About two weeks ago, I finally purchased a stippling brush. I've wanted one for a long time now, but just couldn't find one that was within my budget. Just to clarify, I love wearing makeup, but I believe that one can look good without paying too much for products. That said, I do invest in more expensive items, but I don't look down on drugstore/cheaper cosmetics. It's all about the research, yo.

While I was in Target, I spied a glittery, black-handled stippling brush by Sonia Kashuk. I've read a lot of stuff about the line, and many people have commented on how the brushes are actually pretty good. Even though the most expensive brush in my arsenal is an Ecotools brush that was probably $8.00 max, I decided to just splurge on the SK stippling brush at around $15.

Just look at that lovely, glittery handle!


Since I was already spending money, I picked up Maybelline's "Fit Me" makeup. I usually use Clinique's Acne Solutions makeup (about $25), but in the past few months, I've tanned a shade or two. At around $7.00 a bottle, I thought it was a great bargain.

I'm in the medium shade range: #230. 

I really really LOVE my stippling brush. Even though I washed it before I used it first, some of the hair still fell out, which was a (minor) pain in the butt for a couple of days. The actual brush is nice and soft, and the handle is just lovely, lovely.

I have no idea why I never bought FIT me makeup when it came out. I am absolutely in love with it! I have a yellow undertone, and it's really hard for me to find any makeup that matches perfectly with my skin color. I've tried a ton of drugstore brands (of which only Almay has come close) and I've done a lot of counter-testing in various department stores (I only chose Clinique because of their acne line). I mean, just look at the before and after photos:

(Be warned: I just woke up, splashed water in my face, and was still suffering from horrible stress acne. My skin is better now, promise.)


After 1 application of Fit Me Makeup:


This is after one application of the makeup, stippled all over my face, without setting powder. As you can see, the coverage is pretty good, around medium, I should say, and is very buildable. My complexion looks dewy and even, but not totally fake.

Since it's gotten hotter and more humid lately, I only use foundation when I feel the need to. But when I do, I am very minimalistic, sticking with neutral colors or a pop of lip color. The foundation and stippling brush totally help create that flawless, natural look!

Tell me: 

What are your favorite brushes and foundations? Do you have yellow undertones and have a hard time finding a skin tone match?


  1. I really want to try that stippling brush...I don't usually wear foundation. My typical routine is a tinted SPF moisturizer and then I apply some concealer to trouble spots with a brush and do a layer of powder. Then during the day I use blotting tissues to avoid clogging my pores while trying to stay shine free.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. wow, what a great review, looks like the products work, i'll have to check it out :) i'm so dumb when it comes to makeup!

  3. I love the ones from the body shop, I think there range is world wide.

    I have the problem of having pink tones and everything ends up coming out yellow on me!

  4. laura!! you look gorgeous girl! that foundation is amazing on you.

    i don't use a stippling brush just my fingers or a foundation brush from elf. and i use MUFU foundation.

  5. Wow Laura this is a really GREAT product review! That foundation looks amazing on you and I have never used a stippling brush. I use MAC products and my foundation is actually a power/foundation in one called StudioFix. I would die without it. It is a "full coverage" product. I have a lot of dark spots from acne so I need maximum coverage. I use the sponge that comes with the compact at night for more coverage and a MAC brush in the day for less coverage. I have red undertones. Kiah

  6. That foundation looks perfect on you! It looks really natural and not cakey at all! I don't wear liquid foundation because 1) I'm too lazy 2)I have to be at work at 7am so I don't have a lot of time in the morning. I use Laura Mercier's powder foundation and I really like it...except for the cost! Although it does last me quite a long time so it's not too bad. Hmm, you're making me want to try foundation now...

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  7. Wow, that does look really natural!

    I use Physician's Formula mineral foundation powder and I love it. It's good coverage but it's still so light that I forget I'm wearing makeup at all. I switched to that from a Neutrogena liquid when I was having serious acne problems, and it's definitely helped. It also has built in SPF 15, which is nice for days I forget to put on sunscreen.

  8. wow, great post ! My brushes are "make up for ever", they're wonderful !

  9. Laura, great, great post! I motion you do more of these! They not only helped see the Maybelline Fit make up on a real person, it also finally clued me in to the magic of the stippling brush! I love the final effect of the make up! The color is just perfect and I dare say, so is the coverage! More posts like these, please! :)

  10. I'm glad the Fit Me makeup worked for you! I've only been seeing reviews from people it did NOT work for, so it's good to know it's not a total dud. I keep thinking about trying it, but I really like the coverage the NARS Sheer Glow foundation gives me (I just need to get the right color, lol)

  11. I LOVE Sonia Kashuk brushes! That is all I use Lol because they are somewhat affordable, I would say mid-range affordable and sometimes you can get a set on clearance at Target. My foundation of choice is bare minerals because it is natural and has improved my skin. I used to have problem skin and the only stuff that worked for me was the clinique 3 step and bare minerals. I am happy that I discovered Revlon lipsticks! The price is Fab at only $5.00!! These are great pics and I LOVE your earrings!

  12. i recently saw the FIT makeup and didn't really know what it was about, but it sure looks good on you! when i used to wear liquid foundation, the one that came close to my skin tone was cover girl's matte buff beige. nowadays, it's sunscreen/moisturizer, sponge on mary kay's foundation/concealer on those darn freckles and sun spots, then physician's formula mineral powder to mattify using a puff. i have some garden botanika eye brushes that i really love, and a retractable powder brush from sephora which was really good, too. other than that, for bronzers and blushes, i just use whatever brushes it comes with or drugstore brands. i really should invest in a good set.

  13. the foundation looks great! thanks for the detailed review with the pictures. and ya with the weather so hot I'm finding myself skipping foundation more and more lately!

  14. Gorgeous!!! :) I think the Fit Me foundation fits you SO well! I think I've got strong yellow undertones, but I'm not sure since I've never really compared. I just try on foundations and if they work, they work :p My favorite at the moment is Guerlain's lingerie foundation. My favorite drugstore one is the Revlon Photo Ready :)

  15. I feel educated now. I was like..."WTH is a stippling..WHAT?" And now I am amazed. It's like magic!

    What sort of technique-- you do that?!

  16. i use Bobbi Brown foundation brush, still im good condition after 4 years! and i use Clinque watery foudnation. has protective purpose :)

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  17. Great to know that this foundation is good for yellow undertones. My skin is pretty much yellow and olive/green.... So, I'll be researching this a bit more.


  18. wow the bristles on that brush is so fine.

  19. Oh, Laura, I love SK brushes too! I bought mine because it came in a cute bag (glitter, cute bags, they know how to get us, don't they), and I was so pleasantly surprised that they've stood the test of time (at least three years).
    As for foundation, I love Bobbi Brown. Cath and I have a hard time finding foundation that matches our yellow undertones too - and Bobbi really works (though is not as price friendly as Maybelline - have to try that ;).
    ps- About that donut pic- I did the same thing to the actual donut before I shoved it down my gullet. We actually ate a ton of dounuts at the beach. Isn't it cruel that they have the best donuts in a place you have to wear a bathing suit. So cruel- but so worth it!
    pps- I wish I rolled out of bed and looked like that, Laura!

  20. I really like your earrings :) random I know, but they are so pretty.

    I use Sheercover mineral foundation. It is a powder and it goes on so nicely and smoothly. There is a cream for blemishes and dark circles under your eyes. But what I love about it, is because it is so light it doesn't feel like you are wearing foundation and if you forget to take it off at the end of the night, no probs, you can sleep in it no worries!

    The only time I have worm liquid foundation was when I was a bridesmaid (3 times so far) I know the makeup for a wedding needs to be heavy for the photos, but it was so icky!

    Anyhoo, that's all from me :)

    Talitha xx

  21. i'm really glad you reviewed that makeup b/c i've been wanting try it out but haven't yet and now i am definitely going to!

  22. i don't wear foundation, but if i did i'd die over this!! love your on target review (:

  23. yellow undertone right here! the stippled brush has a great effect and yes I agree the handle is lovely. great overall review of the products.


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