Review of HANA 1.5" Flat Iron from Misikko

A couple weeks ago, however, I was contacted by to try one of their HANA flat irons, and as soon as I received the large package, I have been using the HANA 1.5" Titanium Flat Iron, which I now refer to as Robin, my trusty sidekick. (Because we all know, I am totally a Batman)

Just to clarify before I go into the review: I am not a hair professional. Nor am I an expert in anything hair-related, but I've tried a lot of hair tools before. My hair is extremely thick and very hard to curl no matter how much product I put in it. Though my hair looks naturally-straight, it actually has a slight wave to it, which means it's quite poofy unless I get it thinned out. I'd also like to add that this iron was given to me for review by, but all my honest opinions are 100% mine.

On to the review:

I want to talk about how quick my package was to get to me. It took 3 days to get my flat iron to me. 3 days. I was definitely impressed. I was also really surprised at how lovely the packaging was. The large box was carefully padded and filled with extra pampering goodies like towels, mini hair product samples, brushes, and makeup. Opening the box up was a treat in itself. Just look at all these goodies!!!


The flat iron itself came in a very sturdy tin, which makes it very convenient to store (no tangled wires anymore!) and a handy and sleek travel case.

Next, let's talk about the iron itself:


I got the 1.5" HANA Titanium iron. The specs are pretty impressive. The iron heats up to 450 degrees, which makes styling  my stubborn hair a total dream! My hair actually stays styled because of this! Because the plates are titanium, the surface of the iron is always smooth, and the heat is evenly distributed. I've spent a lot of money on flat irons before, and this is the first iron that I've used where my hair has never snagged while styling. 

Wanna see the iron in action? Here is how my hair normally looks like after air-drying:


Notice the wave at the ends of my hair? Also, you can't see it, but I also have slight frizz everywhere. After a quick 5 minutes with my flat iron...


Voila, super sleek, straight hair with no frizz. 

I do have to say, though, as much as I love the sleek look, I am more enamored with the curly look I can create with this flat iron especially because of it curved edges! 


I'm telling you, it only took 5 minutes with a quality iron! 

Verdict: I absolutely LOVE my HANA flat iron. I have been using it religiously since the day I got it, and can see myself using it for a very long, long time. I am impressed at its versatility to create different looks as well as its high quality performance and keeping my hair look and feel healthy. 

If you're looking to invest in a quality hair tool, I recommend getting a flat iron over a curling iron. Why? because you get more bang for your buck with the flat iron-- you can straighten AND curl with this baby. I also recommend investing in a lovely one like my HANA Titanium iron because it works extremely well and will definitely last you a long time. 

If you're looking for a present for yourself or a loved one (Valentine's day is right around the corner!) offers tons of hair products like HANA salon (which is made in Korea) or the ever-popular CHI irons

What hair tools do you use? 


  1. Cute :) Your hair turned out great.

  2. WOW those curls look carpet worthy :)

    <3 Cambria

  3. Looks fab!!! Love the curls in your hair <3

  4. Haha, air dried hair makes you make scrunchie faces ;P

    I love love the curls you get with this iron. I'm still chugging along with a curling iron I've had for an unreasonably long time, but usually don't do heat styling at all (except for a blow dryer on the weekends, which I really should be getting a new one of those, too...)

  5. You did an awesome job on your hair with this flat iron! I have the same one at home that I need to review... I currently use a 1" HAI ceramic flat iron so we'll see how it differs from the titanium.

  6. I so desperately need to invest in a quality flatiron and I keep hearing such great things about this one...

    Courtney ~

  7. This looks like a great hair iron, I love the packaging and how it comes with some extra goodies :) A travel case is always handy too! The curls in your hair looks gorgeous! x

  8. this is inspiring cause i suck at hair styling of any sort. ;(
    i don't have any toos except for a very laud hair drier. lol
    i wanted to get a curling iron but this sounds very good. i didn't even know you can get your hair curled with flat iron. (doh)
    you look great! love the curly hair. ;)

  9. Wow great iron especially impressed with how well it curls, my CHI can't pull those type of big bouncy curls off just tee tiny ones.!

  10. Ouhh, pretty hair :) I just got a curling iron but it doesn't hold long cause my hair is long/heavy.. :(
    I guess I just need hairspray

  11. Your hair looks great flat as well as curly. I love to curl my hair with my flat iron.

    How do you get all these products to review? It's so cool!


  12. You are so beautiful with your hair curled like that! Fabulous! This sounds like the kind of tool I would use for my hair :) xoxo ♥

  13. Whoa, look at all that stuff! I love e.l.f. products. I use my flat iron to curl, too! I'm pretty sure it curls better than my T3 curling iron, ha!

  14. I have heard this tool around the cyber world - you look lovely in curls!! I love my GHDs!

  15. I def. agree. you get more bang for your buck with a flat iron b/c of its dual use. I had a CHI one and a Sultra one and love them both. You look gorgeous with the cute curls, you should do it more often!

  16. It did a great job! I've heard nothing but wonderful reviews about this product.

  17. ohhh I love your hairs like that, very nice
    continue to be yourself
    see u soon
    laura from France


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