Hiding My Shame



shirt of shame

oversized tee: JCPenney, redone by moi :: dress: Rue 21::
elfin boots: Urban Outfitters :: blue knit socks: Old Navy
cross-body purse: Harajuku Lovers

Thank you all so much for your kind words of support! I am definitely feeling much better now and have taken on a more positive approach to my situation. You all are AWESOME.

A few months ago, I wore this grey shirt (and the boots) to celebrate my defense. I haven't worn it since because I spilled celebratory seafood pasta on it and was never able to fully get the oil stain out. The shirt sat in my giveaway pile, a reminder of my shameful, drunken eating habits until I came upon this wonderful DIY idea from Vanessa.

I wanted to use a potato to stamp my skull pattern out, but my fon fon ru got upset over wasting a potato, so I ended up buying a rubber stamp block instead. If you want to try this DIY out, be cautioned! It's really annoying carving a pattern on a rubber block without the right tools. You'll be better off with using a vegetable and a knife.

All in all, the project took about an hour to carve and stamp. I let the shirt dry overnight before wearing it/ washing it.

I'm off to spend the day finishing A Clash of Kings. I hope you all are having a great Monday!


  1. Love your outfit! Your bracelets are gorgeous!


  2. Oh my gosh!!!
    It took me a while to realise that the top you are wearing is the top you stamped yourself!!!!

    It came out so well!!!

    Good job! =]

    Lee x

  3. LOVE IT! I've been meaning to try out Vanessa's DIY idea, too. I just don't know exactly what pattern I want yet. Cat? Rabbit? Acorn? Something else?

  4. I love how you saved your tee. The skill pattern is wonderful.

  5. Wow, you're so talented! I can't believe you DIYed that, the pattern is awesome. And I'm glad you're feeling a bit better about things.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. OMG I'm such a GOON!! lol I thought the shirt with the sun looking outline around the stain that says "oil stain" was a real shirt that came that way! I was thinking...wow how did she cover up the yellow sun design and the white wording with a stamp!! bwahhhhhhhhhhhh!! AND....HERE'S MY SIGN!! haha Great job! Love it! Kiah

  7. Love that first pic with the light peeking through! Great outfit!


  8. Stamping gets so addictive though doesn't it! We stamped out our wedding invites and I was an eagle eye wanting to find anything worthy of being stamped lol. The top looks really good though x

  9. THAT IS SO COOL!! and so ingenious.. i would have just tossed the shirt.. with an oil stain.. and trust me.. i have a lot of shirts with oil stains on them.. BAHAHAHA. i eat lots of really fatty fried things.. coupled with the fact that i eat like a child.. my husband says the first couple of times he ate with me he said he was shocked i was so ungraceful HAHAHAHAHA

    that skull idea is so cool!! i love it.. and it looks so cool on you.. i'm going to try that.. maybe with some hearts.. because i'm obnoxiously girly like that.. or maybe hello kitty OHHH a hello kitty rubber stamp i'm sure i could find one hahaha.

  10. it looks AMAZING - good job! i love what you've done with it ^_^
    Rosie xo

  11. That first picture with the sun glowing is just glorious!!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  12. its a great DIY as a fixer upper type thing. If I ever get an annoying stain, I will be sure to refer to this!


  13. Very thrifty! Love the DIY.

    Good to know you're back on your feet honey!

  14. Amazing!
    I need to learn how to do that.
    You're so funny. Haha~
    I laughed when I read that you put "Shirt of Shame." ^_^

  15. Your skull stamp is delightful, I absolutely adore it!

    And i am sorry to hear about your job hunt frustration but take the time-out to enjoy because once you get a position, you will be missing your free time lots. ;)

    The Cat Hag
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  16. awesome idea, love the skulls.


  17. LAURA!!! You are a genius! That looks so amazing! I had to go back and forth to realize that you were talking about the exact same shirt!! WHAAAAT?

  18. The skull pattern looks great, and I like the stamp idea for refashioning a t-shirt.

  19. I love that you spilled food on yourself. We are so meant to be besties.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  20. is the shirt with 'oil stain' real? It's sooo cooool! And so do you. ;)

  21. What a GREAT idea to mask a stain that doesn't come out. You did such a good job.

  22. Hi Laura!!
    LOVE the DIY! When I was just looking at the photos I was thinking - that can't be the same shirt! I'm tres, tres impressed! I also desperately needed a tutorial like this because I stain my shirts all the time (usually with chocolate- and I'm not drunk or tipsy - which makes it much more shameful than your seafood mishap!). Love the booties with the socks too- so cute!
    And for serious, if you are ever thinking about heading to Atlanta or (soon) Edinburgh, you have to let us know! Foodie/Clothing adventures together sound awesome!
    Happy Tuesday!

  23. OMG you're super adorable I have a tank that is the skulls and it's so rocker chic! love this DIY. Will try it. Thanks for coming over to my blog before, lots of love!


  24. Wow, nice DIY! I've ruined many clothes with oil/grease stains (typically I'm cooking and something splatters). I wonder if there's any way to get them out. I tried dish soap, since that's supposed to fight grease. The stain got lighter, but didn't disappear. Anyway, way to save that shirt!

  25. Ouh! I was thinking of doing the diy too! Looks awsome, I would have never guessed it was the same shirt!! And btw that first photo is beautiful :)

  26. WAY COOL! just looking at the pictures, i didn't realize it was the same shirt! nice save!! love the sunlight in the first pic!


  27. I remember that tutorial! Your version looks great. Way to be creative and save a shirt!

  28. Yeah, rubber is really difficult to work with. I used to try to make eraser stamps and it was difficult without the right tools.

    But the shirt looks amazing, and so clever to hide an oil stain. I know I've thrown out a good number of shirts due to unfortunate eating accidents! :(

  29. Wow. It looks like the shirt came like that! I didn't even know you could try to do that with a potato.

  30. Laura, your talent and creativity never seizes to amaze me! Incredible! I could have sworn it was store bought! Good job, you!

  31. your skull shirt is adorable!! love how you layered it over that black dress. your socks and shoes are an adorable combo :D

  32. Congratulations, it's a great DIY !!!


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