Rhubarb crumble. 

Just a quickie to assure you that I'm alive and well. I'm just recharging my batteries a bit since the past week has really burned me out. Long hours of playing Professor Layton and the Last Spectre can really do that to you, ya know? 

In all seriousness, I've been really busy with work and just catching up with friends here and there. I'm also trying to spend more time with my husband now that he's a bit free because of winter break. My baby (le blog) turned one yesterday, and I kinda forgot about it because I was ballz-tired and just plonked on my bed and hibernated. Don't worry though, I am planning on some festivities and surprises soon for the anniversary and my upcoming birthday! (hint, hint: Pressies, everyone, PRESSIES!

But for now, I am leaving you with these delicious morsels of delights (from quite a while back).

I was quite amused with the size of this spoon. I'm holding it up to my face for comparison.
Granted I have a HUGE head, the spoon is still big.
Black Forest Cake Coffee. For Bella, of course.
A HUGE brownie surprise. Complete with whipped cream, homemade vanilla ice cream,
hot fudge, nuts, and a cherry on top!
Happy New Year, everyone! 


  1. Your eye makeup looks Amazing in these photos! That food looks amazing too but not as good as your eye makeup lol. I hope you had an Amazing Christmas and I hope you got spoiled with gifts!

  2. Happy New Year!!!! that's yum yum yummmmmmy! and you look so pretttttyyyyy!

  3. Haha, that is a pretty big spoon (but I do love big spoons for some reason) Glad you've been having a nice holiday! I am totally ready for this coming weekend to unwind a little (no New Year plans for this boring gal)

  4. Glad you are enjoying your time off and recharging your batteries. We all need that every now and then. That spoon is HUGE! Happy New Year Laura :)

  5. Hi Laura!!! I feel like I've been away from blogland forever too -- I'm so glad you took a much-needed break! Matt and I just ate a rhubarb crumble here in Edinburgh and yours looks much much better. The Brits do better with their fruitcake and booze desserts ;)
    I hope you and your hubs have a wonderful, wonderful New Year!

    p.s. Cath and I also have huge heads -- we've always said it allows us to fit in our very large brains - buahahaha!

  6. Haha I love the picture with the spoon! I've been a bit absent from updating my blog this last week too. Happy blog birthday for yesterday! Hope you've had a fabulous Christmas and have a great new year too! :) x

  7. OMG you have the best foodie post!

    happy new year hun!!

  8. I hope you're enjoying your well earned time off!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. oh how delicious does all that look!mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...you big tease you! :D


  10. I love rhubarb :D

    Happy blog birthday :D And happy new year!

  11. Hey, we all have to take a break now and then! Happy Blog Birthday! Your blog has become one of my daily reads :)

    Love the desert pics, but they made my tummy rumble. Off to eat...again...

    What Lola Wants

  12. Looks so delicious! I have food photos in my latest post too ;) Happy New Year! xoxo

  13. You're totally mailing me a rhubarb crumble, right? That sounds the best thing ever right now. So hungry for dessert!

    And yay, happy blogiversary... blogirthday? Hahahaha.

  14. Haha I can't agree more about Professor Layton! I just can't sleep well if I can't solve the puzzles. haha. Hey looks like you are having a really good holiday break! It has been an amazing 2011 following your blog. Here's to more awesome blogging years ahead babe! Happy 2012!

    Fang Ting

  15. Ballz tired...I'm stealing that because that's exactly how I've felt all week. That rhubarb crumble looks soo good, I discovered I like rhubarb this year. Happy Blogversary and New Year!

  16. I hope you are well rested and had a lovely christmas time! Enjoy your new year celebrations! And any other delicious cakes that I hope go your way! ;) Zoë x

  17. Love the smokey eye my dear ;) I have missed you! Here's hoping 2012 brings you lots of joy and happiness!

  18. That looks friking amazing! Delicious.

  19. Oh don't tempt a gal with that brownie deliciousness-yum and yum! Happy 1 year blog-aversary-how exciting! (and Happy New Year :)

  20. Loving the smokey eye on you girl! I have a big head too, but yes-that spoon is HUGE.
    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  21. Happy New Year, Laura! Andddd, Happy Blog Birthday! I do hope that brownie sundae was as good as it looks :)

  22. Happy New Year Laura! I am glad you've taken a few days off to recharge and wow does that dessert look absolutely delicious! SO....I went a 2nd shopping spree and this time I did come home with a few goodies... hehe!

  23. Lady, I love your makeup in these photos! And that brownie sundae...I love that too! See what you've done! Now I'm craving chocolate! :)

  24. is it sad that i totally recognize that brownie sundae from the courier?! omg i loooove their hot fudge sauce~!!!!


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