Dead Tired

dress: thrifted::cardi: gift, Aeropostale::velvet flats:Old Navy::
key necklace: Forever 21::

A light Thai soup-- appetizer for a huge meal (not pictured, but was very delicious, thanks)
Thai Iced Tea. No Thai adventure is complete without it. 
Don't freak out. It's just fried birthday cake. Yes, you heard me right. I freaked out at first.
Then took a bite. It was insanely delicious. 

I usually take my outfit photos before I go on my daily adventures be it work or play. There's a simple answer to why I do that-- because I'm a total mess at the end of the day. My skin gets very oily, so I have this not so lovely sheen all over my face by 5:00 pm. Also, I tend to move around a lot, so my clothing gets extremely wrinkly very quickly. But sometimes, there just isn't enough time in the morning to get photos taken.

These pictures were snapped in the evening after a full day of work. We pick up our comics pull list at this amazing little comic book store with walls of posters. I always like to pose in front of the Marvel wall because the DC posters are up a bit too high for me. ;)

When do you take your outfit photos? 
What are your favorite comics?
Same thing, really.


  1. Hahaha! Totally the same thing! And I'm just like you, Laura. I have to take the photos first thing or I look disheveled by the end of the day and my eye make-up has slid halfway up my eyelid. You do NOT look sheen-y at all though or nearly as frumpled as I do (there is no photographic evidence for good reason).
    Fried food. I never bat an eyelash. Fried mars bar (a Scottish favorite), fried oreos, deep-fried Krispy Kreme (yes, doubly friend), I do it all. If I had a slice of birthday cake, I would bring it along to our local fish and chip and have them fry it. Sounds amazing!!! None of that is obviously on any sort of cleansing diet, but I feel like if you eat enough kale and sprouts, a little batter never hurt anyone, right?
    Love your thrifted dress and the blues together... makes me think I should make an effort and get out of my sweatpants (current outfit).

  2. Laura, that is the cutest jean dress. I love the cut and details around the neckline. Looks sweet on you!

  3. I love the colour of your cardigan :) I'm intrigued by fried birthday cake! I've tried fried pizza when I've been in Scotland and though it doesn't sound too appetising it tastes amazing!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  4. I kind of need some fried birthday cake immediately. I don't like a lot of fried foods (even back when I ate meat, fried chicken was right out) but this looks delicious.
    I think for an end of the day shot, you still look basically amazing. I look that wrinkled before I even walk out the door, lol. When I do venture into taking outfit shots, though, I do try and do so before I go out. Makeup, too.

  5. That dress has such a great silhouette and it's perfect in denim. I usually take my outfit pictures at the end of the day because I am never prepared enough in the morning.

  6. That fried birthday cake looks interesting! I'm a bit of a Cpt America fan so i'm rather looking forward to The Avengers film coming out in May which helps because my boy's a comic geek. Seriously on a Wednesday he's all about comics - I totally loose track what he reads but it seems like everything!

  7. I do my photos in the mornings usually as well but you look pretty good for it being the end of the day. Much better than I usually do. Plus I'm usually rocking a pretty cranky attitude by the end of the day.

    Courtney ~

  8. Fried birthday cake? Holy moly. And I...don't know where to take outfit photos, which is why I rarely post them! Maybe when the weather warms up!

  9. Fried BD cake!! Haha-man you can deep fry anything, hey? Love blue on you!

  10. You look cute, I love this shade of blue, it looks lovely on you. Actually I'm such a stan for that color that I honestly feel that it looks awesome on everyone, everyoonnne. Thai soup and Thai iced tea are literally two of my favorite things in the entire world. I could drink just Thai iced tea for the rest of my life and be a happy girl, it's so good. Fried birthday cake? Holy crap.

    Ideally, if I took pictures, I'd probably take my pictures mid-day since I like the way my makeup looks when I've settled into it a little bit but by the end of the day my hair starts to look like crap and my mascara starts to flake (I really need a new mascara). I love comic book stores, they are so much fun. I recently bought some comic books after a long hiatus of comic book buying. My boyfriend and I sat in the comic book store reading comics for a good 2 hours, it was good times.


  11. i've come to realize that you can fry just about anything! i have never come across fried cake, though!!

    i take my pics throughout the day, whenever i can squeeze it in...usually ends up to be when i leave work. weekends i try to take them in the morning.


  12. You look amazing. I love the beautiful color of your cardigan.

    Fried birthday cake? Mmm.. I'm intrigued.

  13. I take my photos whenever I happen to have time - which usually is around 11pm and I end up looking worse in the pictures than I do in real life. Oh, well. :D My favourite comic is probably (if manga counts) Chii's Sweet Home. It's a bit silly, really, but I do love it.

    And, you're looking so pretty in blue :) xoxo ♥

  14. I usually ask my husband to snap photos of me on the weekend, I'm usually too lazy to set up the tripod :) Love your photos, and I need to try fried b-day cake ASAP!

    What Lola Wants

  15. I usually take my pictures before work in the morning. If I wait until after work, they won't get done.

  16. I like to try to take my outfit photos before I get disheveled, but when I can't I just tell myself I'm being more real documenting my wrinkles, oily skin and such. That is such a lovely chambray dress. Do I detect a pocket? :)

  17. I love Betty & Veronica comics- do they count? :) You look so cute- I also feel blah after work but that's usually when I have time to take photos. Mmm I had deep fried bananas the other day- give me anything deep fried and I'm laughing!

  18. I usually take my outfit photos around 3 or 4, of if I can the hour before the sunsets (the magic hour) just because the lighting is absolutely beautiful! I think you look adorable Laura. I love the monochromatic palette of your outfit, it's just lovely.

  19. You don't look tired in the pictures. You look cute, I like that baby doll dress. I have the same problem with my skin at the end of the day, my make up gets all gluey. So I always take my pictures first thing in the morning which is always not the idea lighting though. I like japanese comics, Especially the girly ones.They are highly addictive. I try not to start otherwise I have to get the whole series which can be expensive. So I read the older series online. Or get them at the thrift store.


  20. awww u still look lovely even after a long day at work!! the thai iced tea looks delicious. i agree, it is a must if i am ever having thai food :D

  21. I think you look amazing for the end of the day! By the end of the day, I'm a sloppy mess. I always take my pictures first thing in the morning when my makeup is fresh and my hair isn't quite as frizzy. I'm pretty much unrecognizable by the end of the day... hahaha.

  22. I don't like to take mine at the end of the day either. I'm usually a not-so-hot mess by then. I just downloaded a comics app for my iPhone, where apparently I can read Walking Dead for free, so I'm going to check that out!

  23. i take them as soon as i finish putting my makeup on!! haha because after about an hour my hair has fallen and my face is really shiny hahahaha!

    you look fabulous though i LOVE LOVE that dress on you so cute! i can't believe you got that at a thrift store it's so cute!

  24. These days I don't really schedule my photos anymore, just whenever I can grab hubby away from his cousins during their reunion! I love the dress, how awesome that it was thirfted!

    The food look insanely delish, fried ice cream AND thai ice tea!

    p.s. I saw a Korean BBQ taco truck in FL and was SO excited to find that the shack is closed b/c owner was on vaca, um hello, put your truck away please and don't intice me if you are not open! So annoying!

  25. Laura, it doesn't matter when you take your photos, morning or late afternoon, you always look lovely. I wish I looked half as good as you do when I'm tired! And now, pass the fried birthday cake! OMG, that looks good! You eat the best food, lady! :)


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