This is How I Partay... and a RANT.

foundation: Clinique Acne Solutions in Fresh Beige :: powder: Physician's Formula Organic Wear Face Sculpting Trio::
eye shadow: Memoirs of a Kitty palette :: eye liner: Physician's Formula gel liner in brown ::
mascara: Rimmel Max Volume Flash in 003 ::
cheeks: Maybelline dream mousse #30 :: Memoirs of a Kitty blush
lips: MAC Costa Chic

blue: Essie Coat Azure :: white: L.A. Colors French Nail Creme

This past weekend was a bit different from what I've been used to. The past two years in grad school meant that each moment mattered in improving an essay, reading an extra paper, or revising my thesis. I suppose I turned a bit anti-social for a while, but I can't really blame the books since I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them.

A couple of really good friends of mine are leaving the States tomorrow, so during this last weekend, we engaged in as much conviviality as we could. It was a lot of fun getting to finally chill with friends, meet new ones, and of course, indulge in spirits and delicious food. My contribution included homemade peach frozen yogurt and more french macarons.

Outfit posts will follow. I just wanted to get in a quick post about the makeup I wore. I call it my "Laura is getting older party makeup" look. Though I love experimenting with color, and by no means am I scared of too much eyeliner or being raccoon-eyed, I like to make sure that even at 2 am I still look presentable. Also, since one of the parties was during a humid afternoon, I didn't want too much makeup to make my face look cake-y and painted on.

My skin's recovering, still, from stress acne. It's been tough, with the random breakouts and the scarring, but it's getting there. I find that because of my skin, I prefer to wear less makeup, which explains my "party" look a lot, really.

On a separate note, I'd like to go into a mini rant about something that's been bothering me a lot lately. I am sure that all of you, dear readers, have experienced this at one time. Why is it that people insist on leaving comments like, "I like your blog. Follow me, and I'll follow you back?" Are there people out there who really only care about their blog stats or how many followers they have? Is it some sort of self-confidence booster? Whenever I look the blogs of those people who leave such comments, most of the comments are pithy and much of the blog content isn't really worth looking at. (That's harsh, but I can say what I want in my blog) I really am not so sure about people who follow my blog and then comment only once (with their "check my blog out and follow!" comment). I only follow blogs I am genuinely interested in, and though I may not comment on every single post, I leave one when I can and take the time to read through the entire post. How do you deal with those kinds of "bloggers?"


  1. I swear there's like a special circle in hell reserved for people like that. I personally just ignore those comments but I have seen people comment back with things like "that is not a good way to get attention for your blog, etc." IFB had an interesting article on it a month or so ago. It seriously drives me bananas though.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    P.S. Your getting older makeup is much, much nicer than mine.

  2. The make up is so pretty and I love the nails too!

    Ugh, yes, I hate those comments. I find them so... I don't know, awkward? I choose to ignore them. I won't even check out their page.

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  3. Your makeup looks great. I love the color of your lipgloss and your nails are so adorable. I've always been a fan of polka dots. I have newly become addicted to painting my nails. I worked on my nails for almost 2 hours yesterday painignt hem this beautiful pink color unfortunately I am horrible at painting my nails and will probably end up removing it when I get home today because the paint is so uneven.

  4. You look classy and sassy. Which, I'm pretty sure, is what we're all hoping for as we get older!

  5. I get acne when I am stressed too, or when it's that time of the month! :( sigh. on the bright side your nails are lovely with the poka dots!!

  6. Agh. I'm totally with you on this one. Those bloggers annoy me, and honestly, I don't usually respond. I started blogging in order to make connections and see what else is going on, not to simply exchange superficial comments.

    I used to feel bad about not commenting back or clicking their link, but I've found that responding to those comments was what made blogging feel like a chore to me. SO, I don't.

    I also appreciate bloggers who write about their personal lives and about themselves. Because then I have something to respond to with my comments. I dislike when people post JUST outfits. Because then I feel forced into leaving some purely superficial comment like "I like your shoes, the end." Hehe.

    LOVE your polka dots.
    & I need to start playing with makeup more :D

  7. I obviously will not follow people whose sole purpose is to gain followers for an unknown reason. Could be that it's a confidence booster, who knows? :p I steer clear and usually the people that ask to do that have odd blogs anyway, doing schemes or something shady like selling ipods for $2. =p

    Love the lip color, btw :) it's very pretty! Polka dotted nails are always girly :)

  8. Gorgeous make up and the nails are so cute, how do you get the dots so neat I tried every tip like using a pin or a cocktail stick but I can never do it!

    I think people who leave those kind of comments are really just insecure. I dont mind if people want to leave their blog tag or ask me to check out their blog etc - so long as they say something relevant first. I delete the ones that have their blog tag like ten times on principle that they are ridiculous! I love following blogs and am discovering new ones all the time. Ive been blogging for 3 years now and I am a bit shocked when I see blogs going for only 3 months with thousands of followers!

  9. is the gel eyeliner easier/same as the pens? i love the elf pen i tried, but it's empty...looking for a new one. i'm totally breaking out right now, too.

    HATE those comments. best one i got was, " follow me and i'd love to follow you back." then just follow, bitch! haha. i actually did a test a few weekends ago because i was feeling a lil bitchy...and went back and followed a few of those commenters...and guess how many followed back??? O, nada, zip.

  10. Ooh, your nails are so cute! And that annoys me too with those comments,usually I ignore them and hope that they get the message...and you're right, usually the blogs are not much to speak of anyway.

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  11. Hmmm I am loving this makeup look on you!! I still get the occasional zit when it's my time of the month but I try to kill it with Clearasil + Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair.

    It also helps that I use a blemish control BB cream to hide the evidence if I go out. :)

    I would still reply to comments left by people who obviously just want the hits on their blog, I feel it's common courtesy but no, I would not follow them just because they asked me to.

    The Cat Hag

  12. I like your blog, follow me! JK! haha, I do <3 your blog, though. Luckily I don't really have the same problem.

    As for your makeup, you look great! Your liner wing is most excellent. I'm so terrible at cute little wings, I have to go more Amy Winehouse so I can keep evening each side (not that bad, but getting there)

  13. your manicure is totally adorable!

    i hear you about the skin too.. i NEVER had problem skin until about a year and a half ago.. i tried lots to clear it up, but the last few months or so, i've been using clearasil ultra: acne+marks wash and mask and oxy clinical clearing treatment (for spot on treatment), and my skin has drastically improved (hopefully, my stating this doesn't ruin it ::knocks on wood::)!

    xo, Jill

  14. I looove your nails! So fun! I think people that leave comments like that are just trying to make blog friends and don't know how. They might be new to the blogosphere? I usually follow them lol. That might be kind of lame but in a few cases I found some great blogs. I think that in some cases people see others doing that and figure that it is acceptable. When I first joined ifb I was bombarded with messages like that. Follow me and I will follow you back lol. Most of those people follow me but dont read my blog. I understand too that there are so many great blogs out there that it is hard to keep up. I definitely understand where you are coming from I just try to understand why people do things like that. Sorry for the long comment lol

  15. hey I'm liking the nails!! I agree with what you're saying about those blog comments, I admit I do click on them, but if I don't find it interesting, I won't :p...I like to follow blogs that peak my interest and have some kind of substance to it!

  16. I love your getting older party look. I used to wear a lot of eyeliner myself back in the day but got tired having it fall after wearing it all night.

  17. I still don't really understand why people leave such shallow comments. personally, i comment when i see something that i have something to say about.

    p.s. your polka dot nails are fantastic!

  18. YESS. I hate, hate, HATE the "follow me, i'll follow you" nature of blogging. It's crap! If you like my blog, follow me. If you don't, don't. IT'S SO SILLY. Blogging isn't about followers and all that jazz! SHEEEESH.

    On a plus side, YOUR NAILS ARE FREAKING CUTE. Love polka dots!

  19. i feel ya on your rant! it's annoying when i get the same thing too!

    I really like your makeup - especially your peachy lips! Must check that MAC lipstick out :D

  20. You look lovely! What's not to love about this look! I'm in love with this Mac shade. It looks fantastic on you! And the nails! Cute!

  21. Love the make-up and the nails (especially the nails!).

  22. Hello! Just started to follow you=) I like the way you do your makeup and I absolutely love the nails!


  23. I really like your "...getting older party makeup." I wish I had the patience to apply the stuff, but alas. And my skin is an oily nightmare, so it's very rare for me to get makeup on that doesn't look cakey after oh, 15 minutes. Anyway... super cute nails! I might have to borrow your polka dot idea :)

    As for your rant, I generally ignore those comments.

  24. Your make up looks really fresh and pretty and I love your nails
    I think there is genuinely some cool stuff out there, but I don't understand people who go around saying stuff like that, I see my blog as a place for me to record and observe and be myself not for somewhere to stack up popularity points


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