Best Kept Secret



I added this picture because I was so pleased at how my hair looked

dress: Charlotte Russe:: tights: Target:: kitten heels: thrifted Madden Girl::
bunny necklace: Forever 21:: studded purse: Laura Ashley 

It's been about 8 months since I last wore this dress, even though it is my favorite. I lovingly refer to it as my Little House on the Prairie dress because the floral pattern reminds me of wildflowers. This time around, I decided to highlight the pinks in the dress by wearing lighter tights and bright red shoes. Makeup-wise, I went for a late 90s feel with a dark, almost grape lip, highlighted in the middle with blood orange gloss. (It looks berry-ish in the photos, but in person, it was quite dark)

On to more interesting things...

The lovely Rachael of Life of a Twenty-Something gave me this sweet award.

The rules of accepting the award are simple-- link back to the person who awarded it to you and share a few secrets about yourself before passing it on. 

Here are a few hush hush things about me:
1. Even though I profess my disdain for all things 90s, I know almost every single chart-topping pop song that came out from that decade. I even know the lyrics to almost every BSB, Nsync, and Spice Girls song.

2. I used to be anime/manga-crazy. I even wrote fan fiction based off of my favorite childhood anime, Yu Yu Hakusho. All evidence has been burned. 
3. I also have a thing for ballads. Whenever a powerful refrain starts playing, I sometimes get teary-eyed. Shameful, I know.

4. Even though I don't like eating much junk food, I go weak in the knees for some Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Oh, and those super iced Animal Crackers. The ones that don't even look like animals anymore because they are so chock-full of sugary deliciousness. Mmmm..

5. Only a handful of people I know in real life actually know about my blog. Like, 5, to be exact.. 3 of them are my cats. 

Since I'm known for being indecisive (another secret), I'd like to pass this on to.... all of you

Because I'm so nosy (again, another secret), share with me a secret about yourself

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love those red shoes! And your hair does look pretty amazing here...I wish my hair could look that pretty when it's long.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. yup - amazing hair day!
    I love the dress! I like the slightly vintage, very prairie vibe to it, and you nailed the styling of it with those shoes!

  3. Love the red shoes with white tights!

    This isn't really a secret, just an observation that we listened to very, very different music in the 90's apparently! And the only people who know about my blog irl are Fella, the dogs, and Fella's parents.

  4. What r u talking about? Laura you look just as fab in your outfit posts, I love this dress! It has that vintage spirit feel to it, and your writing is impressibe. I am a fan of the 90s it Ok to say that I love the Spice girls...even now???lol!

  5. Love that dress! And your hair definitely looks amazing :)

  6. That dress is totally cute. Jealous that you found something at Charlotte Russe. I haven't ever been able to.

    As for your secrets, I can relate to a lot. I know almost all Spice Girls songs by heart, I still love anime (should have more Inuyasha's arriving in the mail today!) and those iced animal crackers are most delicious (even if they are soooo sweet that I usually only make it through 1 cookie before giving up)

  7. I really like that dress, and your glasses are awesome! I need a new pair of glasses really badly, but I am so indecisive about the frame.

    Girls Who Wear Pearls

  8. oh awesome dress i luv eet! floral print all ze way! oh and my goodness who doesnt know the lyrics to BSB, NSync and spice girls... i personally really just stick to the fresh prince theme song though :)


  9. Ooo! The red shoes make this look! I Love it! Your hair looks Fabulous as always.

  10. I love your blog, and i'm not a cat! haha
    did i say how awesome your avatar is ? love the bow.
    and this outfit's great, so vintage.

  11. Love your dress, I love floral patterns so pretty, it looks great on you! Your purse is gorgeous too! x

  12. I love your dress! How pretty!

    Congrats on the award!

    That's cute you know all the Spice Girl/BSB/nsync songs. Hehe. I think I might be the same way. ;)

    And I freaking LOVE those jalepeno cheetos. Now MY mouth is watering.

    I hope you have a delicious weekend. xoxo

  13. Glad you liked the award!

    Loving that dress - it's so cute x

  14. This outfit is perfect! Love the pop of red. Also I'm so in love with your glasses! Your blog is awesome. I'm following. Hope to hear from you soon!


  15. look beautiful Laura.... and as for 90's BRO I LOVE THE 90'S... well I love anytime that takes me back... Im such a nostalgic girl... 90's I was a lil dreamer living through all the pop songs and corny film clips...I have a feeling that boy bands will be coming back into the charts... even though they are cheesy as I LOVE THAT SHIT!!!

    Cute post.... love it!

  16. Your necklace is so darling and I LOVE your Little House on the Prairie dress! Congrats on the award, little Laura!

  17. Laura, I'm so glad you did a close up of your little bunny necklace! It is soooo cute! I love it! And your dress is charming girl. Girl, that is little house on the prairie GLAM! Have an awesome weekend my friend! ((HUG))
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  18. Secrets are fun, right? Only when they're shared, though. ;)

    BUT SRSLY: I'm a fan of your secrets. Why? Because duh I'm a 90s-bred kinda kid who has a whole playlist on her Grooveshark account called "FUCK YEAH 90S". I also was incredibly tickled by your anime confession. I used to watch that show! alongside Inuyasha, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc. Oh, the shame.

    I'm also a fan of your sweet outfit; it's the accessories that make it darling.

    Toast with Charmalade

  19. i super like the dress, the uber cuutee necklace, shoes yay! and i enjoyed reading some facts about yourself!!
    glad to know your more hun!

  20. The floral dress is just love. And, the nerdy glasses look so cute on you. I wear them only as accessories but my vision's still 20/20.

    And yes! I also listened to the 90's boyband/pop culture era. Spice Girls, Backstreet... you name it!

    Happy Weekend!

  21. "3 of them are my cats." LOL. Great post!

    A secret about me? When I was little, I was upset that I didn't get money from the tooth fairy under my pillow (I don't think my filipino-born parents knew about the silly folk-lore). So, I stole a quarter from my parents room and stuck it under my pillow and said the fairy left me some dough. They knew I was lying the whole time, obviously but what a little fibber I was!


  22. We adore your dress and your hair !!!

    Love from London Wishes


  23. OMG 1. i was once anime crazed too, and maybe still am a bit. 2. i die for jalapeno cheetos and animal cookies too. if anyone dares buy them, i eat them within a day, get a tummy ache, and then get yelled at coz no one else got any ;-;

  24. i love your banner and your red shoes! they are amazing! check out my blog and join my giveaway! :D

  25. I dont like charlotte russe but this dress is so pretty ! U look lovely :)
    have a nice week end!

  26. You're so pretty! Love the cute necklaces :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  27. That dress looks so adorable. I love your tights and that necklace is so cute.

  28. That dress is adorable! I love the softer colors on you.

  29. lovely hair and fabulous dress!!! Nailed this look babe! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  30. your blog is so amazing! i can't believe i haven't found it until now! i love your tights and your dress. you look fabulous! now a follower!

    sarah rose

  31. Cute! I love your glasses and this dress :) So lovely! I'm the same.. only like 4 people know about my blog :s It's my little secret

  32. I like what you post here. If you have some time i´d like you check out my blog and follow me if you really want to.

  33. Your hair looks extra amazing in this post. Did you do something differently?

    Also, love the playful necklace.


  34. Sometimes there's nothing better than a good hair day ;) I haven't had one since my post earlier in the week.

    Oh, Laura. I love this outfit. To bits. TO BITS! Your dress is so lovely and you've styled it perfectly. I never thought about gray, red & pink together before, but I really like it.

    And, a secret you ask? I will watch Little House on the Prairie any time it's on regardless of whether I've seen the episode 5 times or not. Speaking of LHOTP, that's a sweet term of endearment to give your dress. I name some of my things, too. I guess that's another secret! :)

  35. You soft waves are really pretty! Love the studded bag!

    Chic on the Cheap

  36. I can totally see why that is your favorite dress - I love it!

    Lar and I started out not telling anyone we knew about AsianCajuns - except our mom. We didn't keep that secret for very long :)

  37. The 1st thing I noticed was your beautiful hair! That dress is cute girl. Love this post. I too love jalapeno cheddar cheetos. I also love gummy bears and watermelon! haha Kiah

  38. wow i love this vintage flaral piece on you! Your hair looks so pretty - shiny and soft looking. I wish I could make glasses look as chic as you!!! the necklace is such a cute touch hehe

  39. Oh my god. I definitely have YYH fanfiction floating around on the internet. Please don't look for it.

    Really love this outfit. I don't think I would have ever paired tights so similarly colored to my dress but it looks great.

  40. i really love the look today...and your hair is 'specially purty! only a few of my closest friends know about my blog, and one sister. the rest of my family has no clue :)

    You're Invited: fall in love with mark.

  41. u look so cute in glasses!! congrats on the award hun! omg i love hot cheetos, esp after a beer or 2. i can't turn them down hahahha!

    i think a total of 2 ppl i've met in real life know about my blog. it's a nice secret hehe

  42. Oh, you have amazing blog :) And cool outfits :) If you want, visit my blog, if you like it, follow me, and I will be back :)
    xoxo Laura

  43. Your hair looks lush!!! :D

    Your secrets are hilarious. I too regret the 90s, especially the amount of money I spent on music magazines. :(

    I also only have a handful of people that know about my blog IRL. It used to be no one but then I decided on telling a few close friends. Turns out one friend already knew. It was TERRIFYING. And I have since found out that shes a crazy psycho stalker. I'm too scared to blog now O_O

  44. 5. Only a handful of people I know in real life actually know about my blog. Like, 5, to be exact.. 3 of them are my cats.

    I LOVE that!!! I can tell just by this I am going to enjoy your blog! Along w/ your lovely dress!! Can't wait to read more!!


  45. Cuttteee outfit! Your necklace is A-DO-RABLE! Love it!

    Hmmm, a secret about me? Well, I love eating cake for breakfast! (I don't know if thats a secret though... hehe)

  46. Are you a Libra? I am, and am famous for being indecisive

  47. Love those glasses on you!
    awesome dress as well :)

  48. Hair looks so pretty and love that you called your dress Little House on the Prairie. I've never tried Jalepeno Cheetos, I need to, I love a little spice with everything!

  49. I love the combination of colors (lilac and red) and that floral pattern. Very cool.

  50. Oh my, I love this dress! It's easy to see why it's one of your favorites! :)

  51. love, love the outfit!!!
    and omg there's jalapeno cheddar cheetos?? i live in the wrong country!
    and congratulations on your award :)

    lol, not a lot of my friends know about my blog either, hehe.

  52. I do not like Little House on the Prairie but I LOVE this dress! And your hair looks mucho fab!

  53. Cute cute cute! Little house on the prairie never looked so fine!


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