I Know What Boys Like...

Batman Tee: Walmart, boys' section, torn by me :: shorts: Old Navy ::
Panda necklace: Forever 21 :: Sandals: Ross
FACE: Elf Studio Tone Correcting Powder, Elf blush in Pink Passion, Toki Doki Luminosa Powder
EYES: Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips for Brown Eyes, in purple
LIPS: EOS lipbalm in Sweet Mint
Well, I know what MY "boy" likes. He likes it when I get my total geek on and shamelessly wear my superhero tees. And I have quite a few of those. What can I say? I love comics, I'm inspired by comics, I want to be a comic book superhero. No, not really. No, wait, I'm lying.

A word (or a few more) about the tees that find themselves in my closet:
They never last as whole tees for long. I have this obsession with ripping tees up, wearing them once, and then tossing them. It's a horrible habit, but I think I'll make an exception for this Batman shirt. I love Batman waaaay too much to discard his logo. 

Moving on. I am having a small problem with my blog. I would LOVE to answer/respond to blogger comments/questions left on posts, but I haven't figured out an efficient and effective way of doing it. I've been emailing back to those bloggers who have an email attached to their comments, but for those who don't, I really don't know how to get back to them. I am thinking about using Disqus, but I've heard about how it does weird stuff to stats and such. For those who have Disqus, is it totally worth it? Why did you switch? For those who use other means, what do you use and why? 


  1. I love how your winged eyeliner looks and the panda! I can never get mine to come out that crisp. Your shoes look so nice and I am wondering what shade of nail polish you are wearing?

  2. It's funny you should make a post about this! I was just trying to brainstorm a way to incorporate my geek tees into my wardrobe in a more fashionable way!

    Love it! =)

  3. Such a cute necklace and I Love the sandals! Isn't blogger frustrating?!?! Why can't they just come up with a better commenting system? I'm interested to hear what others think about disqus.

  4. This is a fabulous outfit, how can it not be when you have a Panda + Batman in it?

    And your makeup is gorgeous, the shades and hues are perfect. ♥♥

    The Cat Hag

  5. I LOVE LOVE your Necklace and Sandals! Disqus is a pain in the rear from what I have experienced. I enjoy your emails : )

  6. looking fab


  7. Love!

    I haven't noticed Disqus messing with my stats. The only thing that is weird about it, it randomly emails me comments (both replies to my posts and replies to comments I left on other blogs who use Disqus) but it doesn't email me ALL of either. I don't get that.

  8. im not a boy, but i like this post ^_^
    i love comic books! and comic tops!
    batman is one of my faves ^_^

    Rosie xo

  9. aww i like the batman tee, and the panda necklace is adorable :)

    xoxo, jill

  10. I hear varying things about Disqus too but I'm also curious about trying it...let me know what you decide to do. Also, love this look (I gotta spend more time shopping the boy's section at Walmart) and your eyeliner looks awesome!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  11. I have the EXACT same problem!! I want to respond to everyone that comments but hardly anyone has an email I can respond too. I wish blogger would find a way of fixing this! I really don't want to use Disqus because it's so annoying sometimes!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  12. I'm a fan of Disqus. We've had it on our blog for a few months now, and I haven't really noticed any problems or issues with it. Of course, I don't ever really look at our stats, so I can't speak to that. It was super easy to install too.

  13. I LOVE your sandals! So cute!

  14. I installed Disqus so I could reply to comments. It has gone down a couple of times, and you can't load your Disqus comments back into blogger if you want to switch back. They say you can, but the function has been broken for months.

    I like the Batman shirt!

  15. I lovelovelove the off-the-shoulder top!!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. the batman tee is awesome!

    and i use disqus and have for a couple months. the transition took a few days to get everything migrated correctly, but i have been super happy with it since then. i really like the responding feature though which sounds like what you are looking for.

    dash dot dotty

  17. team batman! :)


  18. Cute batman tee! I like how it looks distressed and faded. Super cool. xx

  19. Laura, I love the Batman tee! And very creative "ripping up" if I say so myself! I also like to cut the crew neck portion off my tees. I find it so irritating and anyway, the off the shoulder look is so much more sexy! I have a solution to your problem. Get yourself a Wordpress.com blog and you'll be able to reply to comments to your heart's content! Just saying. :)

  20. I am such a big an on how you do your makeup! Love the tee. :) And I'm not a fan of disquis but it might work out for you! :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth http://organizedxxmess.blogspot.com

  21. I love the batman tee! And I would recommend Disqus for sure, it was pretty easy to transition and I haven't had any problems at all since getting it. Being able to respond to comments definitely makes it worth getting.

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  22. omgosh laura i adoreeeee your winged out eyes.. your eyemake up is so pretty!!

  23. That Panda necklace is so cute! Haha i love your blog logo by the way, that whale is beyond words :)
    x mordrian

  24. You look so cute, Laura! and I love geeky things, so obviously I love your outfit.

    I like Disqus because I can reply to comments (either from my blog, or just replying to the email notification) and the original commenter will be notified. I don't like how long it takes to load though, and sometimes it acts funky. Also, so many bloggers are using Disqus now that I don't think it's that big of a deal. I'd suggest you try it out for for a little bit, and if you don't like it, just switch back to Blogger!

  25. If someone asks me a question or I feel the need to reply to their comment I usually just do so while commenting on the latest post they've put up. I will flick an e-mail on occasion or respond via Twitter. Depends on my mood, I guess!

    Silver sandals! Love love love! :)

  26. Everybody has a secret geek obsession, mine's HP! I like your geek chic look! Ps- can I have some of that greenery?! SO jealous.

  27. I love love love that shirt, you look so pretty in your geek chic mode! Also, the way you do your eyeliner is so amazing

  28. Um. YES. I've been wanting superhero t-shirts forever! I guess now I know that walmart is the place to get them!

    I'm a super-geek too!

  29. Hehe. You and your nerdiness makes me smile :D And I keep seeing sandals that look like that! And I keep on wanting them, but am practicing self-restraint, since I have so many pairs of shoes already... It's actually a bit sad.

    Personally, I don't really like Disqus, because I feel like I can usually answer comments through commenting back/email/twitter. I often browse blogs on my iPhone and Disqus makes everything load slower. But that's just me. I totally get why people use it.

  30. Love batman and I love your eyeliner..WOW!! Kiah

  31. I love batman and your awesome eye liner! your beautiful <33



  32. i love this! that bat man shirt rules! and the necklace rocks! :)


  33. I love that you are who you are! And that winged eyeliner? Meeeow!

  34. I just made the switch to disqus, I haven't gotten any complaints. It loads a little slower, but all in all, it's worth it to me. It's nice to be able to directly reply to someone! Anyways I love your shoes and panda necklace! :)

    Meanz (Koi Story)


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