Cute-ophilic. BD3W#3

black dress, worn as skirt: Target :: HK top: Forever 21:: red cardi: thrifted::
white sandals: Forever 21 :: HK hair clip: Claire's :: HK mermaid necklace: DIY
Black Dress 3 Ways #3. Here's 1 and 2 in case you missed it. 

I dunno about you, but these days, I don't like putting all my cute into one basket. There was a time (in the distant past) when I used to dress extremely cutesy, with every article of clothing and accessory emblazoned with Sanrio characters, pandas, or strawberries. I've come a long way since then, but I still own a bajillion cute stuffs. What can I say? I'm a cute-ophile.

This outfit makes me feel like a little kid. I realize I broke my "rule," but every once in a while, I like to indulge.

Cute Stuff I can't get enough of: 
1. Hello Kitty
2. Little Twin Stars
3. Cute bears! 
4. Panda bears!
5. Frilly, girly dresses.
6. Flowers
and the list goes on...

Here are a few cute pics for all you cute-ophiles. (all photos via weheartit) 

panda slippers. Cute and comfy. 

There are soooo many cute things going on in this picture. Firstly, how adorable is this girl? Pink, ruffles, strawberries, hearts.... Secondly, her hat is amazing!! and her hair is just gorgeous! Lastly,  look at all those Totoros in the background!

My Melody and her friend, Flat the mouse. 
Cute bear overload! 

Tell me: Are you a cute-ophile? or am I just crazy?

ps. I know I've been a slacker with comments and just blogging in general. I have a legitimate excuse. I've just downloaded Words with Friends and Scramble, and I spend hours playing either of those games. GAH. Will be better this week. :)


  1. I love that your a self-confessed cute-ophile. And nobody pulls of a Hello Kitty shirt like you.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. I love all of this cute stuff! Your outfit is so cute, but the black skirt gives it some edge. I love how adorable those panda slippers look. While, I really love everything that makes a look cute I don't really have a cute look myself. I am a huge fan of Hello Kitty, Badtz Maru, and Chococat!

  3. Those panda slippers are just way too friggin' adorable. They look squishy!!! :)

    BTW, you are the cutest person ever. I swear. Your obsession with Hello Kitty is beautiful.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. love the hair bow! i almost bought some hair bow accessories last week, but then i put them back because i wasn't exactly sure i'd ever wear them. cutesy stuff looks good on you, but i'm just not a cutesy girl. haha :)

    also, is this the three ways black dress? if so, it looks great as skirt! looks very flapper dapper!

    xo, jill

  5. I want those panda slippers. They're so cute!

  6. you look very cute. Love those panda slippers :D
    Love Lois xxx

  7. Haha I have OCD (Obsessive Cuteness Disorder) and I even named a blog after that! Haha, I love cute stuff! ^^

  8. I mean this in the most amazing and complimentary way I possibly can, but you can dress super cute without looking cray cray because of your Asian status!

    Seriously, whenever I see an Asian gal rockin' the cute stuff, I'm blown away by how COOL she looks! (i.e. You + this post!). If I saw a white chick trying to pull the same stuff off, it definite wouldn't have the same dazzle effect.

    Maybe that's just me. O_O; Either way, love the use of the black dress, AGAIN and the bow! Loooove it. <3

  9. i'm TOTALLY a cute-o-phile.. i can't get over how adorable your hello kitty tee is!!

    there's this village in taiwan somewhere that's a complete hello kitty village with hotels that you can stay in!! i've been trying to convince the hubs that i want to stay there the next time i go back to visit my family hahahaha. the verdicts still out. but.. i always get my way hahaha.

  10. You're ridiculously adorable. I totally bought ANOTHER HK shirt this past weekend. I don't have a problem either... lol

  11. instead of being obsessed with something, i always like to say i'm passionate about it, lol. and i think it's great you are passionate about cute things! guess i'd be at the opposite end of the spectrum...loving all things boyish. i get mildly excited over huge tires, motorcycles, and revvvving engines!

    hook me up with a WWF game! "BET300"! my games go slow because we share one ipad in the house, but i get a word or two in every nite :)


  12. awww! I love hello kitty! that was so cute ..

    much love♥

  13. haha your outfit is totes cute, but it's not like OVERLY CUTESY. subtle touches bring it life, so i think you did a great job of balancing it out! i'm not a cute-o-phile, only b/c i don't really think i can be pulling that off. :)

    xoxo, steph

  14. Wow that last My Melody photo had me crying for more!

    I love My Melody, even more so than Hello Kitty. She is the one character all my friends identify me by hehe.

    You look so cute in this outfit, I can tell you are letting your inner Hello Kitty out! :)

    The Cat Hag

  15. I could never pull off being a cute-ophile but you, my dear Laura, are fantastic at it!! CUTE AHOY!

  16. Laura, I hate to use the phrase, "You look cute" but I have to make an exception because gosh darn it, you look so cute in this outfit! :) I love, love, the panda slippers! They not only look adorable, they look so comfy! And I'm with Daniella, I couldn't pull off cute if I tried so kudos to you for pulling it off most excellently!

  17. Love your skirt girl and you pull off the cute thing so well! I don't think I could! I hear all about this words with friends..I need to go and see what it is all about! Kiah

  18. Adorable! I love Pandas and Hello Kitty too - I will forever probably :)

  19. i like a bit of cute thrown in the mix! and seriously, baby pandas sneezing? don't get me started!

    dash dot dotty

  20. Your shoes are really cute and I love the bow in your hair. I'm not THAT much one for cute things, but my room does have its fair share of stuffed animals!


  21. nothing beats a good hello kitty shirt! its a wonderful obsession, embrace it. I believe in ways to make cute adult friendly. there is always room for a little cute :)

  22. cute t shirt! your blog is so pretty by the way!


  23. PANDA SLIPPPEERRZZZ! I have so many pandas already though :P I even adopted one from the WWF. Pretty extreme. My boyfriend thinks it's weird. Hahha

    Also, I love the header on this blog :D The whale is so cute.

    Castle Fashion

  24. Hi, my name is Lidi and...I'm a cute-ophile! It's really tricky for me because I'm 28 and look more like 18...wearing "cutesy" items does me NO favors! I try to tone it down and balance cute things with more mature items. Sometimes I'm successful and sometimes I plain out fail!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  25. You're very good at mixing casual t-shirt pieces with fancier skirts. This is a cute look! Fresh, young and playful!

  26. Yes, I am a cute-ophile. I do a lot of inner-squeeing whenever I see Sanrio stuff. Or kittens. Or Totoro.

    And you know what? Go ahead and break your own rules. Indulge! Everything about this outfit works really well :)

  27. AH! Cute :D

    Funny thing. I'm in Hawaii right now–visiting family and doing some family errands. I'm definitely dropping by the BIG sanrio store and using my discount, since I'm assuming they get more of the other characters.

    Yay Twin Stars :D

  28. Haha Hello Kitty.. I love it..

    All the best, Angel

  29. I am definitely a cute-ophile! I love this look! Especially the HK hair clip!

  30. omg those little toys are so precious! I want one! I love the little things similar to that at Urban Outfitters! xoxo

  31. The tee looks super cute on you! Love the contrast between red and blue too. I'm still a huge Rilakkuma fan but I'm not as obsessed as I was with it before... I used to be really obsessed with sanrio - especially pochacco!!

  32. haha, that was like when I got addicted to angry birds and plants vs zombies and boggle and monopoly...
    i totally understand.

  33. I love this outfit, the dress worn as a skirt is super cute. I'm with you on liking the cute stuff, I'm 26 and I love to dress cutesy sometimes. There shouldn't be an age limit to liking cutesy stuff.


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