pink tunic top: Old Navy:: piggy skirt: DIY:: tights, clogs: Target::
scarf: Rue 21:: cardi: GAP:: bow belt: DIY, will be available in the shop sooon!
I quit my mentally-stifling job about a month ago and started working back in retail. Though I will confess it makes me a bit sad I'm not teaching or doing scholarly work, I'm quite relieved to have something fun to do instead of staring at a computer screen, wanting to incessantly bash my head. I've been doing part-time work, but it feels like I honestly am working more than that. I barely have time to blog or craft, and I have to deal with dramatic co-workers. UGH.

Why can't we all just do what Fergie does and, you know, don't want no drama?

Because of all this drama, I have to get to work earlier today and won't have time to finish catching up with my much-neglected blog reading. Obviously, I have next to no experience with dealing with overdramatic sorts of people-- I tend to just cut them out of my life-- or I have no sympathy and am really a robot.

How do you deal with drama?


  1. I don't like drama, either! Cut me out, please.

    In other news, your outfit is ridiculously cute and I am jealous that there is sunlight in your photo. We have no sunlight. ._.

  2. i do the exact same thing, just cut them out my life. i can't handle drama, I'm not in high school nor do i like to associate with people who act as if they are in high school. so POOFFF away they go ;-)

    keep your head up, don't ever stress over things you have no control over.

  3. haha, I kind of agree with Larie that you always can take your photos when there's sunlight.

    I do have a great big amount of sun here, but it rains, sometimes at wrong times of the day when I need a photo for the blog. LOL.

    I like the bow on your skirt!

    Hmmm, just ignore the drama? =D

  4. youre so cute in pink, why would anyone give you drama when you are just so friggin adorbs in that outfit! :)

    I deal with it by taking a breather and thinking about the situation slowly, trying not to freak out..sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt :D


  5. Iwork part-time too, but am way busier than when i worked ful-time. Weird how that works! Sorry about the drama :( On the plus side, you look adorable, and I love that belt!

  6. I love all of your buns and bows!!

  7. Good for you for working someplace fun. I am at a private school right now - so I TOTALLY understand the staring at a computer screen wanting to bash my head in repeatedly. You look adorable, and I'm totally loving that skirt on you.

  8. My work is totally full of drama-llamas. I honestly don't deal with it well, I wind up crying it out in the bathroom until I've released the stress. I don't recommend this at all. It definitely makes me appreciate my time NOT at work more, though!

  9. I don't handle drama well. I either start crying (because that's my reaction to everything, apparently), or I just shut down and refuse to speak. Usually it's some combination of the two. SO, I just sit in the corner weeping silently and chewing on my hair for comfort. (I don't REALLY chew on my hair... I just threw that in for ironic dramatic effect).

  10. Argh dramaz - hates it too! So sorry you have to deal with that now, Laura! I feel like Matt and I kinda moved countries because we needed a drama break -- hehehe.
    Lurve all of your skirts -- and piggies?! Even more awesome.
    P.S. I'm leaving for Paris tomorrow and I get to wear/"meet" sly pete then too! I'm seriously just excited about both ;)

  11. I'm like you, I cut people out if they are full of drama. I have no time for that, plus I' am too old for high schoolish behaviour. Grow up I say!
    Your outfit is really cute girl!! Love the skirt especially! I don't really wear skirts, but I like them!

  12. I just try my hardest to ignore it...unfortunately I am also surrounded by it...ugh.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  13. I love your outfit. It's so fun and it's great that you now work in a more fun environment. The drama quotient - ugh those are so un-fun to deal with. I have some special people in my life (teenage daughters) who seem dead set on incorporating drama into my life. Since I can't cut them out of my life, I've learned to disengage. And pills. Lots and lots of pills. I try and keep it on the natural side of life - pharma gaba. But it keeps me from going on a gun spree. Alright, I may be over-exaggerating. Or not. You'll never really know because I don't really know. But! The point is, disengage. If no one is engaging them, there can't be any drama. Yes, there will still be some fall out to deal with but it's a lot less traumatizing than the actual drama. And happy pills. Keep yourself stocked with them.

  14. Your outfit is so much fun..
    i love the bow around your waist..


  15. Kudos for quitting your bad, mundane job! Very brave of you.

    Love the scarf. It goes well with this outfit.


  16. I like the bow belt. I think the best response to work drama is to try to ignore it.

  17. I don't talk to dramatic people. I just ignore them and cut them out of my life. Love the bow belt!

  18. I cut my own sister out of my life because of drama.

  19. I hit the delete button. LOL That pink looks beautiful on you Laura. Love the print in that skirt and thank you for your kind words. ((HUG))

  20. OMG you are so cute!!! I can barely stand it. I love this whole thing.


  21. Drama is just one of those things in life that you can never get use to. I've encounter drama at almost every job I've been at, I don't know when it happened but at one point I just didn't care anymore. At the end of the day it's just a job, 9-5 and come home to my family. I think the best way is to just ignore it, like you've done here, and walk away. We are just too good for them!

    In any case, I am loving this outfit - pink, white, and bows - so GORG =) Now let me see that smile sweetie, one more day till the weekend!

  22. as i get older, i try to avoid drama at ALL costs. i just hate it, and it's not worth my time. some people are filled with it, and i don't really want them in my life.. so i hear ya on nixing them out!

    cute outfit by the way.. love the pink!

    xo, Jill

  23. Laura, I hear you, sister, no room or time for drama! Life is too short, lady. You look cute as a button, by the way! The piggy print on the skirt is just adorable and the bow belt is even more adorable, if that's possible. I'm happy you're doing something that doesn't rob you too much of your mental energy. Good for you! :)

  24. I was wondering about how your job was going. I think that if you're miserable in a job you thought you'd like getting out is the very best option. I don't know how to deal with drama either. I usually just try to stay away!

  25. I don't like drama either! Glad to hear your new job is fun, hope things settle down in the new year so you have more time for blogging/your lovely shop! Love the bow belt you've made :) x

  26. The Drama Llama always strikes in retail environments. I always recommend playing dumb especially when one of you co workers wants to gossip about another co worker with you. Play dumb seem very uninteresting and if all else fails find something to fold/windex etc lol :)

  27. Drama makes my tummy hurt! Or I break out in cold sweats. I hate drama and conflict big time, but haven't found a way to deal with it effectively :(
    I love your outfit, it is so cute! The skirt is beautiful.


  28. Ugh drama is the WORST. I am LOVING your adorable bow belt though! I have to DIY me one of those, too! ;)

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend! :)

    sorelle in style

  29. What...you quit that job grading the standardized exams??? Good for you! Now on to dealing with dramatic people, they're just like cliquey people so I just ignore them :) Don't get caught up in the drama, just do your own thing.

  30. Love this outfit, the pink is so cute. I'm not great at drama. I tend to just ignore those people, and avoid them as much as possible. THe nice thing about a desk job is that you can generally avoid talking to people you don't want to.

  31. You look adorable! I'm with you - I just cut those drama-causing people out of my life, if possible. Otherwise, I ignore/avoid. I have NO patience for drama. Good luck with everything:)

  32. Ugh, I hate drama. I usually just ignore them. I think you've done the right thing. You look so adorable. Your blog is amazing.

    I'm following you, dear. I'd be flattered if you could follow me too :)

    Pose Posh Post

  33. Oh no, I hated working retail. Especially at Christmas!!! I tend to ignore drama and hope it ignores me :)
    Pretty outfit, especially your scarf!

  34. I dislike overdramatic people too, can't handle the amount of drama. Like there aren't people with real problems in this world...

    But on a lighter note, I really like your outfit, the colours and everything look amazing on you. And I love every detail :) xoxo

  35. Drama at work is the pits, sorry to hear you're dealing with it right now. I try to just make sure its behind me when I leave work at night. Thirty minutes of a favorite stress-relieving activity helps too!

    At least you look adorable today, love the bow, and printed skirt with white tights!!

  36. such cute adorable pieces you have. I especially adore your tights!! <3
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  37. Sometimes you definitely feel busier not working than working full time! Ugh, I need a job :P although office politics are the worst. This skirt is really cute, and so is your bow belt! Can't wait to see it in the shop soon.

  38. just smile. uh huh. nod. yes. repeat.

    i'm pretty tolerant, but when someone is constantly irking me, my face certainly shows it!


  39. I love all the pinks in this outfit! Cute! And that's probably how I will cope with overdramatic people too- just cut them out of our life. I think we have too little time for happy things than to deal with other people's drama. Hope u have fun at your new job!

    Fang Ting

  40. I don't deal with drama or stupidity. Period. I guess that's why I have so few friends. I just don't tolerate nonsense or childishness and I will cut people off without a second thought. People think I am a cold hearted B and you know what? That's ok. I am happy about it and I don't need the extra stress :) Just keep doing what you're doing doll.

  41. X them out! I have learned. They say you meet a persons representive first then the real monster rears it's head lol...I hate people who suck the life,joy out of others ugh!

    Hey that lust list of mine, the fox stole. That's actually sewn onto the shirt! real thin felt fabric hint hint...You could make them and sell them and I could buy one LOL without the 100.00 price tag..

  42. i don't like drama either but i LOVE your outfit! your pink dress is divine and i ADORE that you added that giant bow so cute laura!!

  43. I rather just ignore it or find somewhere else to go/work. Or just tell the person, look I'm not interested in this.. but what I've learned is that some people love drama so much they create it.. and unless you really care about the person.. its not worth your time so just ignore them or drop them... good luck! You look cute :)

  44. i act like it doesn't bother me in the presence of those causing the drama. kill em with kindness! bahahaha.
    ps: i wore the outfit from wednesday you posted!!! I'm a stealerrr

  45. I avoid drama like the plague!
    That skirt is so frikkin cute!! Love the piggy pattern =)

  46. Ugh, overdramatic on TV is nice, but not in real life!
    Anyway Laura, I'm tagging you in my newest Four Questions post. Please check it out, ok. ^_^

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  47. I really really love this cute little outfit. The mix of pink, white, and black is great. That bow belt is amazing and I'm loving the pattern on your skirt too.

  48. A piggy skirt! Now that is sweet :) Speaking of sweet, I love the extra sweetness your lace scarf and polka dot tights add to this outfit.

  49. your bowtie belt is adorable! :)


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  50. That bow belt is fantastic! Lovely colors, too!

  51. I hate listening to self-made problems. I just want some positive vibes and be jolly like it's Christmas.

    It's not that hard to deal with, it's easy to ignore. I think.

  52. Beautiful outfit - loving the scarf! I also deal with drama by cutting them out & focusing on other things :)

  53. No advice on the work/drama front - as I struggle to cope with that too, but I will say I Love your tights. The texture is so cute. (Yeah, it seems kinda trite compared to the rest, but still...)

  54. Ugh, drama is so very annoying! I would say cut the drama causers out of the picture- you have better things to be focusing your time and energy on!

    star-crossed smile

  55. the piggy paperwrap skirt is super cute on you!!! I can't believe it's DIY, your talent and creativeness is endless!!

  56. Loving me some pattern clashing & color!

    So glad I found your blog through a friend.



    www.ChicOverload.com (my blog!)

  57. PRECIOUS!! You are always so adorable. And yeah part time can be killer! Anyway lawdie lawd do you look adorb c:


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