Out of Focus

dress: Fred Meyer :: clogs : Target :: ring: Icing ::
feather earrings: Forever 21

Taking pictures indoors (and with the tripod/self-timer) is much, much harder than I thought it would be. Add my impatience to my inexperience, and you've got some out of focus, sometimes wonky photos.

Whenever I don't want to be bothered to think of what to wear, I grab the closest, most comfy dress I have in my closet. I have quite a few jersey dresses that I like to rotate. This black dress was sitting in my to-donate pile, when I realized that it would be perfect to just lounge in at home. I had placed this dress in that pile for a few reasons:
1. The flared sleeves make it too hot to wear in the summer and make me look witchy.
2. The midi length of the skirt wasn't too flattering on my body shape and height.
3. The neckline was too low for my taste to teach in.

After sitting in the pile for about 2 months, I've refocused my attention to the positives of this dress:
1. It's jersey. Comfy and very breathable.
2. It makes me look witchy. (Clearly, my aesthetic has changed...)
3. The neckline is perfect for super hot weather.

Though I'm still not a fan of the length, wearing the dress with heels actually helps.

Tell me: 
What do you usually wear on casual, lounge-y days? Do you have an article of clothing that you were set to give away or throw out but then saw potential in later? 


  1. I happen to looooove this dress because it looks so comfortable and cool -- super important in this hot-as-balls weather.

    When I am lounging at home, I'm typically wearing Juicy sweatpants (in the cooler weather only), boys' basketball shorts (this is part of my lesbian look, as Mr. A calls it), or booty shorts that are almost too skimpy to wear out of the house but I do, anyway. I always wear tanks in the summer. Because I like to show off my arms and because I sweat like a man.

    P.S. Your library is INSANE.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. 1st of all...you look STUNNING in that dress girl! Seriously you look beautiful. This dress really compliments your shape well and makes you look BOW CHICA WOW WOW!! lol Unfortunetly I have tossed things in the give away pile that actually made it to Goodwill and then I go crazy looking for it later and realize that I gave it away and get really ticked off at myself!! lol My lounge wear is this ugly pair of gray tie waist knit capris that I got from Target and a wife beater. I live in that at home! I swear if you came to my house every evening for a week you would see me in those same gray capris! No lie!! lol

  3. I love the dress that ur wearing :) i'm following. follow back?


  4. Do not get rid of that dress!!!! Please - it's so cool and looks comfy and I am 100% behind anything that feels even remotely witchy...for reals, it looks awesome on you and you should not get rid of it! Also, what is that print/poster in back and white behind you (I think I see something vaguely Elizabethan about it)?

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. hehehe love the witchy-ness of this! it looks very comfy! and pretty on you actually, but i can see how it would be too hot for the summer, you could always cut it to be shorter. I usually go for a stretchy skirt and some graphic t-shirt when im just chillin at home, its being at my best :D


  6. I like wearing those cotton beach dresses, usually very loosely and only for at home purposes. I'd never go out in daylight w/it because I'm too comfortable at home :p

  7. You look Great in that dress! I also Love comfy dresses like that on relaxing days.

  8. I always wear a cotton comfy dress on loungy days. I love the witchy sleeves!!!

  9. why every would you think to throw this number away. I like the witchiness :) sadly, I have donated things and say potential in them after the fact. on loungey days I honestly wear whatever is clean, if I'm not going in public then I give myself permission to look like a mess.

  10. i have many casual dresses (like the ones you've seen in my recent weekend posts) that i wear every weekend! i'm also not afraid to use my scissors!! great thing about jersey is that it doesn't fray; i've cut the length on many! love your collection of skulls!


  11. Laura, I love this dress! I admit that I'd love it more if it was a bit shorter but the neckline is perfect! You can always shorten the sleeves if you like. Black looks great on you! And the jersey material is just perfect for the hot weather. I'm loving your indoor photos, girl! :)

  12. I definitely wear lightweight dresses and flat sandals...makes me look dressed up when it reality it's just as comfy as a nightgown and slippers!

    Hm, maybe you can shorten the sleeves to make it more wearable and comfy for summer?

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  13. The "action" shot in the second picture makes me happy haps. =) You have such a cute smile and I love your earrings!

    Usually, if I have a pile of stuff to get rid of, it's to make room for MORE stuff I plan on buying, just before a trip to the thrift store, so....It's not always tough for me to cut the power on them. (Though I do have an emotional attachment to graphic tees...)

  14. I'm a really big t-shirt and shorts girl for lounging days. With a skirt, I flash people too easily.


  15. Nice dress! Haha this happens to me all the time when I take my own pictures with the timer.. Hate it but its hard to get people to take your pictures...

    All the best, Angel

  16. i really love ur black dress! ♥

    i hope u wanna check my blog, even its not a fashion blog or nothing like that:

  17. Great dress! It looks stunning on you! I can totally see it being such a staple piece in your wardrobe! :)


  18. I love the cut of the dress on you. The mid-shin length is very flattering!

  19. nice dress! and hehe I go revisit my "to donate" pile a few times before donating them too I'm such a hoarder sometimes!

  20. I think the length of this dress looks great with your heeled clogs! For lounging about, if I'm not in the aforementioned shorts + flowy top, I'm usually in a sun dress of some sort.

    Half of my wardrobe is potentially set for the donation pile, but I keep thinking of reasons to keep things. Hehe.

  21. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :) and i lovee those earrings.

  22. out of focus lenses happens to me all the time! your dress does look really flowy comfortable to wear!

  23. How did I miss this entry?!

    You look uber grecian goddess here, and the way you wear your hair is perfect.

    Me likey this look a whole lot. ♥

    The Cat Hag


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