pretty things in my closet

from L to R, all thrifted:: JH Collectibles, Boden, Liz Claiborne, Pinkette
capris: Gloria Vanderbilt, thrifted:: belt: thrifted
all accessories are vintage
floral heels: Report, buy here ::  blue bow flats: Liz Claiborne

Like I mentioned about a month ago, I've been trying to be a more conscientious shopper. I've also been trying to integrate quality pieces into my closet that more reflect my aesthetic instead of settling for less-expensive, trendier items that are poorly-made. It's taken me a long time to be able to accept the fact that I won't have as many clothes as I used to have, but I'm much happier now that I know I'll be able to reach out for any item in my wardrobe and know that I will like wearing it anytime.

I'm accumulating a huge pile of clothing, shoes and accessories to donate, and to slowly fill the empty space, I went shopping. Here are the goodies I've purchased in the past two weeks or so. I can't usually find shirts that fit across my chest. Then one day, KABLAM-- 3 shirts that fit perfectly, and one is 100 % silk, too!

What are your most recent favorite finds? 


  1. I love that selection of tops that you picked up (and, yeah, I have the same fit problems). I recently snagged some tops from Express at a killer sale that I fully intend to live in this summer.

    Courtney ~

  2. I am loving those floral wedges! They rock. The item of clothing that's blowing my world is some legging that I cut up after getting a huge rip on the thigh and turning them into shorts. I haven't worn shorts for about three years - but they actually look semi decent. Granted the line wasn't cute really straight and one leg is slightly longer then the other. But hush no one knows that haha!

  3. I hear you on buying quality over quantity it crazy how long a well made piece can last vs. its trendy counterpart. Other than my h&m haul I haven't bought much clothing wise but I have my eye on a lot of things!

  4. I'm trying to trim down my closet, too, and fill it with things that I'll always want to wear! It's a tough and long process and kind of depressing, haha.

  5. I've been downsizing too. I need to get rid of most of the dressier things in my closet-I don't wear them any more because I have no need for them, and if I need something dressier at some point, I think some of it will be so out of style. I donate my used stuff all the time.

  6. such a nice share!<3 i had donate a lot of my stuffs, but my closet became full again :(

  7. I Looove haul posts!!! Those shoes are AH-Mazing!!! I am also Seriously Loving the vintage accessories!

  8. When you find perfect shirts like that, you have to buy them all! =) I love both of those shoes too!

  9. Great post. All are pretty. I would admire them too if they were in my closet.


  10. Those floral shoes... so cute! Good finds on the shirts, too. Button-up's and I are not friends either usually.

    My favorite recent find is the floral dress from my last post. I actually brought my computer to my mom and asked her is she thought I needed it (because I was trying not to spend any money) She agreed that it was a necessity and I don't regret it one bit.

  11. OHH man this post is making me want to go thrifting. I haven't gone in a long time..and seems like when I don't go, everyone else is!! I love all of your purchases!! Great addition to a wardrobe.

    dela chic

  12. I love your thrift finds, I went thrifting over the weekend and I can't wait to share my goodies (after I get some of the pieces dry-cleaned). I love the belt, red polka dot top, and those shoes! I'm also trying to get in the habit of buying more well made things instead of buying a ton of cheaper stuff, I always seem to want more and "new, shiny" things.


  13. I love a good shopping haul post! You did a great job thrift shopping, lovely picks.

    I agree with the idea of "quality over quantity" as well. I've been weeding the crap out of my closet, and purchasing only what I love.

    What Lola Wants

  14. You have some gorgeous finds there! I agree, it's worth spending that big extra on pieces that last. xx

  15. The blue bow flats are simply beautiful and bright. You have some lovely clothes.

  16. You have the best thrifted finds! I love the floral print top and the accessories look gorgeous too :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  17. Laura, I'm drooling over the vintage accessories! I can't wait to see you in that sassy hat! I love, love, love it! So classy! Tres chic! :)

  18. Hey I can't wait to see all these stuffs in your outfit posts! The printed tops look amazing and the accessories are just beautiful!

    Fang Ting

  19. You're so right to make that decision! Sometimes its hard to limit what you buy because there are so many trends and so little time! It is better though just to buy long standing and heritage pieces than just blowing it all on items that will have no use by the end of the season! Love your array of blouses and oh my that belt is amazing!

    Gemma x

  20. I keep saying that I need to do this, too...get rid of things I don't really feel comfortable in. You found some great thing...those floral heels are REALLY SUPER DUPER cute!! Can't wait to see them on.

  21. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this post! especially the floral shoes and those patent blue shoes and that lion belt *RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*!


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