Who Wants to Be My Twin? Taryn Zhang giveaway--CLOSED


A couple weeks ago, I was very lucky to win a fabulous giveaway for gorgeous purse hooks by Taryn Zhang. Though Sunny may not know this, her blog was actually one of the first blogs I had ever read back in 2009. Back then, I still followed blogs anonymously because I was a bit shy and never commented anyway. But I was really inspired by her ambition to launch her own line of gorgeous handbags.

So I am really excited to have the opportunity to give one of my readers a chance to be my purse hook twin! Sunny sent 2 of these lovely babies to me: one for me and one for a lucky reader! I haven't stopped using these hooks since I received them. They're magnetic, so the little actual hooks folds around neatly and stays in place. It comes in a gorgeous velveteen pouch, so I know exactly where it is in my purse. And the design is just very simple and chic. Perfect for any occasion.

This is going to be a slightly different giveaway from the ones I've had before, though. I want to give this to a special follower who will really put the hook to good use. It's a really gorgeous item, and I would hate to see it shoved in a drawer gathering dust.

To enter the giveaway you have to:
1. Be a follower of my blog on GFC or Bloglovin. 
2. Leave a comment below telling me why you should win the giveaway. 

The giveaway ends on Sunday, January 29, 2012 at 7:00 pm Central Time. I will pick the winner based on the answers and will announce it on either January 30 or 31.

Be genuine and make me laugh!

Good luck! 


  1. I'm a follower - and, aside from just thinking this is a really cool giveaway and a great product, I really, really want to be twinsies! I mean, more so than we already are with our leopard print scarves.


  2. i have a purse holder just like that, i love it

  3. I'm a follower and i'd love to enter!

    The reason why I want to win is because I was given a bag hook/holder for my birthday back in September but with the hassle of moving to America and running out of space it was one of the items that was forgotten and left behind. With all our trips upon the road I could make excellent use of them in bathrooms and hotels [cuz some of them are ikky! hehe].

  4. Ok this is too funny. My mother-in-law was gifted one of these for Christmas but there were no instructions and none of us had ever seen one before. It took us about 30 minutes to figure out it was a purse holder in the end. I'm so glad to see we were guessing right. They are gorgeous but sadly, I don't typically cover purses if I can get away with it. Which, if you think about it is really truly odd considering I have a *thing* for handbags/purses/clutches etc etc...Goodness - what's wrong with me? I'm really missing out. Have fun with the give away! These are too cool in person people. Sign up sign up sign up!!!

  5. i follow!
    and we're twins already (via similar outfits we wear) so this will enhance our twiness...like Jem and her earrings, when she said, "Showtime, Synenergy!"

  6. I follow!
    I would love love love to have this in my purse! I've seen these all over the place but have yet to purchase one. I would love one and I've never won anything from blogs before!!!

    BTW, have I mentioned, I love your blog??!!??!!

  7. Oh, good luck to the winner and I've been a silent reader to some blogs as well. Nearing borderline stalker. Haha!

  8. I follow you! And I should win the giveaway because I am the biggest germaphobe EVER, and even the thought of putting my purse on the floor at some shady dive restaurant gives me shivers up my spine. I'm surprised I haven't got like a million of these as gifts already.

  9. I am already your stalker but to follow protocol - yes I am your follower ;)

    Reasons why Thu should win this and be Laura's twin:

    1. I name all my bags: Coach are Coachie, Rebecca Minkoffs are Minkies - you get the picture.

    2. When my kids or hubby bumps, touch, or sit on my bags/babies they have to apologize to it, ex. Sorry Minkie.

    3. My bags are my babies so they NEVER go on the floor - always on my lap!

    4. After every use I delicately put them in their designated dust bag to be put away safely.

    YES - I am a bag freak therefore this hook will be of utmost use to me =)

    Have a great weekend L!

  10. Am following you on GFC of course! hehe

    And I desperately need to hang up my bag, otherwise I end up either a. putting it on the manky food court floor, or b. hanging the bag off my knee whilst I munch :)

    Such a great giveaway lovely

    Talitha xx

  11. A friend of mine has one of these and it seems so useful, but I haven't splurged and bought one yet so this would be super awesome.
    I thought I was already following you via GFC but I for reals am now.

  12. I've never even heard about these before (yep, that's how behind in EVERYTHING we are in Finland) but this just looks so cool. And why should I win? I believe we're so much twinsies at heart - from what I've heard - that it's about time it would actually show through ;)

    Have an awesome weekend, hun! xoxo ♥

  13. Ohhhh so that's what those are! I actually own one already (was from a volunteer organization) but I never knew what it was. Thanks for showing us and good luck to the winner :)

  14. I'm a follower and I think this is really cool. I'm not one for pricy bags because I set it all over the place. The bottom gets dirty and I never properly clean it. A purse hook would be so posh. I can see myself using it all over the place. How awesome would it be to not have to put your tote on the ground? I use totes for school and my white tote is now... grey.

  15. I really can't compete with any of these answers lol.
    Fabulous purse hooks and congrats to you for winning them!

  16. Well...who wouldn't want to be twinsies with you? Plus, it's a fabulous hook and it's magnetic? You can't get any better than that. Plus, having a purse hook, you don't have to put your purse on a dirty floor, on the back of a chair (for some weirdo to try and steal), and it will always be near you. Good luck to everyone :)


  17. I want to be twinsies with you! :D You're freaking awesome :)

    Hmm, this is magnetic?! how cool is that! I'd love to win this so I won't have to squish my purse behind my back when I eat. It's back breaking labor to multitask when I'm stuffing food in my mouth and my back having to contour around the hard edges of my stuff inside the purse :p

  18. love it! good ideas a much fun!


  19. Purse hooks totally rock...I'm excited for the chance to win ;) Love love LOVE your bow necklaces...you are such a creative lady!

    <3 Cambria

  20. these hooks are really cool, very popular in Japan!

    I tagged you by the way please check it out when you have the time ^^;;

  21. Great giveaway Laura! It looks really cool. I don´t know if the giveaway is international. If it is I would like to be twin, because I have never seen one before so first of all I would have to look for the instructions, but at the end I would find out about them. <3<3

  22. My BFF's mom has a similar purse holder an dI've been coveting hers for years- I'd love to win one of my own :

  23. Taryn Zhang is so talented yea. I have seen some of her bag designs. She is so meticulous. That is a nice bag hook. I need one for my new Kate spade bag I got as a christmas present. haha..


  24. You are too cute! I should win the giveaway because my pretty bags are just too fab to sit on the floor in any sort of restaurant :)

  25. I'm not sure it would hold a purse that weighs fifty pounds because of all the "kid" junk I have to carry around but I will for sure clean out my purse so that I can accomadate such a wonderful piece of art with my bag :) I follow with GF.

  26. I should win because it'd make a great gift for my 75 year old grandma, a sweet old lady who uses WASHING HOOKS (the asian ones, from the markets) to hook her purse and bag up off the floor when we all drink tea together. She would totally love something like this hook, that's made especially for hooking handbags off the floor, rather than the pink plastic hook she carries in her bag!

    And no worries, I'll definitely teach her how to use this...uh...complex "gadget" !


    Enter me!
    lorence_f [at] hotmail.com

  27. I think I left my pursehook in a purse that I brought to goodwill....I want another one...this one....you are getting sleepy....when you awake you will choose badbarbara...... :)

  28. hey Laura :)
    i'd like to enter.
    what a great gadget! i think not just me, everyone should have one!
    i think i should win this because i am extremely clumsy person. -_-;;
    i hate laying my purse on the restaurant floor due to lack of space or the restaurant chair is impossible for me to hang my purse (you know what i mean. ^-^;;), and i almost always drop my bag (and even worse, stumble on it) while i am eating..putting your purse on you lap and cover it with napkin while you're in a restaurant is no fun at all! ;p

  29. GFC: gaby
    Bloglovin': Gab Juk
    Email: gabjuk@hotmail.com

    I really need this stuff! :-)


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