meek way! :)

  13. you're lightyears ahead of me, i have yet to venture outside by myself to take a photo, and i own a tripod! i am thinking of this one secluded park near my place though. i forgot which blogger recommended the back of grocery stores and such.

    i have oily skin also. there was a period of time where i was getting monthly facials and that helped a LOT. i saw the oiliness disappear during the summer months. i don't have the means to do that now, but i think exfoliating will help a lot if you don't already have that in your regimen.


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