Sunny Days Are Here Again

tank: Charlotte Russe :: cardi: thrifted :: denim: Old Navy
sandals: F21 :: necklace: Icing :: bracelet : Maurices
Howdy! It's such a gorgeous day today! I am feeling soooo relaxed and yummy (as you can tell by my head-tilting and smiley eyes.And trust me, they're smiling) I have ONE week left in this semester!!! And since the last two weeks have been ridiculously hectic, I decided to take the day off

What did I do? 
1. Wrote checks. Sent them off.  Got all that "adult responsibility" crap out of the way
2. Straightened the living room up a bit. No more dangerous electric cords lying around waiting for a groggy grad student to come waltzing in...
3. Commented on some blogs.  s l  o  w  l y getting caught up.
4. Went shopping for my SECRET MISSION (more on that tomorrow)
5. Got distracted while shopping by this:

Memoirs of a Kitty  palette: 4 eye shadows and 2 blushes $35 buy here
My excuse for getting it is...... that it's Hello Kitty? 
Isn't that good enough?  : ) 

Actually, I was looking for a smaller palette since I'm going on vacation in a couple of weeks. I'll be Seattle for a few days to spend some time with my mom. I'm excited! But, since I HATE carrying luggage around (and my husband won't be there to carry it all for me) I am looking for space saving tactics. And this palette fits the bill!

Speaking of holidays, for those who live or have been to Seattle, do you have any recommendations for places I should go to or things I should see? 


  1. ok first of all great outfit, and i realla like your blog :)
    and omg that hello kitty *__*

  2. I Love your outfit and want that HK eye shadow! If you would like to meet up while you are in Seattle send me a message. Another place you should go is Pike Place Market. I would have mentioned that previously but it is a no brainer. Hope to hear from you.

  3. Heart you in pink and blue you look so pretty!

    Omgosssssssh that packaging is so freaking' cute! Pink blue cherry blossoms and a blue jeweled bow. LOVE! I think I may have to get this just for the case haha

  4. Very cute! Is the make up any good? Nice blog :)

  5. I love your tank, it's very corset-esque (that's a thing right?). And of course I am ridiculously envious of the HK compact. And intrigued by all this secret mission talk...I got a lot going on right now.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. Laura, Love this top. That Hello Kitty makeup is soo cool. I think MAC made a Hello Kitty line and Barbie too.


  7. That is such a cute hello kitty palette. You look really cute in your outfit! I like your cardigan a lot!

  8. I love hello kitty and i like your top!!!Kisses

  9. Seattle is fabulous! I've only been there once and did the normal touristy stuff. I recommend the Pike Market (went everyday! lol) and some of the awesome food spots like 5 Spot in the Queen Anne district. But clam chowder was the best! :)

  10. Babe,

    I actually shrieked out loud when I saw that cute Hello Kitty palette!!

    To think I never even knew it existed, do you know where it retails? I NEED it, the cover is gorgeous!!!!!!!

    Hehe and I also wanted to say you always look so cute, love the bright blue cardi and that cute pink necklace. ♥

    The Cat Hag

  11. Lovely Hello Kitty stuff !

  12. that compact is so adorable! i need more hello kitty in my life

  13. cute cardigan! that hello kitty eyeshadow is cute <3


  14. ahhh hello kitty :D
    love your shoes btw, i've said it before but they are just amazing! :)
    Rosie xo

  15. You look amazing! I love that outfit on you. The colors complement your skin perfectly! I think that the compact was needed. It's both something you needed and freaking adorable.

    On the vacation side, I just went to seattle! I know it's been mentioned but Pike's Place was pretty amazing. I wish I would have saved up more money to spent at the vendors there! I found the space needle to be ridiculously overpriced and not worth the time I spent there(but it could be just me). Mainly I spent my time in the great wilderness there! It's so beautiful, lush, and wild.

  16. Love this tank, girl! And the color turquoise is definitely your color. It looks great on you! I love the Hello Kitty compact. It's got a spring vibe going on, don't you think? The shades of eyeshadow are gorgeous! Something totally up my alley!

  17. Oh my, that HK palette is too cute to pass up! I like that tank. It has such pretty detailing and looks so good with your bright blue cardi :)

  18. Love your glasses, hair and skinny jeans!

  19. l-l-l-loveee!


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