Product Review: Ojon Color Sustain Hair Products


A couple of months ago, I colored my hair back to a dark brown since I was getting really iffy about seeing my roots. My hair has been growing a lot faster these days, and I just didn’t like the mismatched facial/head hair look. At the same time, I won 4 Ojon Color Sustain products from Sephora’s blog “Beauty and the Blog.” I got a shampoo, conditioner, color protecting cream, and a hairspray. And you best be believing I put these babies to work after I ripped them from the box.

The products claim to “preserve color vibrancy and shine” and contain Tahitian Monoi oil that has been used to keep hair silky and smooth. I’ve been using all four products non-stop, for about a month and a half, instead of those I normally use. Here is my honest review about them.

  • ·        The color of my hair stayed vibrant and shiny.
  • ·        The scent of the products is really lovely and pleasant. Not heavy or too cloyingly sweet.
  • ·        I love that there is a whole system ranging from shampoo to hair spray. It’s easier to just pick what you need from one line.
  • ·        The consistency of the conditioner is really thick and really nourishes and softens my hair.
  • ·        The hairspray gives a light hold and doesn’t leave those disgusting crusty flecks after application.

  • ·        When using the shampoo and conditioner, I feel like I need a lot more product because the formula doesn’t seem to lather as much and my scalp doesn’t feel as clean after one application.
  • ·        I noticed that I needed to wash my hair EVERYDAY because my scalp gets oilier quicker. My hair is really thick and dense, so I normally wash it every other day. But with this system, I had to wash it every single day.
  • ·        I don’t like the Color Protecting Cream at all. The consistency is really wet and runny, like a too-oily serum mixed with some cream. Any amount, no matter how miniscule, made my hair too oily and heavy-feeling.

My hair right after shampoo, conditioner, and cream. 

On the whole, I think that the products really just don't work with my hair type. I have typical Asian hair, thick and a bit coarse. I usually wash my hair every other day because it gets oily, absorbs odors, and gets dirty quickly. It's a shame because with these products, my hair was really shiny and the color remained vibrant.



  1. I keep seeing Ojon items, but admittedly haven't bothered to check into what kind of hair it was for. For a while I mixed them up with Ouidad, too, lol. Sucks that some of the stuff didn't work for you, but at least it was free!

  2. I have never heard of this. Great review! I think your hair looks shiny and beautiuful! I have really thick hair too and I often go a couple of days between washes! Kiah

  3. I wonder if this would work for me...I really want to try to take better care of my new red color.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. How is this??? I tried the treatment out and it actually worked a bit on my hair. Although, my hair is always dry and frizzy.. I need a hair transplant! Haha

    Love! Angel...

  5. I like that you were completely honest with this review. It is a shame that the products didn't work for you because your hair looks SO shiny in that photo.

  6. thanks for the great review hon!! i'm always curious about trying out new hair products but never know what to try! your hair really does look crazy shiny!!

    what do you normally use?? because i have to wash my hair EVERYDAY.. usually twice in one sitting!! i must have the world's oilest head HAHA.

  7. great review, the hair industry needs to be demystified sometimes. I have oily hair too, and I feel like a lot of the products that I use don't help the matter.

  8. Great review!

  9. There definitely needs to be more products for asian hair! I can't stand products that make my hair so oily. I try to only shampoo at most every other day. Your hair looks gorgeous in the pics.

  10. I use to have their conditioning spray and it smelled really weird! I prefer shampoos that cater to Asians... but they're hard to find sometimes!

  11. Wow your hair looks so shiny after using the products! Ojon sounds good, I really want to try their leave in treatment (:

  12. Well even though the products did not work for you, your hair still looks amazing in each and every photo!!

    You are lucky you can wash your hair once every two days. Even washing my hair once a day, it's still oily!! :(

    The Cat Hag
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