X-Ceptionally Sweet

Zatanna tee: C2E2 find :: red cardi: thrifted:: skirt: thrifted :: wooden clogs: Target
key pendant: F21 :: umbrella, hair clip: Sanrio :: purse: Juicy Couture
Day #2 of the 6-month Challenge.

I woke up to rain and gloom after a long stretch of warm, humid weather. I welcomed it with open arms... and my pink Hello Kitty umbrella. I love this umbrella. I never thought I would fork over $20 for it, but the ruffles called out to me. And yes, it's a kids' umbrella. There were adult-sized ones, but I thought they looked kinda plain. My husband and I left early in the morning to watch X-Men: First Class, which I absolutely loved, but not as much as I love this outfit.

For one, I am wearing one of my geek tees-- a Zatanna shirt portraying the magician-superhero in one of her more obscure costumes. Another reason I love this outfit is for this skirt, with its extra flounce and dotty print. You can't see it, but there are pink and grey dots all over the fabric. Lastly, I felt a little bit like the gorgeous Addie, whimsical and all, but totally still geeky and me.

After we left the theater, the sun peeked out for just a moment, and I got to take more silly pictures.



  1. <3!!! seriously i adore this so much :)! you look so pretty laura! and omgosh your pink ruffled umbrella is so adorable haha.

  2. Love this outfit! Your skirt is beautiful:)

  3. That is the Cutest umbrella Ever! I have an umbrella with cat ears lol but it is not HK and Definitely not as Cute! I must say that this is one of my Favorite outfits! You look Fabulous and I Love your hair! I also must say again that I LOVE that handbag!

  4. Ohmygoodness that umbrella is adorable. I love how whimsical this whole outfit looks!

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  5. sweet outfit! love the colors and textures...and that you added a bit of your personality with the geek tee! the last picture is AWESOME!!


  6. Laura.. the first picture is simply adorable! I love the red cardi too.. I have to find one soon :)

    xo Jill


  7. I love that skirt and don't even get me started on the umbrella. Actually all these photos are pretty ridiculously cute.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  8. I love the ballerina skirt with the tshirt! You look cute and pretty and you!

  9. I love the way you've dressed up your geek tee! This is such a pretty outfit!

  10. you look so cute, and I LOVE your pink umbrella!!

    btw you got a great blog, I'm your newest follower!

  11. You look adorable ^___^ really cute tulle skirt!

  12. THe clogs and the pendant really stuck out for me! Lovely little details to bring the whole outfit together!

    (I'm seeing First Class tomorrow. Can't wait!)

  13. Laura you are way too cute and that umbrella is such a good find!! I love the ruffle details too, and I totally will buy it if I see one. I love the clogs and your last picture is amazing!! I think this is my favorite outfit of your's so far

  14. loving your shoes!
    glad i could provide you with an awesome soundtrack :)

  15. ohmygosh, I love that umbrella because it is so classically you. I also think you are the most adorable person in the whole entire world.
    The end.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. Cute photos! Good luck on your shopping fast. I am just trying to make it through 30 days ;)

  17. Oh Laura, you look beautiful! I love, love the Hello Kitty umbrella! And that skirt, OMG, I can't believer it's a thrifted item! The shoes are amazing, and they look perfect with this outfit! I just love the entire outfit! :) Love the tree lined photo!

  18. OMG haha I can't believe you tagged me in your post. Mad love to you. ♥♥

    When I first saw the photo, I was saying to myself Laura would surely know I love the brolly and the skirt, and then I read your text. We are meant to be friends. :)

    Love the outfit, the red cardigan and the skirt and everything just goes so well together!

    I wanna see photos of you and your hubbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... :) Hello Laura's Hubby.

    The Cat Hag

  19. the pictures look great despite the bad weather

  20. one can never go wrong with a tee, skirt and cardigan combination! your skirt seems to have a pretty little pattern on it :)

    weee, a hello kitty umbrella! i have hello kitty earmuffs. they're meant for a kid and kinda hurt my ears, but i won't give 'em up. hehe.

  21. cute outfit and Hello Kitty umbrella!

  22. These pictures are amazing and I think this is now my most favorite outfit! You look amazing in red! Kiah

  23. I love the eclectic mix of this outfit - from the flowy, flirty skirt to the cardigan and tee!

  24. these photos are so adorable. i love your little umbrella and the bow in your hairr :)

  25. lovely ;*



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