I Love Thor, And That's All That Matters

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outfit details:
navy dress:
F21, modified by me :: grey leggings: JCPenney :: striped legwarmers: courtesy of Mel ::
red cardi: thrifted :: black booties: Payless :: bangles: Maurices :: wing earrings: made be me
As some of you may already know, I am a huge comic book geek, and one of my most favoritest (if not my ultimate favorite) Marvel comic book character has been Thor. So, when, two days ago, I was lucky enough to score a couple of movie passes for an advanced screening of the movie, I was overcome with child-like glee--the kind that leaves you sleepless, uninterested in food, and extremely anxious but also paranoid (OK, maybe that's just me). 

Anyway, when I started blogging, I stumbled upon Betty Felon's tumblr. And I love all her reinterpretations of superhero styles into wearable street wear. Secretly (ok, not really that "secretly"), I longed to be able to put together something like those of her awesome outfits. Given that I had two days notice of the event and a thesis to turn in, I jumped at the opportunity, which I am oh so glad for since my mild depression over the slump of the semester was magically lifted.

So I set off to aSECRET MISSION-- to make a street-wear worthy Thor outfit! I didn't want to have to pay too much for a new outfit, so I got this dress from F21 (which was WAY too big at the top/back, but still worked) for $11. All the rest I had on hand. 

I won't say much about the movie, except that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Apart from being a huge Thor fan, I think Chris Hemsworth is a hunk of hotness. I also love Kenneth Branagh and am in awe of his amazing ability to reinterpret a comic book character, with a lot of continuity behind it, for people to enjoy. Coming from an academic standpoint, this movie really holds dear to my heart (and the months' worth of work I've done with Old English and Anglo-Saxon magic). As a comic book reader, I thought the essentials were taken care of, and that Tom Hiddleston was an amazing, amazing Loki.  


  1. You look Absolutely Adorable! I Love your hair.

  2. Totally cute. Not sure how Thor would be about a HK clip in his hair, but we'll let that one slide ;P

  3. Cuuuuuuuuuute! Love your outfit! I have no idea about comic books and characters but this a pretty sweet ensemble!

  4. You are Thor! Except way cuter in a ladylike way!

  5. I love you, I love the secret mission, and I love the end result! I always edit them out in blog photos but I have rings of iron crosses and the words "Urd" and "Hel" tattooed on my legs. I figured you of all people might enjoy that.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. Laura this outfit is the cutest and awesome-mest and creative-nest ever!!! and it is so you!!! I missed couple of your outfit post and I saw that you did dye your hair!!! LOL I'm so behind

  7. as a 100% Norwegian I love any scandinavian figure. This is no exception, I love the look!

  8. I can't WAIT to see it!
    your outfit is brill! i love the pigtails :D
    and the earrings!
    and your right - chris hemsworth is a hunky chunk of maaaan :D
    Rosie xo

  9. How lovely!:)


  10. Okay, where's your winged helmet? haha! Just kidding! You look fierce, lady! Thor would be proud! Kudos to your creativity! I'm lovin' how this dress fits you and the red cardi? Love it!

  11. You look so adorable. I can't wait to watch Thor!

  12. I really love you.
    I really love your earrings.
    I really love your style.
    No wonder we are friends.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. Every time I think of Thor I think of the movie Adventures in Babysitting! I love that little girl in that movie. You look so cute! I love your hair, nails and boots! Kiah

  14. I'm so sorry to say I know nothing about comics - although I do usually like the movies inspired by them. I'm so impressed with your outfit!

  15. How creative! :D What did you use for the silver discs on your dress?

  16. you are a cute thor <3

    sweet and sugars,

  17. Hahaha there is so much personality in your pics it makes me smile every time! I love your outfit. That dress is too cool to be true!

  18. sweet earrings! love them and way to go thor!! ;)

  19. absolutely love this outfit!! i cant wait to see thor!!

  20. To be honest, I think I've become weary of all the slew of superhero movies coming out. Don't get me wrong: I loved Iron Man, the new Batman movies, Spiderman (sans #3), etc. But THEN there's Thor, Green Lantern, etc. etc. etc.

    Perhaps I shouldn't be too quick to judge, eh? I mean, I can't write off a film too quickly if it has this scene: http://lawyerupasshole.tumblr.com/post/5132695375

    Also, I'm considering disguise artist as an alternate profession, if not professional crabwalker. :D

    Toast with Charmalade

  21. Laura you are the awesomest girl everest! I heart this post like you have no idea! Your hair is too cute for words!

  22. this is so fun...i LOVE the second picture. glad you enjoyed the movie. i will put it on my neverending list of must-see movies.

    if you still play WWF, feel free to start up a game. i have to share the ipad with evvryone in the house, so my games move slower than most, but i'm happy to play! (BET3000).


  23. Cuteee!! This is so cool :)


  24. haha very creative!


  25. This is soooo much fun. Love the outfit and the comic book allusions. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too, soon.


  26. This is such a silly awesome outfit :) I don't really read comic books, but I used to read manga back in middle school. I can definitely see how it has influenced me. I still have an undying love for pleated skirts and high knee socks. And I still will always feel like a schoolgirl when I wear either of those things. But I'm okay with that.

    Love the cute little earrings too :)

  27. So creative and inventive!!! I am sad to say I don't know anything about Thor... I've banned myself from any movies until June. :X

  28. I'm new to your site and I absolutely njoy all the outfits posted :) I've never been into comic books, but I've had guy friends explain to me who were certain characters and where they were from. To be honest it's quite interesting!

    I think you did a great job on your Thor outfit :)

  29. Haha Laura, you look so cute!!

    You can be my super-hero-woman any day!! ♥♥

    The Cat Hag

  30. what a great, funky dress! love it. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  31. you totally rock that outfit like a superhero! i actually just went to the beach that is near me, but i totally want to go on vacation too sometime, especially with you, hehe.


  32. this is fun!! wow, the best thing I like was "Attitude", why not?! we should be conifdent and creative with what we wear, it is pure happiness!=)

  33. gorgeous earrings! <3


  34. Oh my this is amazing! You blog is so unique and creative, love love Thor, saw the movie on Sunday still not over him and the movie!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  35. I am SUCH a huge fan of superheros as well. Practically excited for every superhero movie to come out this summer.

    Haven't watched this yet, but I will after finals.

  36. Just stumbled on your blog! It's wayyyy cute. I love your background - it makes me want to fly kites or be a bird or something of that nature. It's wonderful!

    And haha, you look so adorable! I have a million friends that would label you as their perfect girlfriend. They love comics. I love that!


  37. woah, super creative!! i love it!!! <3 thor is awesome!! mmm captain america in july,too!! i <3 all these heroes! XOX many +vibes going your way

  38. You look adorable!! Love the idea!

  39. You look lovely like that !

  40. Hahaha this is such a cute outfit... you made me laugh! And I love the whale in your banner!!!

  41. this is so awesome! i could use a little daily superhero!

  42. Oh goodness lady you are SO amazing!!! You have moxie for days! :)

  43. Dear Blog of Worldly Delights,

    Having now seen Thor I am convinced your outfit is better. No wings anywhere. Oh well. If you like those sort of comics and what not, have you ever read The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan? I adore the books! If you like the fantasy element at all you should check them out.

    Girls Who Wear Pearls

  44. LOL this is such a funny outfit!! love it <3

  45. super cute! love the way you did this! so creative <3

    XO Sahra


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