grey dress: Target :: blue cardi: F21 :: red shoes: Madden Girl/ thrifted :: bag: Juicy Couture

I've been re-watching "The Guild" episodes, which explains the title.

These days, I spend my time looking for a job, cooking, looking for a job, reading, playing video games, looking for a job... you get the idea. While I am loving this newly-appreciated freedom from schoolwork, job hunting is a pain in the butt. Having more time, though, means that I can actually hang out with my previously neglected friends.

I wore this outfit to go to a quick brunch. I had gotten up really late, so I didn't have time to actually do my hair or makeup, so excuse the messiness of my general head area. I really wanted to show off my Juicy bag that I got myself as a present for graduating. Now, I'm not really a huge Juicy fan, especially because I really don't dig the sweats material/velour that they use so much in a lot of their merchandise, but when I saw the bow and the text on this baby, I just had to "bag" it for myself.


  1. Give me your shoes.
    And the handbag.

    I am not excited for the massive job hunt that begins next year. NOT EXCITED. Although I feel like I have already embarked upon this job hunt since Mr. A has been job searching for months now, and I have been helping him with everything.
    It's exhausting.
    So good luck!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Great bag...but I love the dress! I'm such a sucker for grey and a bit of ruffle.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. Oooo! I LOVE that handbag! You look Fabulous!

  4. The bag is super cute. I do like Juicy accessories. The clothes are awful (and wouldn't fit me, so I don't mind that I dislike them)

  5. I really like the gray and blue together. Very pretty. That is a nice bag and if you hadn't mentioned it was Juicy I would have never guessed! I do find myself liking some of their accessories (charms, pendants & whatnot), but that's a collection I don't need to start ;)

    Good luck with your job search!

  6. before i even read the text, i was gonna say that i actually liked the hair/fresh-natural looking makeup/glasses! good luck with the on-going job search. i know it can be a pain!

  7. Girl, I love that dress! Definitely looks like something I would buy.

  8. Love the color of your shoes and the bag is just perfect! Who can resist the bow and short handle! Where in the world are these cute dresses located in Target?? For the love of God, I can never find this cute stuff! ARGH! :)

  9. I am in love with that dress and your glasses are to die for!! Kiah

  10. That's a cute purse! I never would've guessed it was Juicy either.

  11. You look so cute, I actually love how your hair falls in these photos!

    And how cute is the bow on your Juicy bag! ♥

    Hope you are having a good weekend lovely.

    The Cat Hag

  12. Love the red pumps. Love that they're a deeper color than most "red" statement items. I have yet to snag a pair of colored pumps for myself though. I'm much more comfortable when my footwear is neutral colored. Haha. I've been wanting to wander outside of my comfort zone though.

    Love your hair and glasses so much! And, random thing--it turns out that Warby Parker has a showroom in Portland now! I had no clue. I'm going to head in there at some point to look :D

  13. I both love your key necklace and The Guild! Looking for a job is exhausting! Good on you for taking time for the friends that you need!


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