Back from Lunch

top: H&M :: cami: Forever 21 :: shorts: Old Navy ::
leopard flats: Walmart :: flower clip: DIY

** I love braiding my hair like this! The braids lay much flatter and look much longer because I'm not really braiding until 5 inches from the bottom. I learned it from one of my favorite beauty gurus, xteeener.

I'm definitely trying to be a better blogger this week. I've been moping around, complaining about the heat, the lack of stuff to do, the excess of stuff to do, and many other things that drive me crazy. I've realized that lying around being lazy really won't help me at all. In fact, it makes me even crankier.

This morning, I decided to dispel all laziness and just do stuff. Anything, really, just to keep me from lounging in my couch and playing Words with Friends and Scramble all day, like I've been for the past two weeks. Pathetic, I know. Here's what I accomplished so far:
1. balanced my checking account-- not really that big of a task, but still.
2. read a comic book trade whilst eating breakfast
3. washed a mountain of dishes
4. cooked roasted pork tenderloin with herbed potatoes (for dinner, so I don't have to be in the kitchen when it's hot in the afternoon)
5. blogged (when this entry is posted)

AND IT'S NOT EVEN 11:00 am!! 
I'm on a roll.

Yesterday, I finally decided to drive 50 or so miles out to meet a friend for lunch. I felt like I needed to just get out of town and talk to someone who understands all this blah-ness I've been going through, lately.  We had an amazing lunch, and four hours later, I was driving home feeling much better about myself. 

I apologize if this post sounds a little deflated. But I feel that I owe it to my readers to share bits about myself, even if those bits aren't picture-perfect. I am fully aware that I haven't been as consistent as I used to be, and I've been posting really sporadically. I truly felt like my brain was "out to lunch." So, here's to finally getting back from my looooong "lunch break" and to being a better, more consistent blogger!


  1. You look great.

    I can totally relate to how you are feeling. I find myself getting like that occasionally and I just have to snap myself out of it.

  2. Your day sounds like its off to a pretty productive start...and I am very envious of your super cute braids.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. Glad you're feeling a bit better! My bff lives about as far from me, so it's a haul when I go to see her. It usually is worth it (I say usually as the last couple of visits have been more for something neither of us wanted to do, nothing against her, lol)

    Loving the braids! My next goal for braids is learning to do fishtails. I'm afraid they're going to make my arms so so tired because of how long my hair is, though.

  4. woww your day has been so productive! i feel lazy now ^_^
    i love your top! its such a nice fit, cover and print :D
    good choice of outfit!
    Rosie xo

  5. I've seen this top on tons of bloggers lately, and I simply adore it! I wish I had an H&M near me so I could get it :( I hear ya on the blah thing. I practically had to beg my friend to go out with me last night because if I stayed in, I would've gone crazy! I wish I was half as crazy productive as you today!

    stay cool!
    xo, Jill

  6. omgosh don't you DARE say you are a fat mess.. you are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! i mean seriously your yellow polka dot top is SO GORGEOUS ON YOU! i mean so crazy cute i have no words i absolutely adore how you paired it with cargo shorts such a cute combo!

  7. Yeahhhhh, productive days!!!!
    I love off-the-shoulder tops. I think they are my favorite things EVER. There is something so sexy and yet cute about them.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. So glad that you are back from lunch! haha You look super cute. I love your braids, top and glasses! I think we all have our bouts of blah-ness! I am so happy that you have a friend to confide in. Seems like you got re-charged and have a little more bounce in your step now! Actually, from the list of things checked off before 11am I would say you have a LOT of bounce back in your step!! haha Kiah

  9. You are just too Cute! I LOVE the mix of prints with the top and the shoes. I am seriously LOVING that top!

  10. The one shoulder is such a cute, casual look!

  11. love sunny yellow and of course charming readers! adore the braids. today I washed a mountain of dishes too and life has been trying to combat laziness. yes to consistent blogging!

  12. Hang in there:) Take a break if you need to and treat yourself well.

    I love your braids and the flower in your hair!

  13. Hope you are feeling better now, is always nice to talk with a friend and let it out of your system! Is always the best! I love your top.x

  14. I definitely get the blahs sometime, though I don't always have someone to lunch with (half of my friends are hanging out with their adorable new babies, the other half are just too busy.. sigh). But doesn't it feel good to just get stuff done and get out of the house for a bit? Which isn't to say there's anything wrong with a little words with friends :) (I'm Anne... if you need another partner!)

  15. 'Tis a good hair style. I usually go for the one braid look, but today I'm actually sporting two :) Another perfectly pretty summer outfit! I really like the yellow and olive green together.

    It's always nice to escape to the company of friends, isn't it? I'm glad you're feeling recharged. I can be a pretty sporadic blogger, too. I think it just boils down to finding the rhythm that you're most comfortable in.

  16. cute! love it! i have the same shirt :)


  17. Oh, Laura, I totally feel you on the blahness- I had a bad cause earlier this summer. I'm so glad your long lunch helped (I need to keep that in mind). Oh and speaking of people that look great in glasses- that would be you! Sheesh, if I looked as cute I would wear mine happily (I currently have mine dried out contacts sticking to my eyeballs). Love the flower in your hair too!

  18. Laura, I love, love your hair like this! Such a cute style for when the weather is extra warm! And kudos to you for your morning of productivity! I'm such a night owl, I would never be able to pull that off! :)

  19. You're so nice ! Don't worry, perfect life doesn't exist, it's a lie, and you are real !!!
    I love this beautiful tee-shirt, so cute !

  20. we are not asking for perfection :) things have been a little crazy around here as i help mini-he adjust to preschool! sorry if it's (still) my turn on our WWF game!



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