Nerdularly Appropriate




lilac polo: Bitten SJP :: skirt: throwback from high school:: blue cardi: thrifted::
gold oxfords: thrifted:: skull tie: Hot Topic :: pin: local comic shop 

I've always struggled with dressing and behaving "appropriately," as in, either according to my age or profession. For the most part of my undergrad years, I was a Chemistry major, expected to be dressed properly for lab, meaning long sleeved shirts (or lab coats) with trousers and close-toed shoes. I recall one of my instructors actually calling me into his office complaining about my sideswept bangs getting in the way of science. Whatever that means. On the weekends, I worked at a bank, so I had to look polished and professional. I exchanged my too-casual lab outfits for heels, skirts, and chiffon tops.

I don't really see myself as subscribing to one particular kind of style. I'm not trendy, that's for sure. I'm not overtly girly. I'm definitely not punk rock or too edgy. What I consistently am, though, is nerdy. I mean, seriously. Who goes crazy over Emperor Aquaman (my pin)? Collects Tenniel's Alice in Wonderland illustrations? And buys gourds because they look like Lord of the Rings characters? Me. Who would much rather prefer spending days upon days immersed in books and comics? Me. Who thinks that The Venture Brothers is the best cartoon to come out in the 2000s? Me. Who takes the sexy schoolgirl look as an inspiration and turns it into the least sexy, most nerdularly cool outfit ever? Me.

Is this outfit totally age appropriate? Maybe not. But whatever. I was never one for the rules, anyway. Plus, the point really is that 

I'm a nerd. I'm a geek. And I'm Proud.  

Now, if you'll excuse me, I will proceed to inundate you with photos of my nerdy coolness. Shield your eyes if you don't want to be consumed. 

This gourd looked like the Star of Elendil. 
This gourd looked like the really ugly Commander orc in LOTR #3
Glass illustration? Nerdy. Not knowing how to pour beer? Very nerdy.
So this isn't really nerdy. It's just huge. 
My nerdiest accomplishment this week. 


  1. You killed science with your bangs! I love it - and I don't care that it didn't actually happen that way, that's the way it's going to play in my head. Also, love the tie!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. I collect pretty much all things AiW, so I loooooove that mug. I don't know how to pour beer either, I'm sure I would end up with even more foam. Are you just supposed to tilt the glass? I don't even know, lol.

  3. OMG missy you totally crack me up! Hey if nerdalicioius is your thing that is how you should dress! i actually you pull it off well and doesn't it feel like we're living a double life, school attire work attire, lol!

  4. I forgot you had rocktastic glasses! LE GASP, the very height of nerd chique!

    (P.s. are you wearing metallic oxfords? I saw some in a store the other day and I thought they were bombin', but I didn't have the slightest idea what I would wear them with!)

  5. nerd love <3
    im a nerd too!
    i love playing scrabble (im actually very good at it haha
    Rosie xo

  6. Cute! I love your shoes, & the skull on your tie. I always love the different colors and shapes gourds come in.

  7. that is an awesome words with friends score! congrats! I think my top was only 103.

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. Hahahaha! Excellent post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lol, I study chemistry in college and during one of my labs last year I managed to splash 7M HCl onto my tights WITHOUT NOTICING. I looked down after I stood up and saw all these little holes in my tights from where I had been splashed and the tights had sizzled! I had been sitting during the experiment and so the lab coat exposed my legs a bit. I still have those tights...
    Moral of my story, dressing inappropriately doesn't get in the way of science, but science may very well destroy your clothes =]

    Lee x

  9. such a cute outfit! love it! :)

  10. Why do I think "Hogwarts" when I look at this cool outfit of yours! I absolutely love it! The skirt is just sassy! I love this look on you! The photos really made me smile, especially the one of the beer! :)

  11. Haven't you heard? Nerds are the coolest! We're reclaiming our proper place in the world. And (woohhhooo) for your scrabble word!

  12. You rock this outfit better than anyone else ever could. I LOVE IT. I give it two nerdy thumbs up.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. You are the most adorable ever! Nerdy is great, especially when you really own it! And you look great as a sexy school girl!!

  14. hahah yay to nerds! me too, i'm a nerd :D


  15. You look Fabulous! I am Loving that HUGE Wine Glass LOL!!

  16. very cuute outfit hun!! and you made me laugh with the other photos!!! you're so cuute and jolly!

  17. Love you nerdy manifesto! i'm a little bit nerdy too. Boyfriend and I rather spend our times watching series and films or playing our favorites games than going to a club to dance. Not that I don't like dance... hahahaha

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Love your blog. xTati

  18. Nerdy is cool ... I am so loving the tie look.

  19. cute outfit ^6 i lvoe your tie and the crady combo :) and i love ur nerdy acomplishment of the week tii :p

  20. Ha! This isn't nerdy, it's huge! Lol

  21. I FREAKIN' LOVE THIS OUTFIT!!!! omgosh i love that you freely admit you're a nerd and a geek.. i'm a nerd and a geek too.. and i love fellow nerds and geeks. HAHAHAHA. this outfit is FREAKIN' ADORBS!!!!!

  22. Awww you are anything but nerdy sweetie, to me you always dress so well and stylishly. :)

    How's things going for you recently? Hope you are enjoying yourself!

    The Cat Hag

  23. That tie is awesome! Love the pop of blue :)


  24. You look nerdtastic! SUPER cute in the plaid and pleats!

  25. very nerdy chic, it had a punky feel to it ;) arghh dressing "age appropriately" is very Japanese.. everyone around my age looks so mature to me hahah

  26. i'm one minimalist, i think. like you, i also can't explain my style. all i know, is i'm no girly but i definitely wear a lot of basic tee's.

  27. Love the tie, it adds some real punch!

  28. Hahaha I love being nerdy. I'm more of a closet nerd, and only a few people know about the extent of my nerdy obsessions, such as Game of Thrones and such. My boyfriend is a good nerdy influence. We have a phone in our house shaped like a Star Trek ship.

  29. Buying funny (funnily?) shaped gourds is one of my favorite things about Fall :)

    Embrace your geekiness, girl! I admire your unabashed confidence. And I loooove your blue caridgan and metallic oxfords, but you knew that already ;)

  30. The first post I ever say on your blog was the one where you took an outfit inspiration from Thor.

    Nerd Lyfe, one hundred percent beside you!


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