God Save the Tee





tee: Threadless :: jeans: Target :: cardi: F21 ::  cloth mary janes: Urban Outfitters

As some of you may know (or have observed), I have a little obsession with graphic tees. Usually I go for tees with comic book characters or sci-fi references, but every once in a while... I tend to get a little crazy. I've been eying this "God Save the Villain" tee from Threadless for a while now, but I'm the type of person who hesitates when purchasing stuff online. I like to look at the quality of the material, the feel of it on the skin, the actual colors, etc. Plus, I am not a big fan of paying for shipping. So this sat a while in my shopping cart, waiting for some kind of decision.

When I went to c2e2 a few weeks back, I was so happy to see that Threadless had a booth and that they had this tee for sale! Even though the image looks weird because of my boobage distorting The Queen Joker's face, I still love it. And it's highly appropriate wear for what I am going to immerse myself in today-- lots of work in the library.


  1. So, I need to just come out and say it, I'm jealous of all of your striped cardigans. You always have such cute ones! This outfit is very cool and laid back. I like it!

  2. Great outfit!! Thanks for sharing :D Great job <3

  3. That tee is too cool! I Love unique pieces. I also Really love your shoes.

  4. I love it!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. Love the tee! I'd probably get arrested wearing something like that here in London!

  6. For some reason, it's really hard for me to find graphic tees that I like. Usually I dont care for the material. Or the cut. Or something else minor. And I find them really hard to style. Love the stripes with it though. I think I should challenge myself by dressing one up :) I have an awesome doctor suess one.

    <3 Lea

  7. HELLO! we match today! Black and white stripes... i love it!

  8. cuuuuute tee! i have one that says
    'i like bad boys'
    and has heath ledger as the joker on it ^.^
    are your shoes espadrilles?!!
    love the entire outfit :D

    Rosie xo

  9. Love the cardi. The tee is a bit scary for me! lol

  10. I have to echo the sentiments of other commenters and say that I love the stripped cardi! There's something about white and black stripes that totally does it for me! Cute!

  11. I used to like graphic tees, but now I'm not as keen on them anymore. I do love that striped cardi though!


  12. Threadless!! If only they had shirts in extra-extra-extra small and in a square shape, I'm good.
    Isn't it kind of fun to purchase something that's a bit out of the norm?

    Also, I'd LOVE it if you subscribed twice, if you could. :) I'm so glad you see the benefit of fashionable bread.

    Toast with TOAST

  13. Love the sparkly shoes and stripes! Cute! Good luck at the library:)

  14. Laura you rock the crap out of this tee! What a witty title too! "good save the teeeeee we mean it maaaaaaaaaan" haha so cute:)

  15. I love those shoes and the tee! Who woulda though the queen was a joker too?

  16. Ahh, I LOVE Threadless! Such a cool t-shirt!

    ♥ Julie @ Mint & Mellow

  17. That top defines the word cool! Threadless always has some awesome shirts! :)

  18. I'm not a graphic tee kind of girl but I always admire those who wear it so well like you! Love the whimsical, quirky and slightly dark overtones to the outfit!

  19. Haha, that shirt is great. I used to be quite a little graphic tee collector, too. My biggest weaknesses were for Threadless and Paul Frank tees. That's so neat that Threadless had a booth at the convention you went to. And I'm with you on seeing/touching a garment before committing to buying it. I do make exceptions, but I always wonder if I'm going to hate what I ordered and have to send it back (and pay more shipping, ugh).

  20. Oh my god ! this bloody queen is a-ma-zing !!!! I loooove it ! The drawing is beautiful !

  21. HA! I love this shirt! At first I thought it was just a zombie queen and then when I realized it was the Joker! Eeeee!

  22. I love that cardi, it's gorgeous!
    I wish we had a proper F21 store in Scotland...we can order online but I'm not too sure what their sizing is like!


  23. holy canole! i want that shirt.. im off to threadless. :D

  24. Hi! I know what you mean with loving graphic Tees...who wouldnt!! I totally love them and i love threadless.com! I actually have to order mine online tho :( it its really cool that you got lucky and found a place that sells them. I love this one I saw it on their website a while back and thought about buying, but like you saidthe shipping stops me alot of times. Looks really cool paired up with the stripes. Also thanks so much for checking out my blog and leaving a sweet comment.



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