In Memoriam

oversized cardi: Ruff Hewn:: ruffle tank: Target:: snake belt:Urban Outfitters::
jeggings: Target::black and white striped scarf::Forever 21::
brown boots:  Munro, thrifted:: bangles:thrifted
My oh so comfortable and stylish Munro boots. Worn hispter-style, of course. not.
And yes, all my socks are colored. I wish I had more black socks because those look more profesh.
I loved my boots so much, I kept on staring at them.
My "I'm done taking photos, please let me eat now" face. It's precious. Like the one ring.
And Larie, I'm not wearing a special lip color, just tinted lipgloss. :) 
I'm a little bit upset because my memory card won't read, and I've basically lost a few outfit posts that I thought were especially cute. It's even more upsetting because I splurged a bit on the card, even though I load my photos onto my computer pretty regularly. So I'm dipping into my archives of "not so great photos" to showcase this outfit that I wore a few days ago when the husband and I went out with some friends.

That was also the day when I lost this beloved black and white stripes infinity scarf. In my semi-drunkenness, I forgot it in one of the restaurants/bars we went to. I called every single one the moment I realized my neck was freezing, but alas, some lucky person has probably absconded with it.

So yeah, this post is written in memoriam of my lost-but-not-forgotten scarf and my waste-of-money memory card. Lamentations and Woe. Indeed.

p s. I'm not all weepy and waily about it, actually. (OK probably about the SD card, I am) but I couldn't be for long since we just had the yummiest desserts ever: GOURMET SMORES! Ogle at this delicious set-up:



  1. Your boots and scarf looks lovley! Your dinner looks yummy!

    Ash :o)

  2. Ugh, that sucks. I lost my favorite black cardigan a while ago in a bar and still haven't quite recovered from the loss...

    Courtney ~

  3. Ah that annoying about the SD card i'd hate to loose photographs like that. Gah at technology!

  4. Whoever has your scarf now is a lucky ducky. You have/make such neat scarves. That doesn't mean they're not jerks for keeping it, though. Bummer about your memory card, too. I've luckily not had one of them break on me, just the camera, lol.

  5. Laura, that sucks (memory card)! And like Mr. T if you "catch the fool" that took it you could easily recognize it. LOL Oooh those smores look so good. Mmmm roasted marshmallows!!!

  6. I'm jonesing for smores now. That sucks about your scarf and SD card!

  7. omgosh those glasses are so badass!! ugh i'm so sorry to hear about your memory card that sucks a buttload.. but i still think this outfit is cute :) i mean how could it not be - you're wearing it :p

    dude that dessert looks insane. DROOLING.

  8. So sorry to hear about your memory card and especially your scarf! You do look super Cute in these pics though. Loving the glasses.

  9. But it's such a pretty tinted lipgloss ;) Also, your glasses, they rock.

  10. Sorry to hear about the memory card and the scarf, it was a really cute scarf. Speaking of cute, this is a cute outfit. Those smores look soooooooo good, I've been in the mood lately for smores and pineapple upside down cake, the cravings won't stop!


  11. I hate it when I loose things in semi drunk states especially things I really like, I've done that on a few occasions so don't worry your not alone! SD cards make me mad as well why can't they just work when I want them to instead of being all technical about everything lol The smores look delish! I haven't had smores in ages but these make me want to eat them now.


  12. ohh..thats sad, it looks so cute! I lost a cute shrug last year and there are so many outfits I have that actually miss it! Hope you are having a wonderful day and find replacement for this scarf!
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  13. Oh dear, what a double bummer. I can totally understand that you are upset, I would be too. I'm so sorry about this. I hope you feel better soon :)

  14. Oh no sorry to hear about your scarf and memory card :( I hope the gourmet smores cheered you up a bit, they do look amazing!!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  15. Awww, your poor scarf. It's so cute, I hope it found a new home that loves it.
    Also how do you wear boots 'hipster style'.

  16. Aww, poor scarfy! I hope he's safe!
    Love those boots!

  17. KILLEr tasty looking. And p.s. those booties are great!

    <3 Cambria

  18. Sorry to hear you lost your scarf :( I hate it when I lost/misplace things too.....I'm actually on a hunt for my cardigan that I can't's so frustrating! The torment smore's look to die for!! Your boots are so cute!!

  19. That food thingy looks incredible! Yum.

    Too bad about your memory card, it's stupid when that happens - I know how it feels, I've lost three years in pictures just because my extra hard-drive fell apart some while ago. Thanks to blogging, I have loads now on web albums, so I'll never lose them all - hopefully.

    xoxo ♥

  20. Sad about the memory card, I had a similar situation happen to me once too! But have to admit the s'mores really cheered me up for you, I think I will go to the market tonight!

  21. aww that stinks :( that happened to me once and i had to retake like 3 outfits worth of pics!

  22. That SD card situation sucks! Beyond saving, I assume.

    Anyways, you still look cute.

    And those smores... It pains me to look at them because of how much I want them.

  23. aaah that's so sad, but keep on blogging :)

  24. Ogling away! They don't have 'smores in the UK. When I found that out I almost denounced by Anglophileness. How does one camp without 'smores?! I find camping tricky enough, but take away my roasted marshmallow and it's a definite no go.
    So sorry about your scarf and card -- how aggravating on both accounts!

  25. omg...look at those marshmallows! love how they plated these smores! GREAT glasses!

    sorry to hear about your missing and dysfunctioning items...

  26. "It's precious. Like the one ring." HAHAHA! yes!

    Man, I hate losing things I really like. And, that is a bummer about your SD card. Yes, the woes of technology...

    Um, stop it with those gourmet smore's! I need those in my life.


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