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grey top: JCPenney :: black tank: F21 :: tights: Hue :: shorts: Old Navy
Elfin boots: Urban Outfitters :: heart necklace: F21
Look who's back!!!

I'm sorry, lovelies, if I haven't been on in a long time! I went on a week vacation to Seattle to get pampered and to visit some family too. Last week was my first time ever in Seattle, and I have to admit, I really really really liked the place! except for the rain.... Seriously now, how am I ever going to wear my suede shoes if it rains every stinking day? 

It's good to be back home though, even though it's equally cold here in the Midwest, and due to high water levels, my train was cancelled. -_- 

I've been slowly getting back to the groove of things. I cleaned a bit, worked out a bit, and read a bit. Lots of bits here and there got done. I am now also applying for jobs, so I got oodles of stuff on my plate, but I am glad to be back blogging! I've missed you all so much!

I am kinda cheating here since I wore this outfit to celebrate my defense...almost two weeks ago. I wanted something casual and comfy, but I didn't have lots of time to switch outfits. So, I just changed my shoes and threw this oversized tee and shorts combo in place of the dress I wore.  I promise I'll get back to the updating pictures bit soon. :)

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  1. How do you find the Hue tights to last? I don't think anyone near me stocks them and I see some online I like, but have this issue with all tights lasting -maybe- one wear (if that long)

  2. Welcome back fancy lady - I missed you!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. Welcome back! I was totally going to call those boots elfin boots before I read your outfit details. Too stinkin' cute! :)

  4. yayyy for coming back!! haha that's not cheating, silly. seattle sounds wonderful!! i'd love to go sometime soon

  5. You look so radiant and well-rested!!

    Yay for beautiful holidays, if only I could go on one soon too. :|

    My eyes opened so wide when you commented that you used to work at Sanrio!!

    What a treat that must have been, one of my dream careers has always been to open a Sanrio store! ♥

    The Cat Hag

  6. I am glad you got home safe! I LOVE this look! You look Fabulous.

  7. Cute casual outfit :) I love teh boots!

  8. Eek!! Heart you in those army cargo shirts and tights so freaking cute!!

  9. Welcome back! I've always wanted to visit Seattle, so I'm jealous. Glad you had a nice trip :)

  10. Welcome back, we missed you!! Glad you enjoyed your well deserved trip to Seattle! Any pictures from the trip?!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  11. Hiiii :D

    Definitely looks very very comfy. It'll be nice to have your posts back, lovely. Pretty awesome that you and I both went to Seattle so close together :)

  12. I've been wanting to do tights w/ shorts and you make it look so good! I LOVE LOVE your new blog design! It is so cute.

  13. ahh we missed you too <3
    hope your trip was amazing! :D
    you look super cute, as always ;)
    Rosie xo

  14. So glad you had fun <3

    loving the shoes!!

    mele, australia

  15. Laura, you're back! We've missed you! I've been checking back from time to time and I'm happy your blog is up and running again! I have to get myself one of these oversized tees. They look so comfy and I love anything off the shoulder! :)

  16. There's my GIRL!! Missed you BOO! So glad that you had a good time in Seattle and I think it is so funny that we fashion lovers would think about the rain not putting us in dreary mood BUT of how it would ruin our shoes!! LOL Thanks for your sweet comment friend! I love those army green shorts...need me some army green pants!! Kiah

  17. I am reallllyyyy jealous about your trip to Seattle. It's on my list of top places to visit. I think I would love the weather there because I'm a fan of that kind of climate.
    I never get to go anywhere, though, because my life is a sick joke.
    I kid.
    But really, I never travel. And it blows.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  18. Love that gray top on you, and adore those shorts :) Lovely!

  19. Everybody has been busy these days :) I'm glad to hear that you had a good time in Seattle. The raining thing must suck, those suede shoes should have made a debut in Seattle :) I'm adoring this outfit from head to toe. The colors are all neutral but make a statement. Nice :)

  20. cute look!!!

    xoxo from rome

    (there's a leo bag GIVE-AWAY)

  21. You're lovely as always !

  22. cute outfit! glad you enjoyed seattle. i told myself i'd never move there unless i got a job at amazon hehe. DRATS i missed out on the giveaway... next time~ gl with the job search ttys!

  23. too adorable! really missed you, and omg about the giveaway. thanks, i owe you!

  24. your back home outfit is full to the brim in good style. love cargoes and what shoes, so stunning.

  25. OOOOERRRR! I love the new look! I kind of want to wallpaper my house with this!

  26. went to seattle for a weekend, years ago, but totally gray and rainy. i like the place, but they really need some sunage!!


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