Rainy Day Excuses

white striped tunic: JC Penney:: black cardi, necklace: Forever 21::
grey skinnies: Old Navy :: quilted flats: Target:: purse: thrifted

my Etienne Aigner thrifted purse. a whopping $1.00

Our dinner drinks: beer for the fon fon ru and red wine for moi
buffalo chicken cobb salad
bacon cheeseburger with onion rings


A cold, rainy day is the best excuse for an impromptu dinner date. At least it is for me. Though I love cooking, when it's pouring, I get really sentimental and romantic. There's just something appealing about looking out into the rain from a dimly lit, cosy room, sipping wine with good company.

A cold, rainy day is also the best excuse for wearing ankle-length skinnies. They're thicker than tights and easy to work with. I wore this comfy pair with these quilted flats, but I could trade those for some boots if it rained harder.

My husband I went to a restaurant we frequent. I ordered the buffalo chicken salad; he had the bacon cheeseburger. My dinner was fine; his was fabulous. Why is it that whenever we go out to eat, he always seems to order exactly what I want? Not fair! But we had a great evening talking and winding down.

How do you feel about rainy days? Does it influence the way you dress?


  1. Aww date night! Personally, I like curling up at home on rainy days/nights, but your dinner out looks yummy!

  2. I hate dressing for the rain. it totally cramps my style.

    cute flats though!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Rainy days are my favorite :) I love looking out in the rain and appreciating the beauty of the earth :D

    I cannot believe that bag is $1!!!! Awesome find!

  4. I love that freaking bag its so pretty and I love rainy days. Rainboots, blazers, and puddle fun! :)


  5. That bag is awesome and for $1??? sweet deal. Yes rain influences how I dress, I usually wear a dark top and jeans because jeans will dry faster and a dark top will not put me in into the wet t-shirt contest...lol!

  6. awww ou look lovely! I think on rainy days I am more likely to layer up :)


  7. what a cozy dinner date! i always end up envying the person who orders the burger lol. burgers just look so much tastier than everything else!

  8. yeah, funny how people always order what we want!! most times weather influences the way i dress...but other times, i just have an idea in my head and might end up wearing a sweater and tights on a hot day!


  9. I love staying indoors when it's raining. I love to be under the sheets and just lie in bed.

    Looking at those food photos made me want to eat some pretzel and cheeseburger. I felt hungry all of a sudden. T_T

  10. Hi,
    I love rainy days. I have an unnatural love for tights, so often find myself wearing them on rainy days. I just need to find myself a super cute umbrella!
    Kelly xo
    PS thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Always appreciated :)

  11. Wow I love your purse, congrats on finding it for a dollar, lucky u ;-)
    the food looks so good btw lol :/


  12. I think I have those same grey skinny jeans, though mine are not so skinny at all. They are quite comfy, though!

    I actually don't think I like rain so much any more. I used to love it, but now I'm older and it just ruins all my plans.

  13. i love rainy days... its a good time to sleep. hehehe
    and a good excuse to wear cardigan... hehehe.

  14. love your skinny jeans! and that bag! wowzers! you deffintely got an amazing deal on that bag! love it and the dinner looks delicious! i gotta go eat something now..thanks! :P


  15. I love rainy days! I always dress super comfy, eat a ton of carbs, and love curling up to watch a movie or something - seriously, best days ever!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  16. You thrifted that purse for a dollar!? Damn, you're good. I love rainy days-- it's not too often I get to dig out my wellies and splash around in puddles.

  17. Definitely. It's rainy out today and I want nothing more than to be layered up and cozy.

    Nice bag, Laura! I'm always amazed at what a dollar can buy :)

  18. I couldn't agree with you more about the ankle-length skinnies. They are the best for rainy days!! I LOVE your vintage purse. Thrifting is the best, isn't it?!?

  19. I love being out and about in rain too c: It's so rare here that it feels like a special occasion. Great find with the purse!!


  20. i love your flats! theyre so cute! sometimes i enjoy rainy days and sometimes i dont. when i do i love just curling up on the couch watching a movie or reading a book :)


  21. I want that bacon cheeseburger with onion rings!!! HAHAHAHA Is it lunchtime yet? LOL I'm so adoring your Etienne Aigner bag...$1!!! How fab is that!!! And your nail color matches. Awesome! Very cute quilted ballet flats Laura! Looks like a great day! :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  22. I still can't believe that you got that bag for $1. That's such a good steal!! It's so pretty, too.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  23. My hair hates rainy days - makes it go totally fizzy. Bad bad times

  24. You look cute! And you just made me want to cosy up, dim the lights and drink a glass of wine :p

  25. Rainy days Definitely affect the way I dress. I tend to wear boots and scarves. I LOVE that handbag! Great find!

  26. ah so preppy and cute! love the bag - gives a lovely accent of colour to your outfit! Ohh we are the same when choosing food from the menu - just the other way around :P I always choose what my husband wants and he is forced to choose something else XD

  27. I love your purse- what a great thrift find! The rain definitely affects the way I dress- I'm more excited to get dressed when it's sunny and beautiful outside!

    star-crossed smile

  28. I always want to stay in my house and drink tea when it's rainy out - so I usually wear sweatpants :) Nothing classic and elegant like you're outfit!

  29. I have the same problem when I go out with my guy - I almost always want whatever he ordered! He usually ends up trading with me or at least sharing:) Those onion rings do look amazing.

    Love your shoes!

  30. Rainy days? Seriously, I have no answer :D Btw, nice flat :D

  31. Your shoes are too cute. Great deal on tha $1 handbag. Why is it that I never find such great bargains?

    It looks like you had a fun dinner date. I'm really going to have to start going out more. I've been so busy with everything else in life I've not being having any fun lately.

  32. Dark and rainy days always make me want to go to a book store with coffee and wander around. I love rain!

    Girls Who Wear Pearls

  33. yes yes yes!! rainy days! laahhh =)) i love the bag and the fooodie plus your nice outfit! great!

  34. That sounds like the perfect night! Cozy!

  35. Laura, in spite of the rain, you have managed to shine in this outfit! And a one dollar purse! Score! You lucky girl! :)I love rainy days but only when I'm staying home. I would definitely say it influences the way I dress because I have to travel on public transport and it's not easy to pull off certain styles while dragging a rain coat, umbrella or rain boots!

  36. I love you in those skinny jeans! My daughter would die without her skinny jeans...I mean for real!! lol She loved her gray ones! haha Super sweet dinner date. That wine looks fantastic right about now. Love that bag! Kiah


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