Holy Balls, I'm Old.

velvet blazer: thrifted:: polka dot jumper:Old Navy::black jeggings: Target::
studded collar: DIY :: bow wedges:Deena & Ozzy::


Over the weekend, my friends and I went to see "The Hunger Games." I had been eagerly anticipating this movie because I have a huge crush on Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, the kid guy who played Peeta.

After the movie, we all went to dinner to discuss the film and pick it apart, comparing the cinematic version to the book. In the midst of a thrilling conversation on the power of narration and the brilliance in executing a much more moviegoer-friendly point of view, I happened to wax (drunken) poetic about the gorgeousness of Peeta Mellark.

"Laura, you do know the kid is, like, 14 right?" (He's not, but close enough)
"NO. FREAKING. WAY." frantically checking IMDB on my phone
(shrieks)"holy balls. He was the kid from 'Bridge to Terabithia' and the little child in 'Zathura.' And he was born in 1992."

I have never felt so old in my life.


  1. Haha, I still contend it's ok. Maybe. Not really, but I don't care. I mean he's even short, how perfect is that for my shortness?? I'm just making excuses now :X

    I LOVE your hair in this. You must tell sometime how you did it. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to get all behind my head like that.

  2. well the good thing is it makes josh 20 and not 14 though! haha.. i know feeling old sucks!

    p.s. LOVE this outfit. so cute, and that sweater is perfect!

  3. Well, you don't look old. Let's all focus on that aspect of this. That and the awesome polka dot top and collar you're sporting.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  4. See and I read this and think "Holier balls, I'm older!" Man, I've got more than a decade on that kid.

    I agree with Cassykins, your hair looks so cute!

  5. ROFL - the part of the Hunger Games that made me feel old was all the 17 year olds in the theatre while I was there!

    LOVE your polka dot top!!

  6. This look sick dress code. Hope you get something different.

    try something different styliesh and trendy handbags

  7. Woman you are not old...if you want the face of a geriatric just come to my blog. :)

  8. Hehe....that sounds like a conversation I had with one of my friends with The Prisoner of Azkaban came out...I will shamelessly admit:)

    Your outfit is perfect...polka dots with a jean shirt underneath - <3 it! I agree with everyone else..your hair looks gorgeous!!

  9. Oh I know this feeling. Every new actor/actress, or singer, seems to be younger than me nowadays! And I'm not even that old.
    By the way, loved you sweater! You look great!
    Thank you once again for commenting on my blog!

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

  10. Haha! I feel the same with all the kid music groups that are out there these days. I'm only mid twenty but they make me feel ancient!

  11. Haha I'm glad I was not the only one having these thoughts! He was indeed wonderful to behold.

  12. HaHaHa Laura! You cougar! LOL :D

  13. I loveee your braids! The sweater is such a cute statement - you look young, if anything!!! Btw, I noticed you changed your banner - so cute ;)

  14. Haha ahh no! Hope you enjoyed the film :) I love the polka dots with the collar!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  15. Oh really? He looks older for his age! Who cares anyways, age doesn't play in love ;).
    I still need to go see the movie! Am at about half way of the second book right now, it's much better than the first one, at least I can't imagine how this one will finish yet!
    Love the polka dots :)

  16. Hahahaha. Really? 1992? I didn't even think about that.

    I want to see the movie but I think it can wait until it comes out on DVD.

  17. He's over 18 hes still legal ;) lol I feel where your coming from one of my sisters was born in 92 and she makes me feel old all the time.. lol

    Beauty Flawed

  18. I know what you mean, I feel old all the time, to think in only a months time I will be 27. Let's just hope the curse of the 27 doesn't come to get me, although I'm not a famous musician so I'm probably okay (let's hope). You look really cute, I love the braid in your hair and the polka dots.


  19. Cute polka dots! I love this trend.

  20. First time on your blog and your store and I love both! I'm following you now and I just Favorited your store! :)


  21. HAHA! My sister, who is 27, also has a crush crush on him! It doesn't matter! He's LEGAL!
    I knew he was in Bridge to Terabithia, because he was a great actor then... Always loved that book!

  22. Hahahahaha!!! I can totally relate. It's ridiculous how young these cute kid stars are. I remember when Harry Potter started growing up and getting hot. I felt like I could be his mom or something and here was turning really cute! lol

  23. Hi laura!
    I haven't been on here in a while, I'm loving your new blog layout!
    love the outfit, and I can't wait to watch the hunger games, I'm going tomorrow :D
    ([p.s, I was born in 1992 :')])
    Rosie xo

  24. LOVE your polka dots! And can't wait to see the Hunger Games - Gale looks pretty darn good to me :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  25. YOU have never felt so old? Oh Laura...I am 31 and my brother is 23. when he told me the span of generations x, y, z, and so forth...that was when I felt OLD

  26. lol. That is an awesome story. I too am old and totally know what you mean.

    In other news, that studded color with the polka dot sweater is frickin' brilliant.

  27. so, i am pretty much smitten with this outfit. this is the second velvet blazer i've seen on the blogosphere today and it's really making me want one. i seem to always whine to you about not having blazers. hah! for me it seems that nice ones (that also fit properly) are really hard to come by. anywho, looking good, lady!

    p.s. this and your previous post are giving me serious long hair envy. YOUR SIDE BRAID! i do like my hair shorter and all (cutting it was a nice, fresh change), but sometimes i just want it super long again :D

  28. The day that my friend who was born in the 90's got her driver's license BLEW MY MIND! I know it can only get worse from here.
    Love the polka dotted top :)

  29. I know! My little sis pointed it out. And now I feel gross, haha

  30. Oh dear. Now I feel old too. That's ok...my biggest crush was on Seneca, weirdly enough :D

    <3 Cambria

  31. I am dying to see the hunger games. I must try to make it there this upcoming weekend.

    You always look so adorable. I love your polka dots.

    Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  32. I totally know what you mean, I always say how gorgeous these korean actors are and they are like in their early 20s! My friends say I am after "fresh meat" ;)

    I didn't like Josh when he was in Journey 2 with the Rock but in Hunger Games he was a lot better. In general, I guess because I LOVED HG trilogy so much, I had higher hopes for the movie and so it didn't meet my bar.

  33. I don't know how old you are, but you are not old! I thought the actor who played Gale is cute, which seems a little funny since he is 10 years younger than me.

  34. aahhh, Laura, we share the same pain..
    all of my idols and biases are seem younger than me
    I feel like a cougar. LOL

    we do tho, must keep our spirit and heart young forever!
    age is just a number anyway

    love your polkadot sweater
    so adorable!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  35. hahaha! btw, i like the studs in your detachable collar, so cute!


  36. I have the same sweater! Love the way you're wearing it here- you're such a cutie! :) Haha, and hilarious story- I had no idea he was so young either!

  37. Hahah that's like me with Justin Bieber- just give him a few more years :) I love the polka dots and adorable glasses!

  38. Age is only a number dear!! And, you don't look a day past 20! Work the polka dots

  39. Haha. Love the braid btw - I'm rocking a french braid today. Must be the influence of Katniss...

  40. whatever Laura, you look like a kid yourself in that cute outfit! lolz
    on the other hand, I could be his mother. ugh

  41. LOL that is pretty much the same conversation i find myself having w my friends these days.
    "oh he's cute!"
    "he's 18..." HAHAHA

    regardless, u look adorable in your outfit!!! i love the glasses too.

  42. Haha - I hear ya! I saw the movie over the weekend too :) You look so cute in polka dots!


  43. Woohoo! Happy hunger games! May the odds be ever in your favor.. Such a great movie!

  44. hahaha, I totally understand the sentiment. When I hear born in 199_ I freak out about how old I'm getting! Love your blazer/sweater combo :D

  45. I had a similar holy shit I'm so old moment while in the theatre full of tweens on opening night, watching the Hunger Games. The best part was when they kissed in the cave and all the tweens giggled. Peeta's a hottie, and he's over 18, so we're allowed to think it!

  46. I remember thinking something similar when watching a teeny bopper movie. Sigh we do get older but wiser and more stylish right?

  47. Argh I love your style, so chic! You say about getting old, they keep talking about Titanic 3D, I remember watching it at the cinema when I was 12. ;o; So old now!

  48. what a great polka dot sweater!!! i can see so many possibilities with it! me want one! cute braid, too! i totally have to get on this hunger games bandwagon...i am totally clueless!


  49. Haha, he's 20! He's of age. That's cool. Also you look adorable. Love that polka dot sweater.


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