Dressing Down the Dressed-Up Girl



top: Forever 21:: scarf: present:: denim, blazer: Old Navy:: kitten heels: thrifted

Outfit # 53 of my 6-Month Challenge

Even with my "safe" outfit from Tuesday's post, I feel much more dressed up than most of the people at work. It's one thing that I bring the median age down to 40, but it's another to show up in bright colors and prints. But I can't help it. I am determined to dress up pretty every single day of my life.

This outfit is my attempt at dressing down. I paired this super floral and girly top with some denim, reining in the sweetness with this black blazer. It's super cold in the office, so I the scarf stays on most of the day, and sometimes, I have to wrap it around my shoulders to add some warmth.

ps. This whole going the whole day without the interweb is driving me crazy. I am slowly getting back to reading, but I miss fun twitter conversations with all you fashionable people!

How long can you survive without the interweb?


  1. Love the pants and blazer look - one of my faves. And I seriously go nuts without the internet...as much as I love camping, being without the internet sucks. And I really go nuts when I travel and can't get wifi at the airport!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. This is a very cute floral top ! <3


  3. I love this look! The pink scarf is so pretty with the floral top.

    As far as the internet, I can go about a day before I start going through withdraws, lol.


  4. How oh how do you get Old Navy jeans to fit so amazingly? The ones I am wearing now are baggy all over, but the next size down gave me 3 muffins (can they do that? oh yes they can)

  5. i love this simple look, great top paired with this scarf!

    and maybe a day at the most without the net ;-)

  6. Great scarf...love the floral top too..I have the same situation happen to me alot....I always seem to be more dressed up them everyone else, and ya know what? I dont let it bother me anymore...you look great!!

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  7. Beautifull! nice ! i love it! I invite you to see my fashion blog and my new post! tell me if you like! ;-) I WAIT FOR YOU! AND IF YOU LIKE follow me! I'll do the same!

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  8. so pretty... like ever!!!

    Come to visit me, there is a new post and a new style for blog!!

    Many hugs
    Staff PIUSC!

  9. Girl, I feel I'm always connected! HAHAHA Not so much on Twitter, but the computer. I bet it's hard Laura! Cute outfit and love that scarf. Wishing you a great day! ((HUG))

  10. Survive without the interwebzz!! I can't do it.. I'm guilty of having my phone glued to my hand while out and about just so I dont miss anything on facebook.... lol

  11. You are not shopping for 6 months!! Girl.....!!!! I did a 60 day shopping fast and that was tough, but I can totally see the benefits!!! Honestly, after my challenge was over I didn't even shop that much and still don't. I think it broke my shopping addiction!

    You look cute here, I love the floral top w/ the pink scarf!

    PS: The interweb is something I could only give up if I DIDN'T have a choice...!

    xoxo Denise


  12. This outfit is so cute! I love the top and the blazer. And those shoes. Thrifted? Nice find!

  13. I can't make it too long either. I've gone days when old friends are in town but it feels like i havent brushed my teeth for days- somethings grossly wrong. Haha thats really bad isnt it.

    also you failed at dressing down, you still look lovely and classy :PP


  14. From what you've said about the people in your office, I'd imagine they all fall back and cower as you walk in, shocked by the mear presence of style, colour and youth! hehe!

  15. lovely outfit i love the top with the light jeans blue :) im sure the people in your office are happy that there is someone who shows up super adorable. and they are surely totally jelly :D


  16. i love your dressed down look...even though it's not even too casual! that pink scarf looks great on you. as for how long i can go...well, yeah, i don't even want to think about it! =)

  17. Love the feminine top and scarf with the jeans, Laura! I want to wear an outfit just like that, but I didn't pack a blazer, or a pretty floral shirt, or a colorful scarf when I moved. I think I might have been a little too stringent with my packing.
    Cath and I are the same way about dressing down. Why do it if you don't have to? That said, I have dressed down for Edinburgh because I work from our flat most days and only see the mail man/person.
    No internets? 8 hours mayyybe ;)
    ps. So glad you love Chez Larson! Isn't it addictive? Cath and I always talk about ikea and painting things white after we read her. Her orderliness has a very calming influence I find ;)

  18. I think the jacket keeps the looks from being too casual. Jackets dress anything up a bit.

  19. You look amazing. The print of the top is so pretty. And I always love a good blazer.

  20. I really like your floral top, it can be hard to know what to wear for work, your outfits always look great! I wish I could use the internet when working sometimes, thought it's probably a good thing I don't or I wouldn't get anything done! x

  21. Super cute outfit! I love your flowery top & pink scarf. Also love the bag:) You look great!


  22. I've always meant to get myself a nice smart yet causal blazer.

  23. You're reallyyy making me want a blazer, Laura! You look great in these photos. Pretty and fun! :)

    Depending on my mood, I can go several days without the internet. In fact, I didn't go online at all for 2 or 3 days this past weekend. It was refreshing to focus solely on other things. Afterward, though, I briefly contemplated buying an iPhone so I could be ONTHEINTERNETALLDAYEVERYDAYFOREVERRRRRRR!, but thought better of it ;P

  24. lol. It's hard to believe this is dressing down. Very casual chic!

    Sometimes I think I'm too addicted to the web and maybe I would love such compulsory break. But that's just MAYBE. I might go crazy too. =p

    Fang Ting

  25. i love this outfit girl. it's dressed down with a touch of class. that floral top with the scarf and jacket are perfect!!
    xo TJ

  26. I can't go one day without the inter web. I would die. I'm not kidding. Anytime I am without WiFi, I start shaking and sweating uncontrollably.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  27. Haha your 'dressing down' is similar to mine- I just can't do it! I love (and need) at least one day a week without the interweb- usually on a Saturday. A lot of my job is online so I need to take a breath and read a book!

  28. Love that you want to dress up every day - it's a good way to live :D Cute shoes!

  29. I like this outfit and the top looks fantastic on you! I don't know how you do it, a job without being connected is rough.....

  30. hello
    that flowery top is a super cute choice
    nice outfit
    and oh the bag, I heart it as well :)

  31. I feel the same way about dressing up! I always come to the office fully dressed with fun colors and patterns too! I dressed down today due to the stupid allergy I'm having but thank goodness I'm feeling better :D. I even forgot to put bangles and earrings today! Thankfully my dress down attempt works. Yours looks super cute!!! Still very very very stylish. I like that you added the blazer, makes it all balanced :D

    So my phone is being funny with networks today and decided to be all wonky on internet connection. I have gone almost crazy on the way to work! Can't see updated tweets, can't have my morning chats with my friends in the states. I felt...quiet. Thankfully I'm at the office in front of the computer so I can still manage. But usually when there is no access to the internet, I read, sleep or watch tv, or do something fun with the boy. :) We do survive, there are just those things that we miss :)

  32. lol i love your comment about the median age! you look cool for work - great combo! wished i could wear other thugs besides suits.. then again it'd take me forever to coordinate everyday!

  33. Hahaha I love how you bring down the median age to 40 hahaha, Too funny. Your dressing down is still very cute and pulled together. You might have to take pics of what these sweats-cladden folk!

  34. i pretty much cant survive without it..unless i'm in another country! for whatever reason, when im on vacation i dont miss it at all :)

  35. I love casual outfits and I think a scarft can do a lot to add a chic touch. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

  36. well maybe it's naughty of me but if you can get twitter on your phone maybe that would be a way to sneak in a few minutes of interweb through your day. I think legally you're supposed to be allowed 15 mins break every so often during the work day. That's how you could spend it! I love your girly top and I do like the contrasting feel of the strong black blazer. I don't think you should change how you dress at all. Perhaps you'll become at least one other office persons inspiration.

  37. I love the lace details on the top - so pretty. That pink scarf is so beautiful, I have a similiar one as well. It's funny how this outfit is considered to be "dressing down" ;) Yes - I can't live w/o the interweb either...wonder how people did it back in the old days.

  38. i love your look! i think its perfect for school!
    I hope you visit my blog!:)

  39. really cute outfit. love the contrast of blue and pink. the purse is awesome! :DD


  40. i think this is a great casual business-y outfit....i do the denim + blazer combo all the time :)

    i had no web communication on my trip last week. it SUCKED! i feel/felt so out of touch! so much catching up to do!

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  41. I love this outfit! The blazer, the pink scarf, the top, the bag, the jeans (which seem to fit you perfectly) - just perfect. I use to always get comments about dressing up all the time in the past, but I don't really dress up as much anymore. I miss it, it was fun! You have such great style and you are so cute its ridiculous :)



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