Hounds on my Nails: Review of Sally Hansen Salon Effects


I'm always in awe of ladies with pretty nails. More specifically, those who sport nails with patterns or with little charms/trinkets stuck on them. Though I know that sets like ones in the first picture are sold in many places online, I've never tried them since they're really quite impractical--especially for me since I'm always using my hands. (Sounds dirty, I know.)

I've tried drawing designs on my nails, but my hands are also not steady enough to apply consistent designs on all nails. My left hand ends up looking MUCH better than my right, most times. So, I settled for using bright nail colors or mixing up textures and colors to make my nails more exciting.


When I saw one of my colleagues flowery nails, however, I thought that the gods had finally listened to the pleas of the "handy" ladies of the world who want to have pretty nails!  Observe:

perfect houndstooth nails
Sally Hansen Nail Effects: $8.50 -$11.00
Each package comes with 16 nail polish strips of different sizes. For me, since I have shorter nails, each strip covers 2 digits. So really, one package delivers two applications. The package also includes a mini file, a cuticle stick, and instructions on how to prepare and apply the strips on your nails. I did all ten of my fingers in under 15 minutes, while watching Tangled. And no top coat was needed to seal the strip or give it sheen.

One of my complaints is that there aren't a whole lot of patterns to choose from. 

If you count, there are only 9 patterned designs. The rest are just plain colors that I can either paint on with polish or top a color with glitter. Apart from these houndstooth ones, I can only see myself wearing the floral pattern and MAYBE the zebra ones. But who knows? the product is fairly new, and SH may very well come out with newer patterns. 

After application, I was really worried that the edges would fray and peel. I typed, I washed my hands, I scratched the surface of the nails multiple times. I even washed a sink load of dishes. After all that, 2 out of 10 nail edges started peeling. After fixing, refiling, and re-smoothing the edges, I put a topcoat on those nails. I suspect that more nails will start fraying... I can already see some of them peeling. 

As cute as my nails are now, these polish strips can't stand up to the "harsh" beating up I seem to put my hands under on a daily basis. These would be great for a special occasion or for those who don't do a lot of work with their hands. 

Nail addicts, how do you make your nails more interesting?


  1. OMG! I LOVE your nails! These are also great pics of people's nails. I have acrylic nails but I don't do designs anymore since I also work with my hands a lot. I clean up after and do dishes for 3 kids daily lol. I will try this Sally Hansen though. It it probably isn't too expensive.

  2. I'm so bad with patterned nails. I bought myself a Konad stamper because everyone and their grandma says it's soooo easy. Well not for me! I can't figure out how to aim and stamp, so I get half a picture on most of my nails.

  3. OH MY GOSH! Your nails are so so so adorable. Too bad I bite mine... I always "quit" and then restart again. This is almost good enough inspiration to push me to try stopping again :) LOVE the pokémon ones though! oh, sweet childhood! eeee. I would totally want to try that florally lace pattern. How much is a package?

  4. Cute! I really love the butterfly pattern. I wish they were more durable.

  5. i love the nail strips! there's only enough for one application for me though, and they last about a week on me. the first time i tried them they took FOREVER to put on, but i've gotten use to it. the only real complaint i had with them is the file doesn't work for me to shorted the strips so i cut it like i'm trimming my nails.

    but i've tried the colored flower ones, the lace ones, and the butterfly ones.. loved the flower ones the best!

  6. Thanks for doing a review of these that really puts them to the test! It drives me nuts when my nail polish starts chipping right away, which it usually does because I do a lot with my hands too. These would definitely be fun for a special occasion, and I like the houndstooth pattern!

  7. wow i NEED these in my life.
    I'd probably get through them so fast though ^.^
    love your choice of pattern! :D
    Rosie xo

  8. I'm definitely going to try these, even though I use my hands a ton and I'm sure they will fall off in a few days!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. I love all of the pictures. Especially the nails with the bow design and the black and white pattern. I have been seeing the polish strips in magazines and wondering how the were. I'll take your advice and stay away from them since they likely cannot hold up to my daily activity.

  10. Oh it's so beautiful ! the nails on the first picture are so you ! so cute ! I absolutely have to buy pretty things like this for my nails !!!

  11. It's a shame these aren't more durable since I love the butterfly pattern. They look super cute on you! Sadly, I don't know if it's worth the trouble and the cost if they are going to start fraying after only two days. Great post!

  12. I LOVE that houndstooth pattern! WOW! I am with you girl I use my hands too much to get that fancy stuff. I go to the salon bi-weekly for a mani and pedi and by the time I go back my nails are all jacked up!! I mean polish missing from one finger...half chipped of on the rest! lol Kiah

  13. so cool! You know, last night my cousin had the black and white checkered on her toes and it looked so aweseome!


  14. I've heard a lot about these. I really do hope that they come out with new designs. They look like they'd be fun! :)

  15. Such cute nails!! The Pokemon one is adorable haha. As much as I think nail art is very pretty, I am quite lazy when it comes to getting my nails done. I'm pretty rough with my everyday work so the color would probably chip easily.

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