Half-way Point Update





dress worn as top, skirt: Forever 21 :: heeled sandals: Payless:
serpent belt: Urban Outfitters:: jewelry: ?

Three months ago, I put myself up for a challenge. I promised that for 6 months, I wouldn't buy any items of clothing, jewelry, or shoes. I did this for multiple reasons: 1. to stop hoarding; 2. to rein in my impulsiveness; 3. to learn how to remix better; 4. to hone my DIY crafting skills.

For a while, things were relatively easy since I had just graduated and was too preoccupied being on "vacation mode." I was immersed in housework, applying for jobs, and catching up with friends, and I didn't notice that I hadn't been shopping. Three months in and, though I'm not sorely tempted to buy anything in particular, I did cave in and spend a whopping $3.00 on thrifted goods. I couldn't help it-- $1.00 Etienne Aigner bag? How can I pass that up? In my defense, the store was on the way to the gym, so I gymmed my guilt off after the purchase.

What have I learned so far?

1. My closet is, for the most part, rubbish. I realize that I've collected a ton of clothing, but none of them are really items that I would like to wear more than a couple times. After the challenge, I am definitely going to invest in more basics of better quality than I'm used to.

2. I need to branch out of my normal color options. I tend to go for solid, more saturated hues. I definitely need more blush tones and lighter neutrals.

3. Trousers. I need them. 'Nuff said.

4. I need serious help in remixing.

I am only now learning how to wear a dress as a top and how to wear other items in different styles. It literally took me 5 minutes after staring at this dress to realize that I can wear this dress as a top or as a skirt. Gracious.


  1. Damn, you learned a lot. Today I learned that I love this smokey on you. For reals.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. Oooh, this is one of my favorites so far! I think my own biggest problem is I keep holding on to too much that doesn't fit me any more. I have clothes from 100lbs ago and while I promise I don't try and squeeeeeze into them, I still keep them. Then I forget what fits still and doesn't, so I have to try everything on all over again.

  3. not shopping for three months is like hell for me,but you did it. amazing! maybe i gotta try it too in order to stop my bad habit haha. good job,dear! :)

  4. You look soo pretty Laura...love this combo of brown & black!!!

  5. You are doing so well with this challenge Laura. I failed miserably! I was trying so hard not to spend. I've been doing a whole lot better. Love this outfit. Your makeup and hair is so pretty and that cross front dress worn as a top is very flattering! Who could pass up a $1 purse? HELLO!! lol Kiah

  6. My cupboards filled with clothes i don't really suit any more, half my clothes are redundant because my tastes have totally changed.

    Love the detailing on your belt btw x

  7. i think...i KNOW most of my closet is trash! must save and invest in quality pieces, too. i LOVE the look, and the serpent belt, especially. i went thru a phase of snakes and serpents...still love em!

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  8. This look is very feminine and Beautiful! Well Done! Investing in quality pieces will make you feel so much better. I started doing that a few years back and it makes me feel more confident when I go to my closet.

  9. yay!! i super like this classy outfit!! fantab olous hun!!

  10. Aw, you look beautiful! Love the smokey eye look on you, Laura! And you hair looks so purty! :)

  11. POW POW POW.

    You are looking effing SUAVE in this. You're a classy lady, Laura. And despite you thinking your warddrobe is lacking, you are showing it who is da' boss.

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  13. What a totally fabulous pin. Love it!

  14. Were you successful in doing so? I am on a shopping ban but the more I restrict myself, the more I ended up buying. What, with all the online shops around social networking sites makes it difficult to stick to the plan. Now, where's my money at? LOL!

  15. You are doing great with the remixing and isn't it great what blogging has taught us. 1 we can save money and 2 what do we have a lot of and not enough of. When I first started in April I had a lot of black and gray and rarely wore colour but since then I've started to wear more colour, and even embrace prints. I should do a post on the basic quality items I feel every woman should have in her closet, would you like that? Also...I posted the DIY to the mirror image boy in yesterday's boy meets girl post. Enjoy and I hope you try it out!

  16. i love this outfit! you look gorgeous. ive gotta try this 6 month thing, i am unhappy with most my clothing too though so it would be hard! ill give it a shot!

    good job on going along with it so far

  17. that belt is soo cute!!! love it! :)


  18. Lately I've been figuring out ways on how to wear dresses as a top or bottom. I hadn't taken much thought before but with also trying to stay away from spending too much on shopping I had to find a way to get better use out of what I already had. Love your outfit :)


  19. whoa..
    on a shopping ban for 6 months??
    That is pretty cool!
    and definitely an impossibility for me
    keep it up!


  20. Hey Laura,

    I'm back! You're doing a great job of mixing it up, I love this outfit. Go girl.


  21. This look is so va va voom, it really suits you! I need to quit shopping myself, I think you may have inspired me to embark on my own six month challenge even.

  22. I applaud you for undertaking something that many people would be unwilling to do. That is no small feat (especially these days). I think you've showed a wide range of creativity with your outfits these last few months and I'm sure it will only get easier. Don't let that awesome confidence of yours falter! :)

    I really like how fitted and drape-y this outfit looks at the same time. Great use of accessories, too.

  23. 1. your eye makeup here is STUNNING.
    2. congrats on reaching the half-way point.
    3. i definitely have a rubbish clothes stash too. it's one of my goals too to buy fewer, higher quality pieces instead of buying multiples of cheap things.

    dash dot dotty

  24. I should probably take this challenge myself. But I won't. I know myself too well. I'm too far gone.

    BTW, I still can't wear a dress as a skirt ..

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  25. HOT, HOT, HOT! Look at you, I'm sure the hubby loved this outfit, so flattering and flirty!

    I feel you on that too, I've been trying to only buy quality pieces that are more timeless. I think you're doing phenomenal, I mean 3 months without shopping, are you kidding?? Amazing! And the $3 dollar thrifting hardly counts against you! I think the hubby should treat you to a Disney trip since you've been so good! :D

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  26. I totally admire you doing this! It's shameful how much shopping I do - even though it's a little bit at a time. I'm sure I would also find that most of my clothes aren't things I want to wear.

    Definitely don't beat yourself up about a $3 thrifting trip!

  27. Hi! I found your blog and I like it so much! you look really great in this outfit!
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    Cosa mi metto???

  28. Wao, not shopping for 6 months really sounds like a challenge! I'm glad you are sticking to it and learning how to use your closet as efficiently as possible. I think you do a great job at making outfits, you always look very chic :)


  29. I did a month-long challenge once. I am never allowed to buy something unless I wear it three different ways. It really works!

  30. Such a great, worthwhile thing to do. I'm really impressed that you are doing it - I try and fail by day three or four every time. Boo :( Maybe I can just learn from your experience? x

  31. I know what you mean about accumulating good quality pieces.

    I find my whole wardrobe full of prints haha, and I really can't wait till I get my own walk-in wardrobe to start sorting things out and selling the unwanted items. :)

    You are looking cute sweetie, love the outfit. <3

    The Cat Hag

  32. like the belt, cool challenge..no way id be able to do that good for you!

    we should follow each other.



  33. I love how you rock the smoky eyes! And the detailing on that belt is just marvelous too.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    making a marque

  34. I really like this look on you, the belt is just awesome. I really admire how you managed to mix everything up for your last 30 outfits!!

  35. Great eperience ! I love your snakes belt and your make up is gorgeous !!

  36. Gah! I kind of feel the same about. It's crazy how much money I have in my bank account from not buying clothes! Also, I love that belt!


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