Dreaming of the Sea


skirt worn as dress, cardigan : Forever 21 :: scarf: Urban Outfitters
clogs: Target:: belt: thrifted
Outfit #21 of my 6-Month Challenge

These past few days have been way too hot for me, in more ways than one. Obviously, the temperature has gone up again, and Illinois is blessed/cursed with sweaty, muggy days and uncomfortable, sleepless nights. Yesterday, during a brief moment of cool in the morning, I asked my fon fon ru to pick whatever jalapenos he could find in the garden. I was feeling quite ambitious and wanted to preserve as many as I could to use later in the year. 

He came back from my garden with 10 or so HUGE jalapenos, and I set about to the arduous task of dicing them. The idiot that I (sometimes) am, I sliced gloveless, and the capsaicin from the peppers slowly but surely worked its way under my dermis. An hour later, my left hand felt like it was burning, though cool to the touch. I spent the next 5-6 hours immersing my hand in various liquid concoctions:
1. milk and baking soda
2. water and baking soda
3. vinegar
4. half and half
5. vegetable oil
I finally ran out of most of these items and settled for milk. Half a gallon later, my hand felt much better. But by that time, most of the day had whittled away, laughing at my misery. 

The lesson of this story, kids, is WEAR PROTECTION. Because if you don't, you'll be living in hot agony. Unless you live by water. Oh, have I been longing for the sea


  1. Oh no! I hate it when my hand is burning from the chilis! :/ Milk always seem to be the best answer. I heard pepto bismol works well if you let your hand sit in it. But that might be costly :p

    Your outfit reminds me of the sea. I wish I could be closer too, I live dead in the city.

  2. ouchie!
    i've been longing for the sea too since i came home from my holiday, sad times :(
    love your scarf!
    Rosie xo

  3. I had no idea that that would happen! I've picked jalapenos out of a a sandwich and then taken out my contacts before, but... your story just has skin. -shudders-

    I will heed your warning.

  4. This happened to Mr. A one time, and I about peed my pants laughing at him for the rest of the day.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Hahahaha....

    A friend of mine rubbed his eyes after slicing peppers one time.

    The idiot.

    Lee x


  6. Ouch...you see, this is why I don't cook. Well this and because I stink at it. Also, blue is seriously your color - you look so pretty!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. :O i didn't know jalapenos is powerful enough to do some damage on the skin. i though the hotter chillis like habaneros would be the only time that its best to wear gloves -_-. thanks for the tip though!

    i awarded you (best blog award) on my blog by the way :D


  8. omg girl you are crazy!! you cut those peppers without wearing any gloves or eye gear?!?! WOMAN!!! are you nuts?! hahaha well i guess you really REALLY learned your lesson now haha..

    you look GORGEOUS in navy blue hon!! love the blue on blue look!

  9. Digging the monochromatic colour scheme, it's loverly! It certainly cooled me down!

    I guess all the lessons we have to learn are best done through experience... Though your hands might not have believed that at the time...

    I'm really glad I read this post-- I have about 6 jalapenos sitting on my counter waiting for my judgement but...now I know what to REALLY expect!

  10. This is the first I've heard of this. although I'm not an avid chilli pepper eater, in the event that I do, I will remember this incident :) looking dazzling in blue, great pictures.


  11. Gah! Sorry to hear about the pain! Hot peppers are no joke. I'm so sick of the heat and can't wait until it gets color and I can wear layers. Love the belt!

  12. OH NO! That is terrible. Once the Gentleman was cutting hot peppers and washed his hands and we forgot about it. He fed me a grape and I couldn't figure out why the grape was spicy! Then everything was spicy! Finally we remembered that he didn't wear gloves. tricky old things! Hope you feel better!

  13. Eek! Burning hands does not sound fun, but I'm glad you found relief!! You look so pretty in this outfit. I'm loving your shoes!

  14. Oh no, I hope your hand is fine now sweetie, that sounds so painful! :(

    I love that cute little way you bunned up your hair, and the photos are uber lovely. ♥

    The Cat Hag

  15. Ohh No! so much of the burning sensation! Poor girl and hope you are all better now :)

  16. eek! hope you are ok! i try to stay away from any kind of peppers at all cost!


  17. You look so cute Laura! I love you in navy! that belt is fantastic! OMG you poor thing! Would you believe I have never cut up peppers so this is a great lesson! Hope your hand cools off soon! Kiah

  18. Oh dear god, that sounds so bad. Glad it felt better eventually... we finally had cool weather here today, fall is coming! Hang in there!

  19. Love love love the navy tones! I need more navy in my life!

  20. Seriously I had no idea that can happen! Eeeks! Love your outfit! I am obsessed with scarves and once fall weather gets here I have one on everyday its just simply my favorite.


  21. You look lovely here :) I want to go to the sea tooo!!!!

  22. You look lovely here :) I want to go to the sea tooo!!!!

  23. You look lovely here :) I want to go to the sea tooo!!!!

  24. Sorry you where in pain! I love your outfit very nautical inspired.

  25. Lovely layers! and I love the different tones of blue in this look. xx

  26. Laura, the captions on the photos just made me giggle! I wish you were close to the sea, friend! You're obviously a water lover! Oh no! Your poor hand! I hope it's fully recovered by now! The blue scarf is adorable! I love that color!

  27. oh no!
    hopefully your hand is all better now :)

    I love your blue scarf!


  28. oh how horrible! the jalapenos are evil when you dont use protection! let that be a lesson to all of us! use protection or you'll burn and die! :P its been super hot in vienna too lately scorching! but you dont seem to let it get in the way of looking awesome! :) love you in blue! i think ive said that before :)


  29. omg well glad your hand is okay after all that!! and ya, I used to live in a city by the ocean and I moved a few years ago- every time I go back I just love the smell of the ocean!

  30. I love the idea of the six month challenge! Ouch about the jalepenos!

    btw, we're doing a jewelry giveaway!


  31. Oh no! I've heard about that happening to other people. I don't like jalapenos much, so I don't touch 'em ;)

    Lovely outfit, btw. Your arrangement of blues is a lot like the ocean: a cohesive blend of shades and hues.


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