To Market, To Market

birdie hoodie: Sweet Child, TJ Maxx :: shorts: Old Navy :: owly kicks: Chucks ::
HK tote: Sanrio :: cross body purse: Harajuku Lovers
excuse the dark spot on my right shin. I fell and scraped my leg, just like your normal 8-year old boy would.
Outfit #3 of my 6-month Challenge
Thanks for all the well-wishes, my dear readers! I know, with your support, I can do it!

I realize this outfit isn't smashtastic, but I wore it anyway. It's all part of the challenge, I suppose. And, because it was a particularly breezy day, I decided to get to wearing this short-sleeved hoodie before it got too hot to even think about. I absolutely loved the print on this number, which is why I bought it in the first place, about 4 years ago. And the sad part is, I've only worn it about 3 times, mostly because it's really too short for my liking. Sometimes I think I should have a blog sale or something, just so I can find happy homes for my darlings. 

Do you like my Hello Kitty reusable tote? I was so excited to bust it out to carry my goodies from the farmers' market! I simply adore buying fresh, local produce. And, as much as I complain about the heat and humidity, I really like that summer avails me with amazing vegetables and sweet, sweet fruit. When the warmer temps hit, my husband and I go to a restricted diet of local produce, yes, even meat. So, unless my relatives ship me seafood, I don't get to have any. (Sad face, McLaura) It can be expensive, but we like to support local farmers. Also, once you taste REAL veggies, you really can't go back to store-bought stuffs. 

What's in my shopping tote, you ask? I got carrots, kale, bok choy, and a free range chicken. And since the 3lb chicken cost me about $12, I will have to go mostly vegan this week. Delighted! 

What's your food philosophy?

ps. Thanks for all the feedback on Disqus. I've decided to keep the comment system blogger has and will just have to reply thru email or twitter. So please, if you have a question you want me to answer, leave your email addy in the comment box! 


  1. What a perfect food shopping outfit - comfy and cute! I'm really bad about eating out all of the time, but I'm trying to get better so I can spend less money and eat better.

  2. That Hello Kitty tote is too cute! And its white! I would be deathly afraid of dirtying it.. which is why I dont carry white bags/totes around :/ Btw, I think your 6 mths challenge is great.. think of all the money you'd be saving too! All the best :D

  3. First of all, I love your tote! It is the most cutest thing to carry around! And secondly, I visit farmers market every week! :) It's right outside my workplace and I stock up on fresh veggies and fruits. It's much better buying locally because it supports the local economy and I kind of think of it as recycling money ;) Plus, the fruits and veggies taste sweeter (and fresher) when grown locally :D

  4. Aww! Your Chucks and tote are the most delightful things! It's also great that you support your local farmers by buying their produce--that sounds like the best idea ever :). Back in my country, we mostly shopped for veggies, fish and meat in the wet markets even though it can get pretty crazy there.

  5. That tote bag ROCKS! I am also seriously Loving your shoes and top! Sooo Cute!

  6. WOw! good luck with the 6 month challenge. I've heard of people doing the great american apparel diet or whatever, but that was a year long and I couldn't possibly go that long. I think 6 months is a good goal :)

    And, I absolutely ADORE your hello kitty tote. And I dont even like Hello kitty. That's how much I love it.

  7. Hi Laura! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. And I am absolutely swooning over your HK tote. So cute! When I was younger, I always insisted in a trip to the Sanrio store whenever my parents took me to the mall. I haven't quite grown out of that!

    I am a big fan of fresh, local produce as well. My BF recently planted a garden in his backyard, so hopefully he'll have a good yield this summer. And i signed up for a CSA for the first time, so every Friday, I receive an assortment of produce from local NJ farms. It is amazing how much better fresh produce tastes!

    But I can't quite give up mangos...

  8. Gorgeous tote bag! Thanks for visiting my blog. xx

  9. I totally have those exact converse :D ...

  10. I love your converse, such a cool laid back outfit :)

    Stacey xx

  11. i love your shoes!
    and your hoody!
    actually, all of it ^_^
    happy wednesday! :D
    Rosie xo

  12. you look so cute! love the hello kitty bag :)

  13. you are too cute ^^. when it comes to food, i try to eat as healthily as i can. i do admit though that i still eat fast food, but only sparingly. most of the time, i cook because it's just economical that way anyway :)

  14. That Hello Kitty tote is too cute - I totally love it! I'm also kind of in awe that you fell because I was pretty sure I was the only "adult" who still had semi-regular clutz attacks like that (stairs are not my friends). As for food, I'm a vegan (although I cheat and enjoy cheese more regularly than I should) so I eat a lot of fresh stuff and a lot of soy and chick pea concoctions. Unfortunately I'm a terrible cook so I eat a lot of very simple things, like pasta and chili that even I am incapable of botching.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  15. I've just added "smashtastic" to my personal dictionary, hope you don't mind! I have such a hard time cooking, it just seems like so much work for just me! And I don't really know how to make a lot of things. Wanna teach me?!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

    P.S. Yes, I got my hair ombred, thanks for noticing, it's very subtle!

  16. That hello kitty tote is awesome!

  17. that bird sweater is so cute!! i love shopping local at farmer's markets, however, whenever i'm near one, i always far from i end up not getting too much so it doesn't spoil. i agree, though...fresh is better!

    and totally agree that fage is the best. i've tried 'em all and none compares! chiobani is a not-so-close second.

  18. I love this ensemble so pink and girly!

  19. Sanrio and Harajuku Lovers! My two faves! So cute.


  20. You look as cute as that Hello Kitty tote! Speaking of your tote--hand it over, now! :) Love the short sleeved hoodie! The print is adorable.

  21. My knees are always bruised. (No, that is not a sexual comment.) I think I knee and kick the wall in my sleep because I sleep by a wall. So I wake up with weird bruises on my legs because I'm a violent sleeper.
    I'm so weird.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  22. Aw, look at how cute your blog is! I love the graphics and your pink shoelaces. xoL

  23. Wow, that looks like it was a nasty scrape! I had legs like that after wiping out on a mountain in Colorado a couple summers ago, and it HURT!

    I love all the fun details in this outfit! The bird hoodie is so cute!

  24. Hehe. I sold many of those reusable tote bags. There are super cute ones now too. Lol. $6.00 with $25 dollar purchase. The black one reminds me of Betsey Johnson.

    Looks like a nice comfy outfit :)

  25. Oh geez, Laura. You're just oozing cuteness here! I have one word for your owl Chucks: awesome! And your hoodie has such a sweet print on it. I have so much stuff I barely wear, too. *hangs head* I'm trying to get myself organized to do another closet overhaul. Sometimes when I do that I'll delegate certain items from my wardrobe to my pajama/lounge-wear drawer. Old tees, cardigans, and sweatshirts get a new purpose and I don't have to buy pjs. So, that was just a thought if you can't bring yourself to get rid of the hoodie ;)

    Um... a HK reusable tote? Gah! I'm smitten. Well, okay, I've seen some before, but not on the level of omgiwaaaannnttt like this one. Hehe, anyway. We grow our own veggies, so summer eating is always so good! Whatever we don't grow ourselves I try to pick up at a farmer's market. Like you said, there really is no comparison to the store-bought stuffs.

  26. Awww, love your Hello Kitty reusable tote! Not only is it super useful, but also super cute too! =)

    star-crossed smile

  27. I love this outfit, everything is absolutely perfect!!

    Gosh the print on the sweater is so adorable, and I want your Hello Kitty Tote and Owl Kicks ahhhhhhh.

    Serious clothes envy, I shall pretend I din know such cute things existed. :(

    The Cat Hag

  28. Haha, omg you're so cute. I love your purse.


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