Too Hot To Care


top: Express:: shorts: Old Navy:: shoes: Ross:: bracelets: Maurices and Icing
bangle: Icing

You may ask, "Hey Laura, it's sunny out, why aren't you taking outfit photos by some trees, or something?" And I'll reply, with my eyes narrowed in mild annoyance, "Because (bitch) it's 100 degrees outside, that's why." So, you all are going to have to settle for my "library" or as my fonfon ru calls it "the OE (Old English) lab."

In the past few days, we (in IL) have been experiencing a heat wave. OK maybe "we" is too many. I definitely am experiencing a heat wave. In addition to that, I'm cranky because I can't shop, and I definitely need more pairs of shorts. Going into this challenge, I didn't realize that I only had one pair of shorts. Fail, fail, fail.  In my defense, I can never find the perfect length. All the shorts I see in stores are either too short (think daisy dukes) or too long (You will never see me wearing capri shorts. or Bermuda shorts. Never.)

I envisioned myself wearing shorts all throughout the summer. Unlike skirts or dresses, they don't blow up when it's windy (and it gets windy here!) And like skirts, they're super versatile. Too bad I only have a pair of GREEN shorts. And too bad that I somehow bleached them on accident. But you know what? It's too hot to care about the bleached spot on the side of my shorts. I'll wear them out because I can.


  1. oh my, it's really hot there. Cute top and I really love your bracelet


  2. Yeah, I'm beyond caring in this weather most of the time too! Does this skirt make me look fat? I don't care, because it's cool. Yay for summer heat waves! Fortunately, we had a huge rain storm this morning that cooled the temp back down a bit.

  3. I so wish I didn't have to leave the house right's so disgustingly hot outside. Ugh. I love your hot weather look...and I'm transfixed by the skull collection behind you (I see you also enjoy drinking our vodka from skulls).

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. haha I only had 2 pairs of shorts going in summer and just bought some more :D and ya lately the weather has been too hot to care here too!!

  5. I like these shorts.. they're a great length on you! It's been hot here in Scranton too, but fortunately it hasn't been humid, so it's been tolerable (and there's been a nice pleasant breeze too, so it loosens it up).

    I only have one pair of shorts too (but they're bermudas). I just bought them recently, and have only worn them once. I like wear dresses a little bit more, and I put a pair of biker shorts on underneath, so if the wind blows my dress up, I don't look like a wannabe Marilyn Monroe (but I also think it makes me lag on my lady like manners too). But the bike shorts do the trick, I swear!

    xo, Jill

  6. Hey, I love your library backdrop! The skulls are super! If you hadn't mentioned the bleach stain, I wouldn't have noticed. I know what you mean about only wearing the right length shorts. I can't wear the short shorts and the capri style makes me look like a midget. Grief. I love this top and may I say this is one killer bracelet? Gorgeous! :)

  7. I LOVE this look! It is very fresh! I wouldn't worry about the bleach spot, it is the new style lol. I am sure that if Michael Kors or Alexander Wang came out with shorts that had a bleach spot and charged $1000.00 for them it would be the new style. You are starting a trend and you look Fabulous doing it. I LOVE the skulls in the background! Great decor!

  8. "too hot to care" I will use this line for the rest of the summer when questioned about my outfit. even if they are your only pair, they look great and the fancified tank top suits it well. I hear you on length, I am not a short shorts type, they are terribly uncomfotable, but bermudas are a no for me too!

  9. OMGGGG I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!! it's effin' over 100 EVERY SINGLE BLEEPIN DAY HERE IN TEXAS. there's no way in hell i'm doing any outside OOTD's.

    end rant.

    you look so adorable tho.. LOVEEEEE your cargo shorts and your white ruffled top is so adorable on you!!!

  10. I love that top with the cascading ruffles! You look so cute. What on earth are those skulls in the background..scary!! lol Kiah

  11. Well you look fabulous inside AND outside, darlin'! I just have to say, the humid heat makes cranky faces out of everyone.

    You seem to be pretty handy with sewing, so maybe you could buy a pair of bermuda shorts (ecck) and hem them shorter? Just a thought! (I'd check thrift stores to get a cheap pair, just in case... and to minimize 6 month challenge spending! ;D)

  12. 100 degrees?! jealous :D
    over here its slighty warm, but cloudy most of the time :)
    i think you look lovely :)
    the ruffles are super flattering!
    Rosie xo

  13. Hahaha I loved your response to outdoor pics. I mean hair will frizz immediately (duh)!

  14. you look dahling! and who knows - the bleach could have been intentional (:

  15. Awww you look so cute! I love your hair like that. ;)

    And I totally understand bout being grouchy when a major heat wave hits. It makes one feel so uergh, lethargic and sweaty!

    The Cat Hag

  16. Even if it's simple, ruffles are always amazing. It's funny as I'm the opposite of you with shorts, I will only wear capris. Not because I want to cover my legs, but any shorter and my thighs make the shorts ride up in the center until it looks like I'm wearing a giant diaper. hot.

  17. i have a hard time looking for shorts too. I cannot wear daisy dukes like those high school girls that I see with cheeks hanging out, lol, and capris make my calves look bigger than my head.
    it's pretty hot here too, not as hot as there, but hot enough for my hair to turn into a 'fro and not care anymore!

  18. Sam here, I own one pair of denim pants. hehe :) But I love the one you are wearing, fits right on you. And that bangle is cute :)

  19. Nice outfit!

  20. haha...I recently cut off the legs of an old pair of jeans and jean shorts that go with everything! Hope you're enjoying some cool lemonade right now!


  21. OE Lab - love it! Do I detect a framed Totoro picture? :)

    It was so hot and miserable here a few days ago, too. We didn't quite reach 100, but after the temp shoots past 85 it's all the same to me. 90, 100, whatever. All I know is that I hate it :( Anywho. You're lookin' cute! Shorts, flowy tops, & sandals have been my go-to items this summer. I'm in something like that at least 2 times a week (lack of evidence for the blog is a result of my perpetual laziness).

    Stay cool! :)

  22. It really is too hot to care, even up here in Canada. I have been dying. And I'm trying to train for a 5K run in September, I tell you, running in this heat is terrible. I also have shorts that I wear when I don't care - they are an awkward length and not flattering at all, and look terrible but you know what - I agree, sometimes it really just is too hot to care.


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